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Dad is an American YouTuber and musician who aims to be the best YouTuber in the universe. Dad posts music along with cryptic videos that range in length. Some of the events in his videos are shown to be over an hour long and have been successful. Some of the videos are showing a certain subscriber milestone with a special celebration.

The shorter videos on the channel show a small event happening in the background with a person doing a small task for under a minute. The title names are short, and there are lyrics videos of the music that is produced. A notable set of videos is titled "Dad is [Thing that Dad is doing]", and the thumbnails on this video show Dad in formal clothes. Some of the hour-long videos show celebrations such as Father's Day or feeling good, and he sells merchandise. There have been videos of Dad trying Minecraft for the first time along with a Minecraft livestream lately.

The Story

The story going on on the channel starts on Nathan Barnatt  channel when he uploaded a skit titled "Dad Feels Great". About one month later he uploaded a video titled "Ignore This Video! " in where he says that he is quiting YouTube, but the description says otherwise. Dad was originally a character that Nathan Barnatt made but claims that the current Dad isn't him and that someone is impersonating him. The first Dad video is called Dad is home where Dad comes home, speaking telepathically about how his boss liked his presentation ad work today and how he might be promoted to executive after which he can quit his job after saving a lot of money and becoming Number one YouTuber in the Universes. He then telepathically calls out to his wife Cheryl and his Daughter but receives no repsonse, he then starts to question whether his family really loves him or not and the shot pans out. The story is better explained in a Nexpo Video titled What's Going on With "Dad"?.

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