Cyprien has more than One Million Subscribers
Cyprien has more than Five Million Subscribers
Cyprien has more than Ten Million Subscribers
Cyprien has more than One Billion Views
Cyprien creates skits and sketch videos
Cyprien was born in France
Cyprien is male
Cyprien created their account in 2007
Cyprien is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Cyprien Iov (born: May 12, 1989 (1989-05-12) [age 31]), also known online as Monsieur Dream or simply Cyprien, is a French comedy YouTuber, best known for uploading comedy sketches and skits.

As of October 2020, his channel has amassed over 13.8 million subscribers, making it the second most subscribed channel in France.[1] His channel is also the most-subscribed non-musical channel in France and on the French-speaking version of YouTube. He has garnered over 2.6 billion video views on his channel.

Personal life

Cyprien was born in Nice, France to parents of Romanian origin. He has an older brother and a younger brother and sister; he mentions that he and his older brother fought a lot as children.

Throughout his life, he has had a strong interest in drawing, creating comics and later enrolling in an art class in Nice. His first job was at age 16, working a summer job in a hardware store: his love for drawing led to him doodling on bags of cement when he was bored. By age 17, he had garnered a small following from posting his drawings on an online blog. This blog led to his discovery of the websites Dailymotion and YouTube.

He attended university in Aix-en-Province; however he details that, in 2007, he voluntarily skipped exams to attend a convention in Paris for those who work online.[2]


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