DaniDMC plays video games
DaniDMC is from the United States
DaniDMC is female
DaniDMC created their account in 2017
DaniDMC is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Dani, better known online as DaniDMC, is an American Minecraft YouTuber who uploaded a few videos and plays on the Performium server as an admin.

The videos shown are of Minecraft on Java edition while playing different maps and multiplayer with friends. Some of the videos would involve trolling the other players and the server which is similar to Doni Bobes.

There were a couple encounters with trolling from Doni Bobes which makes a lot of sense and falls for it. The video editing style involves having text on screen sometimes which seems a bit lazy along with downloaded footage from various online sources which are not original.

There is one video about her playing Roblox with other people. She is subscribed to Doni Bobes according to Doni[1], and she has made interventions in some videos where she is trolled. Doni once claimed that she was pretty[2] along with Doni calling her "Hey baby girl".[3]

Lynix once told Doni that "his girlfriend was online" with the message from DaniDMC saying, "DoniBobes i love you." [4] Some videos without Lynix also highlight Dani being his girlfriend by changing the color palate to be closer to pink and announcing that she is his girlfriend.[5]

Dani is one of the most amazing youtubers. She is super kind, friendly and all around amazing person to talk to. Dani is very kind to her subscribers and also members of her discord server. She brightens peoples days with her weird jokes and her all time amazing personality. 


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