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Matthew Fredrick (born September 20, 1988 (1988-09-20) [age 31]) is a YouTuber who posts list-based comedy videos, featuring his brother-in-law, Bryan, on his YouTube channel known as Matthias. He participated in and won Internet Icon Season 2.


Born and raised in Southern California, Matthias is no stranger to the inner workings of the Film Industry. Coming from a family that has spent many years in the industry, Matthias developed a passion for the art of filmmaking. At a very young age he began to create his own films, directing, editing, and scoring them. To this day, Matthias has directed twelve short films, produced fourteen, and loves the creative challenge that accompanies it. Before he transferred to CSUN, one of is short films won “Best Cinematography” at the festival and showcase for College of the Canyons. At CSUN he became a fellow of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. On August 5th 2016, Matthias started Hi5 Universe (Presently Battle Universe), a channel for his new office Hi5 Studios, which he is the CEO of. Within 24 hours it had almost 100k subscribers, gaining 75K in 15 hours. He is also occasionally associated with Markiplier.


In 2008, Matthias created his own music composition and scoring company titled Music Mentality Productions. Under this company name, he has scored over eleven short films, two commercials, and a feature film. He has also released three full length albums, an acoustic EP and currently in production on his fourth full length album. His music has been released on major stores such as iTunes and Amazon and has been signed to music labels such as Jigsaw Recordings. Currently creating music for his new channel on YouTube that is rapidly growing. On July 30th 2016, Matt and his wife Amanda Faye had a baby girl, who they have named Luna - not after Luna from Harry Potter, contrary to some fans' beliefs, but after a Pixar short called La Luna, which Amanda absolutely adored.

Videos and Channels

Matthias's videos have drastically changed over the years. They've gone to music, to sketches, to challenges and other series, and to presently list-based unboxing comedy videos. They currently consist of the series Strange Dollar Store Items, Tech Gadgets, Strange Amazon Items, Vat19 Products, Dope or Nope to name a few. He also makes videos on the channels Team Edge, Battle Universe, Matt & Amanda, Googly Eyes, and Team Edge Gaming.  And also Fail Time and Hi-5 Live which currently has no videos posted on them as of yet.

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