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Philip "Phil" Burnell (born: April 6, 1982 (1982-04-06) [age 39]), better known online as DSPGaming (or simply DSP, short for DarksydePhil), is an American gaming YouTuber best known for his live commentary on his video game playthroughs and his controversial masturbation incident.

Phil used to have a signed contract with Machinima until March 2017. He posts up raw, unedited playthroughs. His vlog channel is THEKINGOFHATEVLOGS. He used a channel for edited reviews and montages called KOGaming that went mostly defunct in 2017 after views and profit dropped significantly, but became his temporary primary channel for testing if ads would come on on newly published videos in July 2018 due to having a problem with AdSense on his main channel, DSPGaming,[1] which would later be resolved the following month in August 2018, and monetization was restored on DSPGaming, allowing Phil to return and resume his video game playthroughs on the channel.


Phil was born on April 6, 1982 in the middle of a blizzard, and grew up in Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States. He graduated in 2000 as the valedictorian of his catholic school, Saint Ambrose School, and went to Fairfield University for college. He graduated with a degree in finance.

Phil calls himself a "former pro fighting game player", having participated in many competitive fighting game tournaments nationwide during the late 1990s and throughout the 2000s. Most notably, Phil placed 4th for Super Street Fighter II Turbo in the 2005 EVO tournament, thus becoming the highest ranked American player for that game (as the the top 3 were Japanese players). He has the nickname The King of Hate from this period. Many people believe this is because he enjoys constantly hating on other people and/or video games, but Phil insists that the real reason for his nickname is because he is an outspoken person, having differing opinions that were radically different from mainstream ones, in which a lot of his opinions were subject to controversy, albeit using the infamy that many people induct upon him as a way of fueling himself.

Phil says that he is "different than other YouTubers" and he doesn't mind that he isn't as big as some other YouTubers. Phil is known for the large amount of negativity that surrounds him on YouTube; this "negativity movement" began in 2012. In addition, he is known to not be very good at playing certain video games, a statement that he himself has admitted previously. He calls what he does on YouTube a "business". His two main inspirations for making videos online are The Angry Video Game Nerd and The Nostalgia Critic. Phil says that he doesn't care what other YouTubers say about him, but at times he has made videos where he addressed certain YouTubers who called him out. Phil also claims that he hasn't changed since he started posting up videos on YouTube, and that he doesn't watch other YouTuber's content. Phil is known for his classic playthroughs such as Heavy Rain and Fallout 3, during the early days of people playing and uploading gameplay for YouTube. His laugh, humor and style of commentary are famous (or infamous) things about him and his content.

Phil has a serious back injury (a severely herniated disc) that has plagued him from around late 2007 to the present day. He manages this by not driving for long periods of time and by not doing heavy lifting.

Phil lived with his parents until 2004 and then again from 2007 to 2009. In 2009, he moved into a condo in Connecticut, and lived there until 2014. In June 2014, he and his, at the time, girlfriend Leanna (A.K.A. Panda Lee) moved to Renton, Washington, but he and Leanna broke up in late April 2017 after a few weeks of being engaged, and she moved out.

Phil then enslaved a woman named Kat in the summer of 2017, and on April 10, 2019, they got married.


Phil posted videos on YouTube originally just for fun from 2008 to 2010, and didn't expect it to become his full-time job at that time. He made YouTube his full-time job in late 2010, after being laid off from Helicopter Support, Inc. in Trumbull, Connecticut. However, his original YouTube channel "darksydephil" lost its AdSense partnership in late 2010; he then moved his content to, but due to a number of users submitting complaints to the staff regarding Phil's anti-Semitic jokes during the Dead Space 2 demo, he was banned. He got signed with Machinima in 2011. From 2011-2012, Phil was involved in stopping bills against gaming, such as SOPA. He got his contract with Machinima renegotiated in late 2012 and began making less money than he was at the time he got partnered, and he made changes to his content. He recorded his gameplay from 2008-early 2013 by pointing an HD camera at his TV screen, and around spring of 2013, Phil started to direct capture his gameplay. Phil then started recording gameplay in 1080p and 60 FPS in 2014 when he bought a new PC, replacing his other one that was built for him.

Phil had very good views on most of his videos from 2008 to around 2012, but his views overall have declined over the years because of the negativity and because of other YouTubers who do edited gaming videos who are bigger and better than him. In 2012, Phil posted up a video regarding people who claim that he has "changed". Negativity grew strong around Phil in 2013, and the negativity still continues to this day. Phil wanted to make more changes in 2014, one of which included moving out of CT, which he did in June of that year. Phil live-streamed on Twitch for about a year and a half, but after Twitch staff told Phil in November 2014 to reduce his streaming rate while playing Assassin's Creed: Unity, Phil quit streaming from the site and started streaming on YouTube. He created an account on Patreon in early 2015, which has since gained a mixed response from his viewers.

Phil was swatted on June 24, 2015, during a livestream of Batman: Arkham Knight; however, no one was harmed or arrested. He was also DDoSed on June 26. Phil was attacked multiple times throughout 2015 by his haters/detractors, including getting false copyright strikes on his two main channels for fanart that he supposedly had the rights to use. He also couldn't live-stream for certain periods of time. To stop more issues, Phil decided not to accept anymore fanart, and he deleted hundreds of videos that had fan-created content included in them, and also privated his Nintendo DS playthroughs. Not long after, his views began to drop. An anonymous source told Phil that YouTube had changed its system and when the videos were removed, his total views dropped, thus lowering his rank in the search engine. Phil was outraged by this and even considered suing YouTube. He also got his contract with Machinima renegotiated not long afterwards (for the second time) and began making less money. He also posted up an update video on this subject.

Phil then announced a new channel for 2016 as part of a 'three pronged plan' (gaming/vlogs/edited content) to move forward. He opened his new channel called KOGaming in early 2016, where he would do his game reviews and edited content, so those who do not subscribe to him out of fear of getting their inbox flooded or those who lack the time to watch his entire playthroughs can enjoy his content.

Phil was caught masturbating live on pre-stream with facecam on May 1, 2016 before he was going to stream gameplay of the Nioh Alpha Demo. He claims that he didn't know that the camera was on. Ever since that pre-stream went live, he gained more viewers and subscribers; however, many YouTubers now make jokes about him masturbating, and the negativity seems to have gotten worse. Other big YouTube channels have covered this incident, such as ReviewTechUSA and DramaAlert. Phil addressed the situation directly in a pre-stream video the following day. Phil will bring up the incident every once in awhile. A video where Phil bashed the game Homefront: Revolution went viral online (including on 4chan) and has over 1 million views. He also got thousands of new subscribers on his KOGaming channel.

Phil posted up a "addressing state" video on August 22.Phil has announced in October 2016 that he is nervous about his future, due to low views during that Hardcore Gaming Season.He further explained the situation in The Week-In Preview, and then in a special vlog. Low views continue to this day; all of this traces back to the copyright attacks from summer 2015, because Phil's rank in the search engine hasn't changed too much. Phil also made a follow-up video to the special vlog. On November 16, 2016, Phil posted up a business update video regarding the future of his live-streams, and he said he can accept fanart again because YouTube has a more tolerable copyright system. Phil has also stated that he will not live-stream as much anymore. On November 21, 2016, OBS crashed on Phil, deleting all of his settings that he had written down two years ago. He then tested out OBS Studios and he returned to live-streaming on Twitch on November 29, 2016 for the first time in 2 years to stream gameplay of Final Fantasy XV. He continues to stream on Twitch now instead of YouTube.

Phil has announced that he wants to implement changes for 2017. He released another business update video, and was still nervous about the future. He also downgraded his gaming videos from 1080p 60fps to 720p 60fps. Also on KOGaming, Phil decided to accept edited videos from his viewers, calling it a "Community submission". He also uploaded the very first officially approved "This Is How You Don't Play" video on KOGaming, but it was taken down later. He plans to release other videos like this in the future. Phil also changed his schedule, streaming an hour earlier each day and decided to try and take certain days off with his then-girlfriend Leanna.

On February 2017, Phil had a fiasco with ad avenue, in which it led to him almost wanting to file a lawsuit against YouTube because he was losing money. He was possibly deemed as "advertiser unfriendly" and he talked with Machinima about the situation. They suggested that he should upload shorter videos like back in the old days, which Phil wasn't too sure about. On March 2, 2017, Phil revealed that he was laid off by Machinima after a six year long partnership with them. Following his severed ties with Machinima, Phil opened a Teespring page. Phil got a Nintendo Switch on launch day, but unfortunately it bricked. He eventually got another (but functional) Nintendo Switch. He talked with other companies for partnership, and revealed that his YouTube channels are being "messed with".

In April of 2017, Phil proposed to Leanna and she reportedly accepted it, but in May 2017, Phil and Leanna broke up and she moved out. In November 2017, he confirmed he was in another relationship.

In February 2018, Phil introduced his new girlfriend, Kat.

In July 2018, Phil's main channel DSPGaming became demonetized due to a problem with AdSense, forcing him to move and continue his playthroughs on KOGaming, which was the channel he used for edited reviews and montages, but became largely dormant in 2017 due to low views and income. However, on August 7, 2018, monetization was restored on DSPGaming, and Phil has since then moved back and resumed his video game playthroughs on the channel, with Phil stating that now all future uploads will now be in a longer format.

On April 10, 2019, Phil officially revealed that he and Kat got married.

On April 21, 2021, during his live stream of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, Phil was removed from the Twitch Partner Program. Phil was shocked and furious upon discovering that his partnership with Twitch had been terminated, and demanded an explanation and reason from Twitch as to why his partnership with them was terminated. As a result of losing his partner status, there is no subscribe option, meaning that Phil had to rely on donations to monetize his Twitch content, for which he was widely ridiculed for “begging” for donations after losing partnership. Afterwards, Phil sent a request to Twitch asking them for a reason as to why his sudden termination of his partnership happened with no forewarning.

After 2 weeks from having contacted Twitch about his sudden partnership termination, on May 18, 2021, Phil put out a video on YouTube, where he reveals that he received an email from the Twitch Legal team who explained his termination from the Twitch Partner Program. According to the email, Twitch terminated the content licensing agreement with Phil following its investigation of "repeated instances of inappropriate conduct involving hateful slurs" in violation of Section 4.2.7 of appropriate conduct agreement. Phil was incredibly livid upon reading the response, in particular, the hateful slurs remark. Phil vehemently denied using any hateful slurs in his live streams, and that if he had, he would've been ousted from Twitch beforehand. Phil would go on to blame the trolls for clipping instances of his live streams of where it sounded like he was saying a hateful slur and reporting the clips to Twitch as one of the main reasons behind his partnership termination. In his tirade, Phil accused Twitch of terminating his partnership for something that never happened, claiming that they are punishing him legally for something that he legally didn't do. Phil kept repeating that if he had said hateful slurs in the past on Twitch, then he wouldn't have been streaming on Twitch anymore. Phil then issued an ultimatum to Twitch: They issue a public apology to him and reinstate his partnership, or else he will leave Twitch for good and move back to streaming on YouTube permanently.

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Many on YouTube have become very critical of Phil because of his actions and/or decisions, for a number of reasons. Many people dislike Phil for his attitude and/or his personality. He has been called a "hypocrite", "asshole", "elitist", "liar", "manchild", and "idiot" numerous times by not just his detractors but by bigger YouTubers, smaller YouTubers, actors, and videogame journalists. Even companies, such as Achievement Hunter have laughed at Phil. Some people have also called him "the cancer of gaming". DSPGaming was named the worst gaming channel on YouTube by NFKRZ.

Phil is well known for shrugging off all criticism as hate. He is notorious for insulting those who criticize him or express a different opinion than him. As an indirect result, he very often ends up insulting fans to which he says "good riddance". He brands all criticism and parodies of him as hate and online bullying and has said that all YouTubers who dislike him are bad people and/or "idiots". He claims that anything negative towards him is not justified and that he doesn't understand why some people don't like him, and people in turn will say he has no self-awareness. He often accuses those who create videos criticizing him as jealous haters and trolls. He laughs at people's supposed immaturity when they challenge his statements. He also brands anyone who finds anything of his controversial as drama queens. Phil will sometimes admit to things he has said and/or done, or will say that some things that have been said about him have a "little nugget of truth" to them; but in the end, he will never fully admit to everything that has been said about him. Many critics have identified themselves as former fans but Phil dismisses them, saying they were not "true fans" and have been "indoctrinated" by his supposed detractors. Phil has called his critics: "mentally ill", "sociopaths", "haters", "trolls", "cowards", "idiots", "criminals", "kids/children", etc. He will even sometimes insult his own fans, and he also said that the common YouTuber is a "dumb fuck".

His critics have also become the scapegoat for all his misfortunes.

  • When his views began to decrease, he said it was because his critics discouraged newcomers from watching his videos.
  • After getting swatted, though both fans and critics were outraged by what happened, he claimed that the perpetrator was inspired by his critics to commit what he called "attempted murder" and encouraged his fans to find videos criticizing him and make a comment about how it, supposedly, nearly got him killed.
  • After getting a copyright strike against his main channel, he compared the situation to having a gun put to his head, and blamed his critics for what happened.
  • DSP said that he "could have been stabbed and if he survived, it would be less damaging" than what the detractors did to him in the summer of 2015 with the false copyright strikes and how they supposedly messed with his business. Even though DSP himself deleted the videos that caused him to lower in YouTube's search rank, not the detractors.

Phil has repeatedly had conflicts with everyone he encounters and wherever he decides to upload videos. Prior to YouTube, DSP would constantly trash-talk, insult, and threaten other members of the fighting game community, gaining wide-spread hate, and leading to the nickname "The King of Hate". One example is when he threatened to find Isiah "Triforce" Johnson and beat him up. He also bragged about being the best fighting game player in the country, superior to players like Alex Valle, Mike Watson, and John Choi after placing 4th at Evo in 2005 for a flawed port (which DSP readily admits) of Super Street Fighter II Turbo, further lowering his reputation in the community. Afterwards, playing a normal arcade port, Phil would repeatedly lose to all these top players. In 2016, DSP trash talked about FloE and Blackpeddles.

DSP has also been criticized for putting ads on videos where he talks about recent tragedies and disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy, the Sandy Hook Shooting, and the death of his friend. Many accuse him of attempting to monetize the situation. Phil did not make any defense against these accusations and simply threatened those who accused him, saying "I will come find you and I will beat the shit out of you." He did so again in 2019 when he made a lengthy minute video talking about Etika's recent suicide, and how it supposedly related to his predicament; said video also had 8 mid-roll advertisements on it.

In the past, DSP has addressed people who use ad-block, saying that it hurts businesses online who earn money based on ads, which is true; however, ad-block is extremely popular regardless. In 2016, DSP now has an ad-based contract with Machinima, and he encourages viewers to disable any ad-blocking software they may have. He even goes as far to say that people who use ad-block are "thieves".

As noted previously, Phil made YouTube his full-time job in 2010, after being laid off from Helicopter Support, Inc. in Trumbull, CT in 2010. However, his original YouTube channel, DarkSydePhil lost its Adsense partnership in later 2010 after Phil encouraged users to click on the ads at the beginning of his videos. Though he claims this is untrue and that the real reason he lost his Adsense is because YouTube could not stand the notion of him becoming successful and making a living off gaming. Even though Adsense tracks and blocks YouTubers by IP so that any YouTuber who has been banned from Ad-sense cannot open a new account, Phil has opened a new account thanks to him moving and getting a new IP address. To this day, he continues to deny all fault for this event.

DSP moved his content to in 2010, but he was banned for anti-Semitic remarks that he made during his Dead Space 2 Demo playthrough. In the videos, he role-plays Issac Clarke (the lead protagonist) as the "last remaining Nazi" and refers to the Necromorphs (the enemies) as the "Jews", whose "greed" caused them to become monsters. Rather than apologizing, Phil instead blamed a "troll" who reported the video, claiming it was done out of jealousy. More recently, Phil has advanced the excuse that he was simply using a "well-known" character from the Howard Stern show, although no can recall such an event on the show. And while he claims that he has apologized (again, which no one can recall seeing), Phil also stated that it's something only a small group of people care about and that they need to get over it.

Starting in March 2013, Phil regularly streamed on his Twitch channel, and was partnered with the website. After Twitch staff told Phil in November 2014 to reduce his streaming rate, Phil quit the site and started streaming on YouTube, resorting to a primitive IRC chat client, as well as short-changing his paying Twitch subscribers, many of whom were outraged. Several people went on and trashed it with nasty images and destroyed the website altogether. Many accused Phil of not caring about the viewers anymore and attacked him with negativity. The whole stituation was described by DSP as a "mess". It took several months before the website was up and running again with a new look, and people had to get used to the YouTube livestreaming.

Many have taken issue with Phil's style of commentary. His commentary can consist of snorts, burps, clearing his throat, whining/complaining, singing, toilet humor jokes, being over-dramatic, general stupidity, anger at and insults at the game developers, copious amounts of swearing, or sexual/sexist remarks about female characters. He sometimes tells a game or a character in a game to "suck [his] dick". He was known for making offensive and racist jokes, such as saying "in China, dey say chicky chang wang Charlie Chan chicka chocka chocka cha". During his playthrough of the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 2, when Clementine, the main protagonist and a young child, is about to stitch her arm after a dog she encountered viciously mauled her arm, he laughed and made sexual noises while she screamed in pain. Many viewers feel he ruins cutscenes in games with his commentary, and he also sometimes skips cutscenes that may had important things in them. He also complains about too much grinding in some video games. He has also become known for insulting Troy Baker and Hideo Kojima. He is equally verbally abusive towards other gamers when losing online fighting game matches, punctuated by an infamous tirade during an online game in Injustice: Gods Among Us, where after losing badly to a Deathstroke player, Phil called his opponent an "asshole", "fucking idiot", "fucking loser", "your mother probably shat you out you piece of shit" who "sits in his mom's basement" "eating your whole fucking bag of Doritos and chugging down your fucking Fanta".

Phil's sportsmanship has also been heavily criticized. For example, when Phil trash talks his opponents; If he wins, Phil will boast how his victory came from skill. If he loses, he will blame lag, his controller, the character he is playing as, the character he is playing against, the actual player he is playing against, or the performance/connection/netcode of the game as main factors to his loss. He often accuses other players of watching his stream (also known as stream sniping) and counter picking or performing so-called "online combos" and after losing, insults his opponent, telling them to "go die in a fire" and calling them "a waste of human life". He also claims there to be something used against him called a "lag pattern", which doesn't even exist.

  • Phil's poor sportsmanship extends to single player games, too. Any time he loses, fails, or dies in a game, he will also blame lag, input delay, the AI, and is known to insult the developers of the game he's playing. He gets hostile towards anyone who points out what he did wrong, by insulting them, and possibly banning them afterwards..

In addition to the problems with Phil's commentary style cited above, Phil often demonstrates a very poor job of understanding the controls and mechanics of the games he plays. He sometimes will complain about the framerate in some games, or bash a game for the framerate alone for affecting his performance in playing a game. Often, when a tutorial is offered, Phil replies with "shut the fuck up" and skips it, only to repeatedly make mistakes later, and he blames the game developers for not properly explaining the mechanics. Phil constantly complains about the game not working, or game bugs/glitches, when at times the issues are his own fault, and he rarely ever admits his own faults. He often complains about button lag, his game not registering his commands, or his inputs being dropped, when there appears to be nothing wrong of the sort, and viewers joke and call it a "haunted controller." Phil claims this is his "comedic persona" and that he could be good at games if he wanted to. This comes into direct contrast when he claims to have no gimmick and is the "realest person" on YouTube. He has over the years contradicted himself on whether or not he is actually good at playing games. Viewers have noted that Phil needs glasses, because he often states things that he witnessed in the game that are incorrect, but he was only seen wearing a pair in 2014 and hasn't used them again.

Phil has his own forums for discussion about his various videos. However, he constantly deleted posts, banned users and locked threads that looked upon him in a negative light. It got to the point where a majority of his mods had felt he was behaving childishly and abusively. Many moderators attempted to convince Phil of this and, after multiple failed attempts, he finally agreed to stop closing threads and consult the moderators instead. However, he did not keep his word and continued to close threads and even rescinded the administrator status of the moderators. Phil struggled to keep the site running on his own and eventually an unknown party hijacked the full access of the site in late 2014. Phil decided to shut the forums as well as all of until further notice.In 2015, with help from one of the moderators, he designed and reopened the site and forums stating he would be using them for utility purposes of gathering fan created content for his content. However, all his moderators chose to finally leave. Phil has stated that he blames them for what happened to his forums and within 3 weeks of the website being open again, he again started to close threads, ban users and delete postings that either stated negative facts about him or had conversations about the group known as the "SoK" (Sons of Kojima) or any other "haters".

Phil has also been criticized for his behavior and responses on his own forums. He is known for disregarding and breaking forum rules. Many forum users and moderators have complained and even flagged Phil's posts to which Phil responds with an insult laden message and even once wrote "I cannot break the rules. I am the rules".

Many viewers of Phil have also complained of their treatment in the stream chat while watching his live stream. Many of them complain of moderators that abuse their powers, banning anyone that gives criticism, says anything negative, or says anything that is not directly related to Phil or his video. Other stream moderators have brought this up with Phil but he ignores all the complaints and insults the moderators who take these complaints seriously, saying they are being "fooled by the same group of people over and over" and that anyone who agreed with the complaints were "deluded beyond belief."

In early 2015, Phil decided to open a Patreon page, which he has admitted is a donation based service. Even though he had stated numerous times in the past he would never do so and making fun of Angry Joe for his page. Ever since, people on YouTube have accused Phil of only caring about views, money and Patreon.

Phil has criticized the mainstream media for being unprofessional in their game reviews by saying they don't finish games from start to finish, to give that game that they're reviewing a fair review. Despite this, DSP himself has reviewed games without completing them, such as Tony Hawk's Pro Staker 5, Lords of the Fallen and Homefront: The Revolution.

In addition to groups which Phil calls his "detractors", he also has had back and forth disputes with other well-known YouTubers as well.

  • TotalBiscuit: In 2012, when Phil gave the video game Journey, a much worse review than the majority of the critical acclaim given by others, Phil called out TotalBiscuit for having a differing opinion, as the latter had declared his Game of the Year for 2012. In more recent years when Phil was subjected to mass criticism, TotalBiscuit accused Phil of name dropping him in an effort to seem like he was a respected associate of his. Furthermore, when asked about Phil and his recent behavior in response to the negativity surrounding him, TotalBiscuit expressed his dislike for Phil's attitude and content, citing his reputation of pinning blame on everything and everyone else but himself when it comes to his video game playthroughs. He also stated that although he doesn't like seeing people getting harassed online, he feels that Phil has brought that harassment on himself due to the premise of his content, in which he acts like a "court jester that doesn't want to be taken seriously". Phil responds by calling him an "elitist" and says TotalBiscuit never of his videos for feeling this way.
  • EventStatus: In 2014, EventStatus criticized many of Phil's actions and challenged his claims of being a "former pro-fighting game player". EventStatus challenged Phil to a match saying he will give Phil as much time to prepare as the latter wants and the loser will permanently leave all social media. Both fans and critics encouraged Phil to take the challenge but those who did were banned. Phil declined and insulted EvenStatus, saying that this was done as a way to get attention.
  • AlphaOmegaSin: Name dropped Phil in a Street Fighter V rant video in 2016, labeling Phil as a infamous rage-quitter in fighting games. Phil claims this to be completely false, and claims he never raged-quit in his life in fighting games. He first addressed this in a pre-stream video, and he got into a Twitter war with Omega later on. Phil then posted up a video to clear the air.

2013 was a particularly bad year for Phil, including the birth of "This Is How You Don't Play" videos. 2013 can also be credited for marking the end of Phil's good viewership on his videos that he had from 2008 to 2012 and the beginning of low viewership on his videos from there on. As a result of this, he posted up a video titled "Addressing the Negativity" which is one of the most controversial things he ever did, claiming that everything said about him was either slanderous or exaggerated, and that those who "hate" on him do so to "jump on the bandwagon". He said that his negativity on YouTube has now become "online bullying." He also talked about the PC that was built for him in 2011, which is a situation that people bring up when it comes to negativity that surrounds Phil.

For his 2013 Christmas Special, Phil created a video parodying 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'. With his own written song lyrics, he tells the story of how a jealous Troll, who lives in his grandparents' basement, dedicates his life to hating on Phil and creating This Is How You Don't Play videos. But, just as the Grinch fails to steal Christmas, the Troll fails to stop Phil who continues playing. The Troll represents Phil's detractors, at least how he views them, and their supposed dedication to ending Phil out of jealousy, causing the video to be heavily criticized for its misrepresentation of that group and insults. The video's lyrics have also been criticized. In one segment, he sings "If you said this shit to my face, can you guess what I'd do, Mr. Troll?" and plays a clip of Phil punching a small piece of cardboard. Another segment had the lyrics "If I had the chance to be filthy rich and going back in time to prevent your birth...fill up the DeLorean!"

Phil had also gained notoriety for allegedly having recent parody videos taken down with the help of his Machinima contract. The resulting backlash he received from people on social media caused him to go on a twitter meltdown, hurling numerous profanities at each and everyone involved including Slowbeef and TotalBiscuit, the former of which uploaded a video montage of people parodying Phil's persona while the latter took another stab at Phil via a video comment using the writing style of said persona. As a result of the recent drama, Phil's potential audience took yet another hit.

For several years, Phil had been known to bash the extremely popular game Minecraft and people who enjoy it, even using the phrase "you probably play Minecraft" as an insult, though he never played the game himself until in early 2015, in which through Patreon, the Patrons had voted Phil to play the game he once never even thought of playing.

During a Mortal Kombat X stream on May 10, 2015, Phil was approached by a viewer regarding an incident that occurred two years ago involving an altercation between PandaLee and people on Twitch, now known as the "Kingdom Hearts incident". This instigated a very hostile reaction from Phil, leading him to insult this person, threaten him with physical violence, and encourage his fans to cyberbully him and spam his inbox. The resulting backlash was so immense that Phil had to make a public video apology in an attempt to clear the air surrounding the issue. But, while he apologized for his volatile reaction, he did not apologize for threatening said individual nor did he apologize for encouraging his fans to cyberbully him. He even claimed that this was a plot to have him react like this to slander him.

Phil has been known to go on angry tirades on Twitter, insulting more successful YouTubers and well as anyone who has a different view than him. One notable incident: a fan of DSP tweeted that his mother had recently fallen ill and Phil's videos helped him feel better. Phil did not respond to this tweet though he did respond to a question involving his schedule. A Twitter user known for criticizing DSP responded to the tweet and expressed his condolences. When Phil heard of this, he called it harassment and bullying and encouraged people to flag all the critics tweets so Twitter Support would shut down his account.

Though Phil has been known to get extremely combative on Twitter and his forums, he also becomes very sheepish when confronted directly. With the aforementioned "Kingdom Hearts incident", his first instinct was to attempt to shut off the PlayStation 4's voice chat feature. He has done this numerous times in multiplayer games whenever he is confronted about something he has either said or done. In addition, he has insulted people in his stream chat after banning them for saying things he doesn't want to hear, reinforcing his own cowardly behaviour despite calling other people cowards.

Fans and critics alike take issue with Phil's usage of Patreon. He has, on several occasions, failed to live up to the promises he makes. One instance was his promise of 7+ hours of Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back gameplay if given enough money. After reaching that goal, Phil played for less than five and a half hours and said he would only continue if donated more money. A more infamous instance was the reboot of Project 7. He promised that if enough money had been donated, he would reboot the series and would include the names of his highest payers and would show the progress made thus far. However, after reaching the goal, Phil announced that he would still postpone Project 7 and would not refund the money given but would thumbs down the video instead. Phil has also developed a policy that he would not perform any of the reached milestones unless it is several hundred dollars above the mark. He claims that this is done to counter false and dropped patreon pledges. He has began to only allow those who have pledged to his patreon to play him in online multiplayer because of recent 'trolling'.For 2017, DSP wanted Patreon money to buy a new PC for gaming, as well as a PS4 Pro. He set his Patreon goal to $2800, more than twice what it was previously; however, after a few weeks he removed this goal because it wouldn't happen, realistically.

On September 2016, Phil streamed Banjo-Kazooie, a game voted as part of the Patreon Goal. He played it for 4 hours and had help from the Stream Chat. From that moment onwards, he never streamed it online again, and instead played the game offline, with many people finding out he was using a guide to speed through the game and know all the secrets. Some people accused Phil in the comments of parts 9-12 of the playthrough that he was using the stream chat for help. Phil went on a tirade at the beginning of part 16 of the playthrough, saying that he wasn't using the stream chat anymore after the first streaming of the game. However, Phil did receive messages from viewers who told him certain things in the game, such as using the gold feather power to defeat ghosts, an ability that Phil never used until it was mentioned to him.

Originally, Phil abruptly and acrimoniously ended his playthrough of Persona 3 FES, which was a Patreon's Choice playthrough, on August 1, 2016, due to initially being unable to defeat the final boss. Phil got $1,250 dollars for a playthrough that he ended in a bad manner, which had gone on for several months and originally ended at 166 parts. Fans and haters alike were both upset at this, especially considering the fact that Phil was playing the game on easy level and used a deeply flawed and constructed party when taking on the final boss. Phil eventually did beat the game on August 16, 2018, 2 years after infamously ending his playthrough on it, and the playthrough officially at ended at 169 parts.

In late November/early December 2019, Phil played Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, the latest installment in the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games crossover franchise. However, Phil only played a little bit of the story mode and the online multiplayer before giving up on the game completely due to boredom. However, when asked if the game was a waste of $60, Phil revealed that he didn't buy the game himself, but instead received a review code for the game from either Sega or Nintendo. At no point during the the streams of the game did he make this fact known to his viewers, and made the excuse that he wasn't paid to play the game. Therefore, he didn't feel the need to disclose it. However, since the lack of disclosure for paid promotions or receiving products for free from the company are major violations of the FTC's disclosure policies, Phil quietly added a disclaimer in the description on YouTube. Whether or not this will be enough to cover his tracks is up for debate.

Phil's spending decisions have come into question. He often talks of his back problem and his inability to afford a treatment. He also often talks about the difficulty he has paying off his bills and mortgages. Despite this, he has taken vacations with his girlfriend and staying at executive suites. He also possess numerous models and action figures that had occupied most of the space of his original condo. He was selling some of these models at high prices, but he gave up since around late 2015. Phil also claims that he can't afford certain things, while at other times, he buys things that could cost a lot.

Phil has criticized people who get advanced copies of games before their street date and play them before street date, saying that everyone should get a game and play it at a similar time. However, Phil has gotten games in advance himself, and has broken street date before as well. Examples include Fallout 4 and Dark Souls III.

In 2017, Phil has decided to approve certain This Is How You Don't Play videos for his KOGaming channel, in a similar way to accepting Community Submission edited videos for the channel. However, viewers have been critical of this choice, because of how Phil has treated TIHYDP videos in the past and what he has said about the people who have made them before, including saying that such video have supposedly nearly gotten him killed and calling anyone who has created one, mentally ill children.

Phil's former relationship with PandaLee has also become a source of controversy. Not only had fans and former fans objected to her attitude and commentary, but there is controversy over when Phil started dating her. Phil has repeatedly insisted that he only began dating PandaLee after she reached legal age, but a number of people who claimed to have known Phil in real life claim that he and PandaLee had been dating long before she reached legal age and had simply kept it it a secret. However, the validity of any of these claims from both parties have yet to be confirmed.

Phil's treatment of Leanna was quite controversial. While many viewers, fans and haters alike, still take issue with her they have also taken issue with how she has been treated under certain circumstances. On one occasion, Leanna was sick and had to stay in bed all day, Phil had her get up and cook him dinner despite her condition. Another time, Leanna had a panic attack and had to go to the Emergency Room in response. Fortunately, her condition was not serious, but Phil was angered by this since he now had to pay the bills for sending her there and publicly said if such thing were to happen again, he would not let her go to the ER. These incidents eventually led to their break-up in May 2017.

On October 21, 2017, while doing a pre-stream, Phil was talking about how stressed he was having to keep up his schedule, when someone said they had lost their brother and was able to still sleep and cook meals. Phil immediately accused the person of trying to claim they were better than him this lead to him banning them from the stream and he began to insult the person. The day after at the end of a Week in Preview, Phil continued to say that it was an attempt to make him look bad and even went as far to say that it was bait and nothing they said was real and called anyone who disagreed with him an idiot. This event has enraged even more people both fans and haters alike, showing just how quickly he'll take things out of context, despite accusing others of doing the same to him.

On November 9, 2017, Phil got enraged at a person on stream who asked why people with different opinions get banned from his chat. Phil claimed that it doesn't happen and that anyone who thinks that is an idiot. This incident further shows how aggressive Phil has become ever since starting on YouTube, and since his break up with Leanna as he now easily becomes angry even at innocent questions driving even more people and remaining fans away from him.

In late February 2018, Phil attempted to start a fundraiser stream to help pay off his taxes. However, he received a 24 hour suspension from Twitch, since soliciting bits for financial support is against the site's Terms of Service. He was suspended again a month later for unclarified reasons.

In May of 2018, Phil chose to take a day off. However, before he did, he tweeted a rant about YouTubers and streamers getting early copies of State of Decay 2. He said that everyone who gets early copies are "not true gamers", "walking advertisements", and "paid shills" who only do things for attention and money and insinuated that he was vastly superior to all of them. This outraged many YouTubers, streamers, their fans, and even some gaming journalists like Ryan McAffery. The backlash was so immense that Phil was forced to delete the tweet. The tweet in question read as follows: "Those playing State of Decay 2 a full week early are paid shills. They are walking advertisements, not true gamers, and are doing so solely for a paycheck. I'll be PAYING FOR THE GAME and playing it this Friday just like many of you, and my reactions will be legit as always." Though he did apologise for it, he later backtracked on it claiming it was taken out of context.

Phil's fans have also become a source of criticism. To counter the rising number of groups exposing or criticizing Phil's actions on the internet, many of his fans have created channels to supposedly expose the actions of those groups, often using similar names. However, the videos posted on said channels are often slanderous and often makes accusations with circumstantial and sometimes no evidence. This has caused at least one channel, DSP World Order, to be terminated due to repeated and severe violations of its terms of service, though another channel with the same name has been created. Other fans, while not creating separate YouTube channels, have gone to videos criticizing DSP and attempted to instigate fights, make similar baseless accusations, and threats of violence. YouTuber AggyPlays once asked Phil to do voice acting for a Machinima series she was creating. However, despite accepting the role, she reported that he was difficult to work with. Upon hearing this he accused her of using him to get attention from the "hater" community and his fans soon began to harass her over this. In a separate incident, a fan claimed he had proof that the Sons of Kojima were involved with DSP's swatting; his proof: DSP was swatted on a Wednesday and the Sons of Kojima hold a podcast every Thursday. Attempts to start debates simply resulted in more insults.

In April 2019, Phil revealed that he and Kat got married. Ignoring the controversy surrounding the event, Phil has become noticeably more hostile towards fanservice games, or any game that features dating as a side activity, like Catherine Full Body for instance, despite having done a playthrough for the vanilla version of the game back in 2011. Phil claims that he has no time for stuff like that, and that type of content is not for him since he is, in his words "a mature adult with a wife". The implication is that Phil has major insecurities about his relationship with Kat, which many have pointed out (based on the few instances where she appeared during Phil's streams), that there was no romantic chemistry between them, and they seemed rather distant from each other.

Phil gained newfound attention from other online personalities when he commented on the ProJared controversy in early May of 2019. However, he was criticised for this due to his previous claims that he doesn't follow drama, and he was using drama here for positive attention. In light of this, Phil decided on May 12th, 2019 to make a nearby 2 hour long video in which he tries to debunk the most common criticisms of him over the past 7 years. Unfortunately for him, the video was poorly received, with more prominent critics of Phil decrying the video as a poor attempt at deflecting all criticism towards him with poor excuses, and without providing any real insight into his behaviour, Phil instead just stating "it didn't happen" despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Bare in mind that all evidence against Phil can be traced back to his own content.

  • However, ProJared broke radio silence in September 2019 to dispel the accusations made against him, causing his reputation to begin rebuilding. This in turn made Phil's tweets about him look more spineless, opportunistic, and spiteful, since the only reason he even said anything in the first place was because of a grudge he held towards Jared for 3 years over a relatively innocuous tweet the former made about him.

Throughout 2019, Phil has been trying to convince his fans that he is viewed more positively now after years of hate, and that he has less haters now. This is clearly pure self delusion however, as there has been no change in perception of Phil, and the "People" he says view him as a better person don't exist and are made up.

Despite Phil's continued insistence that he is all about being "honest", "genuine", "real", "positive", and claiming to "play games for fun", he has never been afraid to beg for money from his viewers every chance he gets, and throughout 2020, even going as far as to employ silly little gimmicks (like how he dumps on other streamers for). He once said in response to a question asking him what they get out of giving him money along the lines of: "I get to continue doing what I love, and that is playing games and having fun." This response clearly shows that Phil only thinks about his own needs, and doesn't care about his fans' satisfaction. In addition, he continues to manage his streams in a manner scarily reminiscent of a cult leader, and demonstrating unhealthy levels of jealousy anytime another bigger, more successful content creators are mentioned to him, insisting that they are fake, hacks, or entertainers whose content is "dumbed down for dumbfucks", as he once said in 2016.

End of Friendship With John Rambo & Howard

After Phil moved to Washington, his contact with former friends John Rambo and Howard Dias declined until it stopped entirely. During this time, John Rambo created a Paymeton parody. Many assumed that the parody was directed towards Phil, causing many to wonder what happened between them, but John insisted that while Phil was a source of inspiration, the parody was aimed at YouTubers as a whole who overly relied on Patreon. He also asked that people not make assumptions about events they do not know about and that he rather not talk about what happened to not harm Phil's reputation. Eventually, Phil was asked about it again on an Ask the King episode and said that he has not heard from John or Howard. Phil claimed that he did not know why he has not heard from them and that 'real men' discuss their problems. He said that the only possible thing he could think of was that they were jealous and bitter of his rise in popularity.

John and Howard felt they had no choice but to respond to this and created a video describing everything that happened between them. The original video was flagged and removed by an unknown party though others have re-uploaded it.

John and Howard describe how Andre and Paul (Respect the Pact), childhood friends of Howard, had attended film school and were interested in starting a project. After deciding to bring Phil in on this, this became Project 7. However, the editing and special effects took a great amount of time and effort. Furthermore, Andre finds out he is going to be a father, making it even harder. John suggested to Phil that he pay them for their effort, but Phil said that he had offered to pay Andre and Paul but they turned it down. However, Howard talked to Andre and Paul and discovered that Phil had never offered to pay them and lied to keep the money for himself. In fact, none of the people involved with Project 7 were given any cut. The only person who was paid was John but this was so he could continue to help produce Project 7 since his car broke down and he needed to buy a used one. Howard was particularly irate that Phil then began buying figurines, a BMW, and other luxury items with the money, feeling Phil was making money off the backs of others.

The same was done with the Project 7 t-shirts. They all contributed in the cost of making the t-shirts, but Phil made all the revenue and did not offer any of them a percentage.

They talked about how when Scott passed away they informed Phil and asked him to contact them. However, Phil did not respond but created a monetized video on the subject, irritating everyone in their friends group that Phil would try to make money off of the death of another, and most likely marked the final straw in his friendships with them.

Howard recalled that not long before Phil moved to Washington, he called for a final playthrough together. However, Howard had already made plans with his girlfriend. Phil said that if Howard doesn't attend then it solidifies that they are not friends, so Howard had cancel his plans with his girlfriend. However, once Phil moved, Howard had not heard from him. He would send him occasional messages, but Phil wouldn't reply back.

John also talks about several times Phil ended up saying something untrue about him on a video. One incident was: after seeing comments praising John Rambo's performance in Project 7, Phil claimed that it was all his idea. John and Howard both confirmed that Phil actually had nothing to do with those parts and were irate that he would make a video talking about it instead of talking to them. John confronted Phil who apologized. Another incident was when Phil wished to play Mario Party 10 with Leanna, though his viewers wanted it with John. Phil responded by saying John does not like games like Mario Party, causing his viewers to send insulting messages to John Rambo about the subject. John confronted Phil again who apologized. Both John and Howard say that Phil would repeatedly do things they dislike and he would apologize after they confront him but made no effort not to do it again, leading them to no longer associate with him, feeling that attempting to confront him about it would bear no results.

They ended the video saying that they still wish Phil the best but if he takes issue with what was said he should contact them, not make a reply video but text them. Phil was originally going to make a reply video but chose not to, saying that the 'haters' would twist his words.

On October 26, 2017, two years after these events, during an Ask the King segment a question Phil got asked about a moment that really hurt him personally in his life. Phil spoke of two moments: his breakup with Leanna and the end of the friendship between him, John and Howard. Phil claimed that the response video they made felt like a betrayal to him and he also claimed that John and Howard never told him about anything he did wrong during their time together putting all the blame on them as the reason their friendship fell apart. This has caused outrage among many, who feel Phil is lying to save himself. John and Howard have yet to comment on this.

During his Special Retrospective Series in February 2019, Phil reminisced on old times by watching various videos on his former vlogging channel, THEKINGOFHATEHD. In particular, he watched his old vlogs on his trips to Chicago, Illinois in 2009 and Nashville, Tennessee in 2010. He, John and Howard traveled together to both places. During the final part of the series, Phil talked about the friendship he once had with them, and how life and drama led to the end of his friendships with them. However, Phil claims that John and Howard had built-up resentment towards him when he started to make revenue on his YouTube videos and the way Project 7 royalties were handled, citing those as the reasons for their friendship ending.

In a later retrospective, when Phil was watching old videos of him, John, and Howard back when they were friends, he was asked by a donator on stream if there was any possibility of him rekindling his friendship with them in the future. Phil immediately responded with a emphatic no, and ruled out any chance of reconciling with his former friends in the future, citing their supposed betrayal towards him as the main reason, as well as not knowing what became of them after losing contact with them completely.

Break up with Leanna

Phil said that in May of 2017, he and Leanna had broken up but said that he would not discuss the details of it. Over time, more information has been made public about what happened as many had claimed that Phil's recent video talking about her panic attack and saying that he would not take her to the hospital again if another incident like this occurs is a possible reason. In a recent Twitter post, Phil said that it was related to finances and so far has been putting the blame all on Leanna herself. A comment made by a YouTube user who claims to have spoken to Leanna said she told them that Phil would not help with chores around the house. She stated that she did all the work while he refused to help and would only play games in some stream's when she came into the room Phil would ignore her and say "I can't hear you, I have headphones on." Many people have said that after living together for years, Phil only used Leanna as a housekeeper, and the SOK said Phil only asked her to marry him to keep her around a little longer. She had grown sick of what had become of their relationship and wanted to be with someone who actually appreciated her. Phil has also changed the story about their break up saying it happened before the Hospital trip. Many don't believe this as it does not make sense that Phil would be angry about paying for her bill if they were no longer together. Phil has yet to give a comment on these claims.

Phil's current mental state

Many people speculated that Phil suffers from "Narcissistic Personality Disorder", as he never admits to his mistakes and will blame everyone and everything else for his own problems. An example would be the time when he was banned from for his remarks about Jews, he immediately claimed that the report was false and the person who reported him did it out of jealousy of his popularity. Ever since then, he always acted in a similar way to anything that has happened to him saying it's because of the people who don't like him and his fall is because of those who made TIHYDP and other videos about him that brought criticism on to him. He also continues to push the narrative that he is superior to everyone else, and that his style of video making is the best way, and everything else is bad. Many people believe that Phil is beyond help due to his delusions of grandeur and because he has acted the way he has for such as long time.

This Narcissism has only gotten worse over the years, especially near the end of 2018 and most of 2019 as Phil has further tried to paint his detractors in an even worse light going as far as to call them "criminals who should be arrested". Almighty Tevin, a well known Detractor and restreamer of Phil's content, has become his new target starting at Halloween of 2018 Phil blamed him for Kat leaving his stream, and threatened him both then and the next day saying he was eventually going to pay for what he's doing. He also implied that people were going to take action against Tevin and that he and others were going to have authorities coming down on them. However, nothing has happened to Tevin or other detractors since then as they have broken no laws or rules, proving this to be nothing but empty threats; this also shows that Phil's psychic and mental state have further deteriorated over the years due to increased isolation, to the point where he has faked having depression, in addition to having no empathy for anyone, and only caring about himself and money. Phil also believes he could win lawsuits against his detractors for slander and defamation even though everything detractors call him out for is true further showing how delusional Phil has become over the years.

Phil also now believes he was never actually hated by the internet and he was used as a "test case" for cancel culture, and as a way for people to gain popularity. He insists that people only like the idea of hating him to be apart of something and not because they do actually dislike him, while also saying all reasons for hating him are either outdated or untrue with no evidence (although they once again are using his own videos as evidence). He also refuses to believe that any of his detractors use to be fans of his, showing a complete lack of self awareness as after nearly 8 years of criticism, Phil still does not understand or want to understand why he is so despised, and refuses to admit or take responsibility for anything he might have said or did that turned everyone against him.

Good Friends on YouTube

Current Good Friends on YouTube

  • Kat (Wife)

Former Good Friends on YouTube

  • John Rambo
  • Howard
  • John Harrington (OJ)
  • Chris (TheAireaidLord)
  • Leanna Hangen (Panda Lee) (Former Fíance)


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