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Daniel (born: June 5, 2002 (2002-06-05) [age 17]), is a YouTube musician, gamer, and commentator. He has made reskin mods for Super Mario Maker and is known especially for his bias against the user SuperMarioLogan.

His channel description reads "Commentary YouTuber, mainly known for being a Pyrocynical ripoff, and plays Super Mario, Portal and other games that aren't Fortnite.


Daniel does commentary on many subjects, some of those subjects being more controversial than the other. He has covered the "Awesome Parodies" genre of channels, SML's channel "issues", etc. His channel is mainly based around this type of content, and he still continues to do.

SMM Mods

Daniel is also notorious for creating re-skins or re-textures of Super Mario Maker. His mods consist of creating an Airship theme, Blue (Blue's Clues), and a Portal theme. He has since put this genre of content to an overall halt, due to commentary making his channel more known.


Daniel T is not a drama channel, but he has been involved in drama in the past.

The "AwesomeParodys" Parody Channels

Daniel has made commentary videos on the channels "Minecraft AwesomeParodys" and "Roblox AwesomeParodys." Since then, an explosion in how many "AwesomeParodys" channels in existence had occurred. There are channels that parody MCAP and use popular games, users, or even subjects. This includes Daniel T AP, Club Penguin AP, and people going as far as KKK AP. He made videos on them, and they returned the favor by doing the same thing. The difference is, DTG used professionalism, the AP channels didn't.

Music (Left Out 1 & 2)

On September 30th, 2017, Daniel released his EP (Extended Play), 'Left Out '. Consisting of 7 tracks, the EP's theme is about isolation, pressure, stress, and other similar things that can lead to someone at a young age becoming depressed. Unlike other YouTuber's music, Daniel's music is mainly instrumental & electronic, similar to the works of Jean-Michel Jarre. It was well received by fans, and some of the tracks, like 'Consequence' and 'Lore' (Originally titled 'Actions Lead to Consequences' and 'Beaty Lore') were released before the EP's release, and have been listened to on both YouTube and SoundCloud.

A month later, on November 3rd, 2017, a sequel to Left Out (originally titled "Failure") was released on both platforms. Consisting of 9 tracks (2 more than the original), this EP sent the message of depression and suicidal thoughts much further. On the back of the art and in the first track (titled 'Hotline') the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline's number appears, telling those who are listening to it to call the number if they're suffering from depression or Suicidal thoughts.

In early 2019, Daniel gave both EPs major makeovers with their covers and album/track names on his SoundCloud. Because of this, the original videos on his YouTube channel consisting of the songs have now been removed.

Daniel is still continuing to work on music and is getting ready to announce a big music project at the end of 2019. He's also working on music in Famitracker for his upcoming NES game, 'Nessy The NES Robot'.

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