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Cxlvxn plays video games
Cxlvxn is from the United States
Cxlvxn is male
Cxlvxn created their account in 2015
Cxlvxn is a Content Creator on YouTube

Calvin (born: March 13, 1998 (1998-03-13) [age 24]), better known online as Cxlvxn (or simply Cal), is an American gaming YouTuber who uploads Minecraft Survival Singleplayer and PvP. Calvin is well known for his old Survival Games videos, exposing videos and RLCraft Series, which are some of his most popular videos.

Calvin surpassed 100,000 subscribers around October 10 and surpassed 200,000 subscribers only 2 weeks later. Calvin almost had his channel terminated in early July due to fraudulent copyright strikes.

Personal life

Calvin was born March 13, 1998. He is African-American and lives in the United States with his family.

YouTube career

Cxlvxn created his YouTube channel on December 15, 2015 under the name 'RodTricked' and his first upload was two days later. Cxlvxn's channel mainly consisted of his Survival Games commentaries and videos. On April 19, 2016 Calvin gained his first 1,000 subscribers. Throughout 2016 Calvin uploaded Survival Games and started to upload PotPvP. On 2017 Cxlvxn widened his variety of Minecraft videos and began to do more PotPvP, UHC and Hypixel videos. He managed to reach a 1,000 win streak in UHC Duels on Hypixel and uploaded highlights of achieving the win streak. The videos of the winstreak became the most popular videos on his channel. He ended 2017 with 7,000 subscribers. 2018 took a hit on Calvin's channel. His growth was steady, he was barely growing nor decreasing, and some videos struggled to reached 1,000 views. His videos were a lot more random in 2018, with no set gamemode or game he would consistently upload. He created many expose videos during 2018 which led to some controversy. However, 2019 came and Calvin's channel started to grow again. His videos were still fairly random, but most of them consisted of PvP. Calvin surpassed 10,000 subscribers around January 2019 and surpassed 20,000 subscribers on August 20. During October, Calvin experienced substantial growth from his RLCraft series. Cal gained over 175,000 subscribers in October and 50,000 subscribers in November. Within two months his sub count of 27,700 launched to 256,000, almost multiplying his sub count by x10. Plus this boom in subscribers in January Cxlvxn uploaded ´I Survived 100 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft.. Here's What Happened¨ and ¨I Spent 100 days in HARDCORE RLCraft.. Here's What Happened¨, Today one (6.2M+) and one (2M+), Cxlvxn now has 846,000 subscribers.


On September 22, Cxlvxn uploaded his first RLCraft video on his channel called 'RLCraft isn't hard (#1)' Around a week later, this video began to blow up along side his channel. Within a week Calvin went from 26,400 subscribers to 91,600. His first RLCraft video was also the first video on his channel to surpass 1 million views and is now the most popular video on his channel with more than 3M views. His RLCraft series is still going and currently has more than 16 episodes which have all generated more than 9M views.

Cxlvxn's RLCraft Series # of Episodes Objective of the Season Beginning of season End of season
Season 1 12 Defeat the dragon September 22, 2019 November 30, 2019
Season 2 >4 Defeat Asmodeus December 6, 2019 -------------


BaccaChan Guild

In mid-August 2018, Calvin called out the Baccachan Guild (now disbanded) for cheating in Hypixel Duels to gain a leaderboard spot. From then on, the guild began to harass, ddos and stream snipe Calvin. On August 27 2018, Cxlvxn uploaded the video 'ENDING HYPIXEL'S #1 DUELS GUILD (Exposed) [DOXING, DDOSSING, CHEATING, HARASSMENT],' where he explained how the guild would constantly harass and stream snipe him. He also explained how the guild managed to obtain Calvin's IP, and he would be hit offline every time he streamed. The guild also attempted to dox Cxlvxn, but the dox was proven false by Cxlvxn on the expose video. The guild has since been disbanded.


On October 21, 2018, Cxlvxn made a video exposing fellow Minecraft YouTuber BoehSpam for opening a Vape GUI (Minecraft Hacked Client) h his stream. Cal claimed that the Vape GUI was simply a picture Boeh overlayed on his stream, and that he never actually cheated. Cal also claimed that Boeh planned it all out to gain more views and subscribers, which backfired. Only a day later after the expose video was released, Cxlvxn uploaded another video about BoehSpam where he showed private Twitter DMs of Boeh saying 'I live in Haddonfield if you got beef we can fight it out.' However, the fight did not happen as Boeh blocked Cal on Twitter.

Identity theft

On February 19, 2021, Calvin was browsing Twitter when he noticed one of his close friends was suspended on Twitter. He contacted his friend and he said that his account was falsely suspended by a verified account that was hacked and gave Cal the hacker's twitter. Cal replied to one of the hacker's tweet and said 'What's your problem' and the hacker simply replied with 'and ur next.' Cal blocked him and the next day his twitter (not @ignCalvin) was suspended for impersonation. Calvin makes a new twitter. On February 21, 2021, Tampa's mayor Bob Buckhorn's twitter was compromised by the hacker that got Calvin suspended. The hacker's first tweet on the mayor's twitter framed Cxlvxn along with meeZoid and SheepKiller for hacking the twitter account.The account then started tweeting extremely offensive, racist and sexist tweets on the account. The hacker also managed to hack Cxlvxn's Facebook and phone account. Him and his distant relatives were also pizza bombed by the hacker. Cxlvxn has uploaded 3 videos about the situation, with one of them being unlisted. In one of the videos Calvin claimed he sent all the hackers information to the police for an arrest. Since now the hacker's twitter has been suspended and the controversy has died down.

False Copyright Strikes

Between June 29 and July 3, 2021, 'McCaig Brittney' sent four copyright strikes to Cxlvxn's channel for infringement of copyright. All of these strikes were fraudelent and all content belonged to Cxlvxn. Since Calvin received four copyright strikes, his channel was going to be terminated within 7 days. In order to appeal the decision made by the claimant, Calvin had to send all his personal information to the claimant (this included his phone number, full address etc.) Only two days after he filed the appeal, he was swatted by the hacker. Calvin managed to get his channel back and later uploaded a video explaining the situation and how YouTube's copyright system was broken. Around mid August, YouTube sued Christopher Brady (aka, cbrady350) for abusing Calvin's personal information given by the DMCA to engage in swatting. Chris was also being sued for using different internet personas to send fraudulent strikes to others' channels. Chris was also sued for extorting two other YouTubers by abusing the copyright system. Before the lawsuit Calvin had suspicions that Chris was behind the false strikes. Cxlvxn was also swatted by the chinabacca clan in 2015

Alleged ableism

In mid-September, Calvin made a tweet questioning whether 'stans' know where the origins of the name 'stan' came from. Some people responded disagreeing, stating that definitions of words change over time. Calvin replied to one of these disagreements with 'i'm changing the R slur to mean sausage now. other definitions are not irrelevant. and also i am God.' The tweet received backlash, prominently from content creator stans, for being insensitive and too dark. Many suggested that Calvin use a 'tone indicator,' to explicitly suggest that the tweet was intended to be a joke. Calvin created a follow-up tweet to the situation, arguing that tone indicators were unnecessary and that his account and tweets are almost always intended to be jokes. The tweet received harsher (although still minor) backlash, with some suggesting that due to his refusal to use tone indicators, that Calvin was an ableist. Calvin shrugged off the ableism claims in the video 'Minecraft Stan Twitter SUCKS (Cxlvxn Twitter Drama),' stating that the corrolation is too far fetched. Despite efforts of cancelling Calvin, the controversy died down quickly.

Minemen club

Calvin is an admin of the popular Minecraft PotPvP server Minemen Club and he has made multiple videos on the server. 

MC Championship

MC Championship is a Minecraft Tournament for YouTubers and Streamers run by the Noxcrew, in which 10 teams of four compete in a series of 8 minigames decided by the participants. A point multiplier makes each game worth more as each round passes, incentivizing teams to vote for games they might be bad at early on in the event. In the end, the two teams with the most points face off in a round of ‘Dodgebolt’ to decide the winner of the tournament. This makes it possible for a team to win despite potentially having less points than the runner-up.

  • MC Championship 1: Did not participate.
  • MC Championship 2: Did not participate.
  • MC Championship 3: Team Aqua Horses. Teamed with Seapeekay, HBomb94, and Gizzy Gazza. Placed 13th individually, and his team placed 3rd overall.
  • MC Championship 4: Team Cyan Creepers. Teamed with Seapeekay, MiniMuka, and Yammy. Placed 5th individually, and his team placed 5th overall.
  • MC Championship 5: Did not participate.
  • MC Championship 6: Did not participate.
  • MC Championship 7: Did not participate.
  • MC Championship 8: Team Blue Bats. Teamed with Seapeekay, MiniMuka, and SB737. Placed 24th individually, and his team placed 8th overall.
  • MC Championship 9: Team Aqua Axolotls. Teamed with Technoblade, F1NN5TER, and Spifey. Placed 10th individually, and his team placed 4th overall.

Minecraft Ultimate Hunger Games

MC Ultimate is a Minecraft Hunger Games event for 250+ streamers. Organized by Pikaclicks, or Noah, it is known as the largest hunger games event held in the MC Community.

  • MC Ultimate Season 1: (To be added)
  • MC Ultimate Season 2: Teamed with Technoblade and xNestorio. Placed 2nd individually, and his team placed 1st overall, winning the event.
    • Technoblade was added last-minute as a replacement for 2 members on the team.
    • Calvin placed second for kills with 40 kills, and Nestor placed third for kills with 29 kills. Technoblade placed first with 47 kills.
    • Altogether, the team scored 116 kills overall, setting a new record for most eliminations in a team in one event. This is especially notable because this team only consisted of 3 players.
    • Calvin was the only member on the team that died at all throughout the event, as he was killed whilst fighting PeteZahHutt's team. However, he was respawned after he won in the Gulag.