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Danielle, better known online as Dani/DaniDMC, is an American Minecraft YouTuber.

She used to upload videos playing different Minecraft maps and servers with her friends, but now she is part of a Minecraft survival series called StreamerCraft. It is a Minecraft series where streamers and youtubers play on eg Bear4k(Fourkaay) PastelDarling Quimbly3 PastelIsaPeach and more. She has also made a couple of videos on Fornite and Roblox.

She also moderates on Performium and Sky Block Network and is Sr Mod on both.

Her Videos are edited by her editor Blu .  He has been referenced in some of her videos and made a appearance in StreamerCraft Episode 6

She has also been trolled multiple times by a famous British Youtuber called Doni Bobes. This is funny because it happens often yet she still falls for it.

There is a running joke that Dani and Doni Bobes are "dating" with Doni Bobes saying things such as "Hey Baby Girl" and referencing her as his girlfriend.[1][2] Another YouTuber called Lynix has also joked about this saying to Doni that his girlfriend was online.[3] However, Dani said "ur so weird" in response to Doni Bobes and Lynix hiding in her house.[4]

She has worn Doni Bobes merch as shown as a status update on Twitter.[5]

Dani is one of the most amazing youtubers. She is super kind, friendly and all around amazing person to talk to. Dani is very kind to her subscribers and also members of her discord server. She brightens peoples days with her weird jokes and her all time amazing personality. 


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