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Hello everybody, this is Christine Chandler, coming to you live from home once again.

―CwcvilleGuardian's intro.

Christine Weston "Chris" Chandler (born: February 24, 1982 (1982-02-24) [age 40]), better known online as CwcvilleGuardian or Chris Chan, is an American YouTuber, vlogger, artist, musician, and cult leader known for creating the web comic series Sonichu.

Chris originally identified as male, but came out as a transgender woman in 2016, and changed her name to Christine. Christine's internet career began in 2000 with the uploading of Sonichu comics to a personal website. She created her first YouTube channel in 2007, which was around the time she became an infamous trolling target due to her comics and personal life. Christine has been noted as one of the first internet lolcows and, on the Internet, as one of the "most documented people in history".


Early Life

Chris at age one with her father Bob during Christmas.

Christopher Weston Chandler was born in Charlottesville, Virginia on February 24, 1982, to parents Robert Franklin "Bob" Chandler Jr. and Barbara Ann Weston. Bob worked as an electrical engineer for Western Electric while Barbara worked as a secretary for Virginia Power (now called Dominion Energy). When Chris was 18 months old, she had an abusive babysitter named Roach whenever Barbara and Bob left their house. Chris has said that Roach would lock her in her room, that was filled with toys, whenever Roach was angry.[1] Chris claims that this event was the source of her autism, which later turned out to be false, as autism is a genetic condition that cannot be caused by traumatic events.[2]

Chris didn’t speak at all until she was 7 years old, and visited James Madison University for speech therapy. During that time, Chris was diagnosed with high-functioning autism, with doctors predicting that she would never make it to high school, much less be able to write her own name. However, in time, Chris was able to meet these cognitive milestones[3], and when she was 7, Chris was finally able to talk by slowly reading out a GoBots package, thus ending her 7 years of silence.[4]

Chris and her childhood friend Sarah Hammer reuniting in October 2003, shortly after Sarah's wedding.

During the 1980s, Chris met and befriended her playmate and childhood friend, Sarah Hammer. While Chris claims that they were friends, there were examples of Sarah bullying Chris when they were children. An example of this is when Sarah convinced Chris that Casper the Friendly Ghost lived in the crawlspace under Chris's house, and when Chris crawled in there to look, Sarah locked her in. Chris was locked in for less than half an hour before Sarah's father let her out.

On another occasion, Sarah tried to convince Chris to eat a honeysuckle because "it would taste like honey", which can be slightly harmful if ingested in large doses. Fortunately, her parents told them the dangers of doing so before Chris could fall for Sarah's trick. Despite this, Chris has not shown any distain towards Sarah and has even considered her a potential girlfriend.

According to Chris and her half-brother, Joseph Cole Smithey, Barbara (Chris's mother) abused and manipulated them, although she abused Chris more than Joseph. One example was when Chris and Bob attempted to clean up her hoarding of objects, Barbara threatened to commit suicide, so Chris and Bob never cleaned it up.

Chris first attended Greene County Primary School in August/September 1987, before transitioning to Nathanael Greene Elementary School in Fourth Grade from 1991 to 1992. Chris claimed that she was abused by teachers and principals during elementary school. Examples include pinning her down to the ground, holding her wrists and ankles, and audiotaping her whenever she cried. Bob and Barbara took legal action against the school district of Greene County. The district recommended putting Chris in a special education school, but Bob refused the offer, fearing that Chris would be institutionalized and decided to homeschool Chris through the 5th grade during these proceedings.

After the school board threatened to take Chris out of mainstream schools, Chris and Bob moved away from their Ruckersville home to Chesterfield County, while Barbara stayed in Ruckersville alongside the family dog Patti so she could continue working at Virginia Power.[5]

Chris's high school picture.

On December 29, 1993, when Chris was nearly 12 years old, her first name (Christopher) was legally changed to Christian after a mall animatronic bear from the Leonard Bearstein Orchestra pronounced her name incorrectly, which she took as a sign from God.[6] Chris often liked to play video games and watched cartoons and films as a child, becoming hugely obsessed with the Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokémon franchises.

In September 1993, Chris attended Province Middle School in Richmond, Virginia until she graduated in late spring 1996, which was around the same time when Barbara moved to Chesterfield County to live with the family after she retired as a secretary. A few months later, in summer 1996, Cris began attending Manchester High School in Midlothian, Virginia, where she met several female friends which she called "gal-pals". She graduated in June 2000 at age 18, with a miserable graduation experience, but after moving back to Ruckersville, she attended Piedmont Virginia Community College, where she originally went into marketing before Bob changed her classes later on.

Around that time, Chris expressed a huge interest in finding a girlfriend due to her friends slowly cutting communication from her, which lead her to plaster attraction signs around the campus. However, she was suspended for a year by the dean due to soliciting, but would later return and graduate in May 2006, with a degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design.[7]

Internet infamy

Leaked 4chan photos of Chris at the Game Place.

On March 17, 2000, Chris created the comic series Sonichu in a graphic design class; she wanted to use the characters Sonic and Pikachu on a CD cover, which wasn't allowed for legal reasons, so she combined features from Sonic and Pikachu to create a brand new character.[8] The first Sonichu comic was released on March 24, 2005.[9] She also created a virtual band called "Christian and the Hedgehog Boys", which featured characters from the Sonichu series as band members. 2 albums called Christian & the Hedgehog Boys and Christian & the Hedgehog Boys COMEBACK! were released in 2003 and 2009 respectively. The music was made by singing over pre-existing pop songs and changing some of the lyrics.[10]

Chris first gained the attention of several websites including 4Chan and Something Awful. Eventually in 2007, Encyclopedia Dramatica would make a page mocking Chris, and she would begin to leak private information about herself on Encyclopedia Dramatica, ruining her relationship with a friend in the process. This would grab the attention of trolls and fake girlfriends, which included Clyde Cash, CChanSonichuCWC, Ivy O'Neil, and Marvin. Chris has been ridiculed online for her art, views on women and homophobia, laziness, delusions, and narcissism, among other things. While there have been trolls who have attempted to help Chris change her life, some have negatively affected her mental health and well-being, such as BlueSpike, The Idea Guys, and Isabella Janke. Many people would become fascinated with Chris and begin documenting her videos and messages onto a fan-created website called the CWCki.

Nothing really happened with Chris's personal life in the 2000s as much as in the earlier decades, as she wasn't focused on work and instead was focused on video games, making comics, and YouTube videos. However, there were instances were she was banned from stores and churches, possibly due to her infamous status or any soliciting she committed to attract females. Chris has attempted to straw away from social media and focus on her personal life around March and April of 2010, but she would fail with these attempts.


Around early 2011, Chris claimed that she was a tomgirl and went through gender dysphoria, but her parents heavily disapproved.[11] There has been debate online if Chris's lifestyle change was legitimate. While there has been evidence of Chris previously exhibiting female traits, others say Chris only became a tomgirl to easily get girlfriends. In early September 2011, Chris's father Bob was transferred to the hospital from complications of heart failure and was later put into quarantine due to numerous bug bites all over his body. On September 6, 2011, Bob passed away, which made Chris depressed and inactive from the Internet, and many of the trolling activity targeted against her would soon decrease due to feelings of sympathy. On January 10, 2014, Chris's and her family's house had caught fire in the early morning. Firefighters were able to put out the fire which took 2 hours. While the reason for the fire is unknown, Chris claims that it was caused by an extension cord from her coffee machine. Chris and her family later moved into a rental house.[12]

In May 2016, her name changed a second time to Christine after she came out as transgender in August 2014. She believed that her gender was changing after watching high frequency videos, which lead her to cut her "taint" in order to grow a vagina, which resulted in an infection.[13] Her gender was also legally changed and she later came out as bisexual.[14][15] Around 2018, Chris started to believe that she was a goddess, dubbing herself as "Goddess Blueheart", and her followers are known as "CWCans" or the "Devotees of Chris Chan Sonichu".[16][17] However, it's unclear how many people believe her, since most of the cult members are considered to be trolls. They claim that our reality and cartoon reality will soon collide in a "Dimensional Merge", destroying 41% of humanity in the process. Chris also said that everyone is an OC and any characters people have created will come to life.[18]

Chris and Barbara on Mother's day 2021.

On August 1, 2021, she was arrested by Richmond police for accounts of incest charges towards her mother, as Barbara wasn't able to consent. She appeared in court on August 5 where she interrupted and asked for demands multiple times. Chris is in Central Virginia Regional Jail and is awaiting another court case until 2022. During her incarceration, Chris would mail several letters and phone calls to fans and Kiwi Farms users declaring herself to be Jesus Christ reincarnated and warned that Judgment Day will supposedly be soon.[19]

YouTube History

Chris' original YouTube account was "Sonichu", created on May 8, 2007. The channel mainly consisted of fanart and her appearances on the news. She deleted the channel on September 11, 2007, after it was supposedly hacked by Encyclopedia Dramatica trolls.

After closing the Sonichu channel, she created a new channel called "CChan6789" on September 18, 2008. It mainly consisted of updates about any girlfriends or trolls in her life. The channel was abandoned on March 30, 2009 in an attempt to stop trolls from mocking her. Surprisingly, this channel is still up on YouTube to this day.

Chris returned to YouTube on April 9, 2009 with a brand new channel, CChanSonichu. Much like CChan6789, most of the videos were updates along with music videos, and other random videos. It was hacked on June 5 of the same year, but Chris eventually got the account back, and made three insulting videos that led to the channel's termination.

Chris didn't bother trying to get her previous channel back and created a new channel, IBAChandler, on July 11, 2009. The name was meant to be a pun on "I be a Chandler." The channel's first video was "Rollin and Trollin," which was created in an attempt to trick the trolls by making them think that Chris was completely different than how she portrays herself online. This video inspired a troll who would soon be known as "Liquid Chris" to claim to be the true Chris Chan.

Chris created the ChristianWChandler channel on August 18, 2009 to stop Liquid Chris and make it clear that she is the true Chris Chan. Not many videos were uploaded to this channel, and most of them were callout videos directed at the trolls. The channel still exists today.

Chris' current channel, CwcvilleGuardian, was created on February 27, 2012, but Chris didn't post any videos on it until November 5, 2013.[20] Originally, most of the videos on the channel were gameplay videos of Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros., but she later switched to making vlogs. In recent times, she mostly livestreams card games or preaches about the Dimensional Merge. The channel has been inactive since July 27, 2021 due to Chris being in jail without internet access, but on August 16, 2021, an unknown individual hacked the channel and uploaded a looped clip of A-Log screaming "JULAY", which is a reference to one of Chris' sex tapes.[21]

Other channels

ClydeGreggCashMays is another channel Chris created on October 26, 2009. Not much is known about this channel. Only four videos were uploaded; the first three videos were making fun of a troll named Clyde Cash, and the final video was an apology for joking about 9/11.

The Christine Chandler channel was created on October 28, 2013, and was only used in 2016. It was used to upload paid video requests while CwcvilleGuardian was restricted from uploading videos. The channel was abandoned two weeks later once the restriction ended.

Hello everybody, this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again.

―CwcvilleGuardian Intro

CwcvilleGuardian is a channel Chris created on September 4, 2013. This channel was only used to upload one video: "Male Idiot tries to put out fire, and Sits There Someone, please call 911 for Flintstone Drive! Y."


Vulgar warning.png This article contains NSFW content and/or references; read at your own risk.

Piedmont Virginia Community College Ban

Around the early 2000s, Chris attended Piedmont Virginia Community College. She has made many attempts to date a girlfriend by hanging attraction signs, which lists Chris' interests with females. Chris recounts that the dean of the school, Mary Lee Walsh, tore her sign and belittled Chris (although many people think Chris could be exaggerating). The school accused Chris of soliciting and emailing threats to Mrs. Walsh, so Chris was temporarily kicked from the school and had to attend anger management class.

There was also an instance where Chris was kicked out of her English class on February 24, 2003. Her class was reading Wednesday's Child, a story about an autistic serial killer, but Chris told her male professor that she, too, was autistic, which resulted in misunderstanding. However, other students have said that it was actually because Chris made homophobic and racist remarks in class.[22]

Sonichu criticism

Sonichu is a series of web comics that were created in 2000. The story is about an electric hedgehog Pokémon called Sonichu who defends the city of Cwcville from the forces of evil. The comics would become notorious online and would be criticized for childish art, awkward writing, nonsensical story telling, and self pity. Fans would question Chris' understanding of copyright, which she would mention in the comics that she owns the right to her original characters and any real life people. However, multiple copyrighted characters would appear in the comics, such as Sonic the Hedgehog. The character himself would become mocked for being a reskin of Sonic the Hedgehog and breaking copyright law.

She would also insert her views into the comics, such as the dean at her college who is depicted as an evil witch. Chris has mentioned several times that the comics were meant for a younger audience. However, these comics would become inappropriate overtime, mostly in nudity, sex, and violence. For example, one comic involves Sonichu's girlfriend, Rosechu, taking nude photographs of herself which would be unknowingly leaked online by the website, 4-Cent Garbage. Chris addressed the criticism by saying it's supposed to educate children. While the comics are still ongoing, the comics would be more delayed, which (according to Chris) is due to online trolling.

Encyclopedia Dramatica

Chris had posted the Sonichu comics onto her website and had made many videos talking about herself and views. Eventually, websites like Something Awful and 4chan discovered her activities. In early November 2007, the joke website, Encyclopedia Dramatica, created a page about Chris mocking her art, personality, and homophobia. She responded with several videos demanding that the page be taken down or she'll take action. Chris would upload private information about herself and several pornographic drawings onto the website to prove she was straight. One of the drawings include Chris fingering a person whose eyes were censored. Chris later stated that this was her real friend, Megan Schroeder. Megan expressed in emails to Chris that she was appalled by the drawings, but Chris stated this was meant to educate her about sex. Megan cut communication from Chris entirely.[23]

Love Quest

Chris holding an attraction sign in a park

Since the early 2000's, Chris has wanted specific qualities in a girlfriend and to have sex. Chris has dubbed this the Love Quest. Some qualities include being single, white, 18 years old, neurotypical, thin, etc. This would lead to criticism of how specific she wanted her wives. She's also been bashed for not attempting to put any responsibility in the relationship, as Chris wanted to be more of a house husband. There have been many instances of failed attempts to attract females in public before she became well known online. Chris used to pace or sit around malls with attraction signs. However, security would have to intervene due to soliciting, which got Chris kicked out of many malls. This would be extreme to the point where she made up a fear called noviophobia, which is the fear of already having a boyfriend.

Many people make fun of Chris for being incredibly gullible for online trolls. Many trolls had disguised themselves as girlfriends to manipulate Chris and give out information and/or perform certain actions. The first fake girlfriend was Blanca Weiss, who attempted to swoon Chris in order to get her custom made necklace, the Sonichu medallion. Chris mailed the medallion to her and a video was uploaded showing the medallion being destroyed. Chris seemed to not have been effected by this because she later made another medallion.[24] In April of 2012, she no longer was a virgin as she had sex with a prostitute named Mia Hamm. In 2018, her love quest ended when she was in a polyamorous marriage with fictional characters (which the Idea Guys had a hand of making Chris believing that she was married to her own characters and ones from popular cartoons and video games).[25]


In 2007, Chris met a troll by the name of BlueSpike. BlueSpike (who was 13 years old at the time) tricked Chris into believing that he was a 19-year-old girl named Julie, who was held captive by her brother Max. BlueSpike is considered as one of the worst trolls in Chris' internet history by most people who document her actions because BlueSpike later sexually violated Chris in a phone call after revealing he was not in fact a 19-year-old but instead a 13-year-old boy, and that Chris was having cyber sex with a minor the whole time. BlueSpike bullied Chris into shoving her second medallion up her anus and into saying the N-word (which Chris tried to outsmart BlueSpike by saying an altered version of the slur but BlueSpike later cussed Chris out and made her say the slur multiple times).

BlueSpike proceeded to insult Chris and call her a pedophile until the end of the call. A few days later, Chris had another call with BlueSpike, but another infamous troll who was interacting with Chris at the time (Clyde Cash) joined. Clyde told Chris that he, BlueSpike, and a group of people who were messing with her planned the entire call and that Chris was an idiot for not figuring out that BlueSpike wasn't a girl. BlueSpike later interrupted Clyde and proceeded to harass Chris even more. Clyde later told BlueSpike that he was "being too mean" and kicked him out in the call with Chris. Chris later made a video saying that she will blackmail BlueSpike and his real identity. This went nowhere and Chris gave up on attempting to expose the infamous troll. Chris had expressed stress and decided to halt the upload of Sonichu comics.

Political and Social Views

Many of her past and present views is considered by many people to be politically incorrect or offensive. Chris had expressed huge distaste towards homosexuals, mocking and threatening them multiple times. The origin of her homophobia could be traced back to when she attended Nathanael Greene Elementary School, where the principal made Chris sit in his lap and made threats to her. Chris claims that the teacher was gay and that it was the source of her hatred towards gays. Her homophobia was extreme to the point where in one of the comics, Chris finds the "vaccine for homosexuality" and "cures everyone". Many trolls use this view against Chris by hacking her sites and uploading sexual gay pictures. She later came out as transgender in 2014 and has since apologized to the LGBTQ+ community.

Chris has also expressed different views on the autism community since she's diagnosed on the autism spectrum. But this would lead many to criticize her for ableism and a lack of knowledge. She has stated that Asperger's syndrome shouldn't be on the spectrum because she thinks people with Asperger's are taking the attention away from autistic people. She also made fun of Dr. Hans Asperger, because she found it offensive that a disorder would be called "ass burger" in English. A parody comic of Sonichu called Asperchu was created in 2010 by Alec Benson Leary, where the character Asperchu struggles with Asperger's syndrome. Chris had criticized the comic for parody and distastefulness. Alec had attempted to try and help Chris deescalate the drama between them and other issues that Chris was dealing with at the time. However, Chris retaliated in the Sonichu comics by putting Alec on trial and electrocuting him. Chris has expressed a disliking to other autistic or mentally impaired people, calling them "windows to hell". This could be because Chris had to ride on the special-ed bus to school after an altercation with another student, which she recalls as horrifying. She's also stated that she wouldn't date a female with autism.

Chris was originally a republican but was criticized for extreme right-wing ideologies such as racism, sexism, and also a lack of political background. Chris would make fun of US president Barack Obama in her comics, depicting him painting the White House. She later said she got this idea from her father, remarking if he got elected, his first order would be to paint the White House black. She would often use offensive slurs and remarks in public, such as using the n-word. Later on, Chris would become a democrat and develop radical liberal ideas. Around 2016, she would threaten US president Donald Trump with hanging and praying for his death. After he won the election, she uploaded a video of her kicking around a Transformer toy she called "Pmurt", wishing death on him.[26]

9/11 Video


The Chronicles of Chris Chan - Chris Chan's Empathy Tribute -11-1-09-

On November 1, 2009, Chris posted a video called "Twin Falling Towers" in which she threatened two trolls, Clyde Cash and Jack Thaddeus, by saying they'll fall like the Twin Towers. The video would gain severe backlash from trolls and other viewers on how offensive the video is to the victims of the September 11 attacks. In response, Chris deleted the video and uploaded an apology saying it was meant to attack Clyde and not to mock the terrorist attack. But the video would be criticized anyway for Chris not taking the apology seriously. Years later, a troll named Marvin said that Chris got the idea from suggestions from online trolls.[27]

The Game Place Hit and Run

Chris regularly attended a game store called The Game Place, located in Charlottesville, Virginia. However, she was banned in June 2008 by an employee named Michael Snyder due to rude and inappropriate behavior, such as yelling at children. Chris would try several times to apologize to him, but many times would fail. She recorded audio of her attempting to apologize to Michael Snyder, only to leave calling Snyder a Jew. On October 28, 2011, Chris and her mother, Barbara, visited The Game Place and took pictures of the store and the new manager, Michael Snyder. Snyder tried to intervene before they could leave because he called the police, but Chris and Barbara hit him with their car and drove off. They were later caught by police and resisted arrest. They were accused of multiple felonies, getting jail time.[28]

Sonic Boom Protests


Chris Chan maces a GameStop employee

Around 2014, the video game, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, was slated to be released. Chris bashed the game because Sonic's arms were colored blue, and not the usual skin color. Chris would protest the game online and in multiple stores, only to have her being banned from malls and stores. On December 26, 2014, she vandalized multiple Sonic Boom games at GameStop, to which she was asked to leave. Footage was recorded of Chris begrudgingly leaving, before spraying an employee with mace on his shirt. She was later charged and sentenced to court. However, Chris stated that she felt threatened, claiming to be the victim. Chris' dissatisfaction for Sonic's arm color would end up becoming a meme online.[29][30]

The Idea Guys

The Idea Guys were a group of trolls who interacted with Chris from October 2017 to April 2018. Their interactions with Chris ranged from malicious cyberbullying and manipulation to downright abuse. They manipulated Chris into announcing that she was a pedophile, slapping her mother across the face, and much more. They also extorted $6,000 out of Chris and blackmailed her while also feeding into her delusions about the Dimensional Merge. Former trolls and Kiwi Farms users formed a group called the "Guard Dogs" which ousted the Idea Guys by doxing them because the ring leader of the group, Joshua Wise, had an account on the website. The Kiwi Farms forum moderators decided to dox him and his associate, Stephen Boyd. This action is still controversial to this day, but it did prohibit The Idea Guys from influencing Chris delusions any further, and no longer giving them the power to enable Chris' mental state from becoming worse.

Chris still has signs of the abuse and still believes in some of their lies. The Idea Guy's actions were reported to the police but nothing really came of it yet. In a tweet that Chris made, she stated that the Idea Guys did "dimension levels of damage" but she considers an abusive teacher, Michael Snyder, and BlueSpike as being more negative influences in her life. The reason why Chris does not consider the Idea Guys as her worse tormentors is probably because her delusions are still based around most of the jokes the Idea Guys made Chris put into her comics (which included references to the Holocaust, Nazis, etc.) in which Chris most likely now believes in.[31]

Financial Issues and Delusions

Chris' handwritten math on a napkin about the Dimensional Merge

Throughout 2016 to 2019, Chris and her mother created multiple videos convincing people to donate to her Patreon. However, many people criticized her for not keeping her promises as some people came out and said they would wait weeks after the deadline until their requests were fulfilled. Many accused her for laziness and refusal to get a job. She responded with excuses such as social security, public ridicule, and work on the Sonichu comics. Fans have also expressed concern for her having a childish mindset, with Chris's claims of her god-like status, Dimensional Merge, and her ability to talk to her Sonichu characters. However, she has refused to talk to any psychiatrists because of past trauma from school and college. These signs could be earlier seen in 2009, where Chris explained the reason why she didn't make the Sonichu characters flawed was because she felt bad for them. Many of these delusions would be fueled further by the Idea Guys.

TooManyGames tantrum

Throughout June 22-23, 2018, Chris attended the convention, TooManyGames at Philadelphia. However, on the second day, Chris was asked to leave after reports of her kissing people on the cheek without their consent. In response, Chris had a meltdown in which she hurled a ball in the middle of the venue. A security crew was sent to de-escalate the situation as well as a mother of an autistic child. Eventually, she was escorted out of the building and was banned. Chris eventually responded on Twitter claiming that the staff never warned her earlier about her behavior except a message through Facebook Messenger. She later said that she was only expressing love to other attendees and her fans. The event coordinator, Justin Silverman, said that he did warn her publicly and had felt bad about Chris's reputation online.[32]

Drama with YouTubers

TF2 Analysis

In 2018, Chris had attempted to become a part of TF2 Analysis, created by Joshscorcher, and had attempted to connect with several members of the cast. However, in January of 2019, most of the cast members, as well as other bronies in the community, had blocked her on Twitter for one reason or another, with several more having already blocked her prior. Chris responded by privatizing her account until June of that year. She also released a video entitled, "Apologies to the liked Bronies and Pegasisters; PLEASE UNBLOCK ME ON TWITTER!" on January 28, 2019.


In 2019, YouTube artist, ProjectSNT created two videos where she redesigned some of the Sonichu characters. Chris had previously liked some of ProjectSNT's redesigns such as Sonichu and Rosechu. But one of the characters she redesigned was Wild Sonichu, where she made him more naturalistic and a ranger type. Chris was upset by this redesign but only gave vague criticisms as to why, saying that she was stressed and triggered. She later said that ProjectSNT's redesign was too similar to Sonic Boom characters like Dave the Intern. Many people criticized her for lashing out and acting childish. Chris later apologized for her behavior, but ProjectSNT only said she doesn't care about what Chris does.

Sexual Abuse towards Mother

Vulgar warning.png
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This page/section has references to: incest

On July 30, 2021, an audio file and text messages were leaked online in which Christine described in graphic detail how she sexually assaulted her own mother numerous times. Chris claimed that she started having sex with Barbara every 3 days beginning on June 27. In the text messages, Chris acknowledged that it was hurting Barbara and that she told Chris to stop.[33] Barbara also never consented to the incest since she could possibly be suffering from dementia.

The leaks were verified to be real by Null, owner of the Kiwi Farms website and former associate of Chris. Chris had privately disclosed to Null on July 5 that she was in a relationship with someone "physically older" but was vague about who it was at the time. However, Chris left several clues that match Barbara's description, such as occupation and interests. In the conversation with Null, Chris said that she "no longer believes in labels" (apparently referring to their mother-daughter relationship) and that she has no regrets about what she did.[34] Chris also confirmed the allegations in Twitter DMs with another YouTuber named Dillin Thomas.[35]

So far, Chris' only public response is a tweet on July 30 telling her followers to ignore the situation.[36] Prior to this event, Chris and Barbara were noted for their inappropriate behavior, such as flirting and cuddling together. In 2016, Chris admitted to having dreams about having sex with Barbara, and in 2019, referred to her as a "guilty pleasure waifu".[37] Also in 2016, when responding to a Facebook post about an incestuous couple who got arrested, Chris stated that incest "offers a chance for better teaching the child how to better satisfy their eventual partner(s)".[38]

The person who originally called Chris was allegedly found out to be a troll named Isabella Janke. She has gotten backlash for encouraging Chris to do bad behavior, animal abuse, possible murder, doxing, and cyber bullying.[39] Isabella then tried to frame another woman that she had previously befriended, which led to the victim being doxed.[40] On September 19, 2021, Chris sent a letter to Null from prison giving insight into her reasoning and mental state. She states she's a reincarnation of Jesus Christ and how she was "to heal, cleanse, and clear Barbara of all of her past sins...", just like how Jesus would cleanse his people. She also blamed Null for releasing the audio and text messages, explaining how she had no where else to go after she was thrown out of her house. On October 6, she sent another letter to a fan named Kenneth Englehardt in which she further elaborates her god like status and as well as comparing the Second Coming to the dimensional merge. She also talks about her experience in jail, in which she meditates while also playing cards.

Legal proceedings

On July 30, 2021, an emergency protective order was put in place, and Chris was removed from her family home. She was not allowed to return to the house until August 5.[41] The next day, however, she violated the protective order by stealing $750 from Barbara's bank account.[42] Null had been made aware of this transaction via a confirmation email, due to his access to Chris' emails. When he confronted her about this, Chris initially denied ever siphoning the $750 from Barbara's bank account. However, when a screenshot of the confirmation email was displayed to her, she then confessed that she had online control of Barbara's account, but she said it was "an emergency" and that she planned on returning the $750 to Barbara after $1000 (presumably from his GoFundMe for a trip to Everfree Northwest, a My Little Pony convention held in Seattle, WA) was added to her account. Frustrated with Chris' dishonesty, Null reported her actions to law enforcement and has currently ceased communication with her.

Chandler's mugshot in 2021

On August 1, 2021, Chris was arrested at the Regency Inn, located in Richmond, Virginia where she was staying as a result of being evicted from her home. She was led away by police and was charged with felony incest, with additional charges pending. She was taken to Henrico County Jail and later moved to Central Virginia Regional Jail, where she is currently being held without bond.[43] The event was recorded by several onlookers, one of them being Ethan Ralph, of the Ralph Retort. (Whom had attempted to bribe Chris into appearing on a podcast, the Killstream earlier that day). Ralph's motives of trying to have Chris on his show was to "get back" at Null from Kiwi Farms (who took care of Chris since the Idea Guys controversy) because Null and Ralph has an ongoing rivalry since Null has made a joke on Ralph's expense on an old stream of his. During the arrest, Chris continued to be delusional and declared that the Dimension Merge had officially begun.

On August 5, 2021, Chris Chan first appeared in court. Chris was noted for announcing to the courtroom that she is famous on the internet, and for throwing a tantrum because she wasn't allowed to grab her stuff that she left at home.[44] The judge deemed Chris to be a danger to the public and ordered her to remain in police custody without bond until the preliminary hearing, which was originally scheduled for September 16, but it was moved to November 18. The reason for doing so was for Chris's lawyer to evaluate her mental health. However, the court date was postponed once again to 2022 for unknown reasons.[45] On February 28, 2022, Chris Chan was transferred to Western State Hospital, a state psychiatrist hospital located in Staunton, Virginia for "restoration" in order to re-educate him on courtroom proceedings and terminology. As of early May of 2022, Chris was transferred back to Central Virginia Regional Jail.[46]

Public reaction

Much of the fans were appalled and disgusted, mostly at Chris for her sexual relationship with her mother. She began to trend on Twitter where most felt it was the end of the ironic humor of Chris. It was so highly discussed that, for a few hours, Chris Chan was trending higher than the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.[47] Many popular YouTubers such as Optimus, Bowblax, and Lessons in Meme Culture made videos discussing the situation. Many news articles and stations talked about Chris Chan's arrest, such as Fox News. The situation also caused a major controversy on social media, primarily Twitter and YouTube, due to left-wing commentators complaining about people intentionally misgendering Chris Chan, while others argued that they should be more concerned about Chris' crimes than her pronouns.[48] On August 2, 2021, Chris' Patreon account was suspended by the website's Trust and Safety team for "harmful and illegal activities." [49] Some have tried to defend Chris as some say she was manipulated by trolls into incest.

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  • "Captain's Log, Stardate..." (the start to many of Chris' vlog style videos)
  • "Hello, ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, and dudes of all teenages, as well as the gals."
  • "I'm working on it!"
  • "Don't call anybody!"
  • "I got a fish, would you like to make a wish?"
  • "This makes me really, ANGRY!"
  • "My life sucks."
  • "CURSE-YE-HA-ME-HA!!!"
  • "Go Sonichu! Go out and zap to the extreme!"
  • "I'm straight. STRAIGHT! Believe me. I have a subscription to Playboy."
  • "I love dykes. DYKES! CHINA!"
  • "God is a woman!"
  • "Do not hate. Hate is not so good."
  • "If I see a dick, I just look away with a moment of being freaked out."
  • "Gregg Mayyys! Gregg Mays! At! With three G's. In the “Gregg”."
  • "And if you want to see me at court, I'll see you at Charlottesville court!"
  • "Are you a pretty woman? Or do you hide a beard underneath that veil?"
  • "You are going down, Cheeto. One way, Two way!"
  • "Look at my eyes, and my face. I can't be more serious than how I am right now."
  • "I recycle my own semen."
  • "Yes I do masturbate, I'm not ashamed to admit it."
  • "We are going to be together in the near future, we are going to have sex, we're going to lose our virginity to each others. That's gonna be awesome."
  • "This would be me in my super mode, if I actually had the superpowers. But I don't in real life."
  • "Nobody wants to see these nips!"
  • "It gone, you ain't getting my PS3 anymore. You bunch of dumbasses."
  • "Even Jesus Christ himself came to me earlier today, told me so, asked me to relay a message. Everybody, believe in the OCs!"
  • "I am going to shove your ass! down your throat! and make you eat your underwear!!"
  • "Would you fuck me 789chan? I'd fuck me."
  • "I'm gonna get that spot out!"
  • "My girlfriend reverse-impregnated me, the egg came out of her, and got into me when we were having sex."
  • "I gave birth to a little beautiful baby... bear."
  • "I'll be in your dreams."
  • "Alright whose joke idea was it to order a pizza?!"
  • "I tell you story, it is a good story, you will enjoy story."
  • "-Right here people, don't have souls."
  • "What the hell is going ooooooonnn!!!! I'm worried! What the hell!"
  • "Lately up and call it a ginger, fat ginger!"
  • "I was born straight! and I will never be changed that way!
  • "You got to come out where I can meet you, Huh? Huh?!... Dumbass!"
  • "You're in Texas you fatty fat fat!!"
  • "Take that you lousy trolls!"
  • "Who's a fatass now?!"
  • "You womanizing rapist!"
  • "You goddamn womanizing, raping...trollin' stupid, pickle-suited"
  • "CHRIS!!! CHANDLER!!!"
  • "before I really call the poli-- before that I actually-- before I tell the police--"
  • "Those I do care about are going to survive, among which that won't survive it's gonna be some of the politicians."
  • "Chris! Your for real n--your real name, as I have been told by only Chris Chandler! No "-tian," no "-topher," just Chris!"
  • "I, Christian Chandler, am straight. Don't you forget it."
  • "Also, no more videos! Fuck you most and fuck you social sites like MySpace and Facebook!"
  • "Man booobs!!"
  • "¡AY! Impostor en rayas de marrón."
  • "Sometimes, we have our accidents. We poop ourselves. We end up with dirty pants."
  • "or we can play it to the lesbian way."
  • "My dick was on that Encyclopedia Dramatica page."
  • "And remember, I stand five foot ten, and I'm tough!!"
  • "What the hell were you thinking with that damn pickle suit?!"
  • "Hi, I'm Christian Chandler, and this is Frozen Stalactite."
  • "I'm gonna put my dick in the snow, and I'm gonna leave it in there for about 15 minutes."
  • "I've had previous experiences with freezing my dick, and I've even stretched it a bit."
  • "Everybody, I dare say that is one stunt you should not try at home."
  • "Make sure that this does not go out of context!"
  • "and another thing you sandros trolls, you can kiss my foot!"
  • "That's difference between knowing and not knowing."
  • "This does not even deserve a Captain's Log introduction.... Because this is DEAD SERIOUS!"
  • "Compliments will get you fuzzy-wuzzies, War gets you prickly wicklies..."
  • "My mind got distracted by being its own calculator."
  • "Mr. 13 year old brat over there..."
  • "You have been warned, with the Cherokee ancestry."
  • "Hey, you know the word "gay"? tends to be thrown around a lot."
  • "Ah yes, hello, this is Walter Grispy? Who threw the frisbee? Well, you know what? RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!"
  • "-or otherwise she did NoT rEaLiZe ThE fUrY oF mY wRaTh!"'


  • She developed heterochromia when she contracted pink eye at a young age. Her eyes are slightly blue and green.
  • She says her first word was at six months old when she tried to say "mommy" but accidentally said "monkey".
  • Chris used to have a crush on her old friend from Providence Middle School, Natasha Turner, who is few years older than her. She lost romantic interests in her when Chris saw her smoking.
  • Chris claims that she is a descendant of English Queen, Anne Boleyn, and of a Cherokee ancestor.
    • When she took a DNA test, there was no trace of Cherokee ancestry but she does have 100% European ancestry.
  • There is an Wiki website dedicated to archive and document Chris' life called the CWCki.
    • There is also a YouTube documentary series about Chris' life by GenoSamuel2.1 (with a total of 60 roughly 45 minute long episodes as of February 2022).
  • YouTube animator, Spazkidin3D created a parody series of Sonichu in 2009 called Sonichu: The Animated Series.
  • Chris entered and won a Sonic contest when she was 11, which she won $1,000[50].
  • In the Sonic Boom episode, "The Biggest Fan", a character named Mark the Tapir who bore some resemblance to Chris. However, Chris said that the parody did not resemble her and Cartoon Network said that these claims where false.
  • Chris said that out of all of the trolls that mocked her, she would want to meet Clyde Cash the most.
  • She collaborated with 3GI in the fan videos, Shrek Retold and Sonic Rebuilt.
  • In the AVGN episode, "Shrek: Fairy Tale Freakdown", a character is seen wearing a Shrek medallion made by Chris herself.
  • In March 2018, Chris revealed she is in a polyamorous marriage with four fictional characters. She's married to Magi-Chan, Cryzel Rosechu, Mewtwo, and Sylvanna Rosechu.
  • There was a book published in 2021 by Don Lashomb called "Warhol / Chris Chan: The Lifespan of American Pop Culture, or The Suppression of Reality", which compared Christine and Andy Warhol.
  • Chris hates the word "naive".
  • Her avatar was drawn by Planet Dolan member and YouTube artist DoopieDoOver.
  • Chris used to have a job at Wendy's, but she got fired after unintentionally scaring a child with a Donald Duck impression.
  • Chris is 5'11" tall (180 centimeters).
  • She was originally going to be a cameo in the Adult Swim cartoon Smiling Friends as Grease, but was cut due to budgetary reasons.[51]


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