DanAndPhilCRAFTS is from England
DanAndPhilCRAFTS is male
DanAndPhilCRAFTS created their account in 2015
DanAndPhilCRAFTS is a member of the LGBTQ+ Community
DanAndPhilCRAFTS is a Content Creator on YouTube

Don't cry, craft!

―Dan & Phil

DanAndPhilCRAFTS is a channel created by English YouTubers Daniel Howell and AmazingPhil.

Channel History

Dan & Phil first mentioned the name of the channel as a joke in a gaming video (BUTTON BASHING PROS - Dan vs. Phil: Mortal Kombat Trilogy) posted on DanAndPhilGAMES in September 2014.

On April 1, 2015, the account was created with a single video posted on it as an April Fools' joke, which includes Dan and Phil making 'squareflakes' and telling viewers not to cry, but craft.

The video is also edited in a funny but cringe-worthy way. As another joke, they stated that they would upload twice every single day; however, this did not happen. The next video was posted exactly a year after the first, again on April Fool's Day.

The famous quote "Don't cry, craft!" became an internet meme as soon as the video was uploaded, due to the amount of phans in the YouTube community. The channel was awarded the YouTube Silver Play Button at Summer in the City 2015.

On April 1, 2016, they both uploaded another 'crafts' video. This video was entitled "DanAndPhilCRAFTS - Glitter Faces "and full of 'protips'. For this video, they squeezed glue out of a tube into face shapes and shook glitter on it to make a face.

On April 1, 2017, they uploaded their final 'crafts' video. The video was entitled "DanAndPhilCRAFTS - Potato Prints ." For the last video in the series, they cut a potato in half, cut a shape into it, dipped it into paint, and stamped it on paper. It featured AmazingPhil entering the pits of hell at the end of the video, perhaps to signify the end of the channel. The meme that resulted from this video was "soft and neat," although not as widespread as the memes from the other videos.

On a livestream, Dan mentioned that he felt that they needed to end the series because otherwise, it would just keep going. He also said that all good things happen in threes, so it just felt natural to end it there. He did not comment on the demonic end.  

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