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Daniela Darcourt (born: April 20, 1996 (1996-04-20) [age 24]) is a Peruvian singer, actress and dancer who ventured into the music industry with the salsa genre, after having belonged to the group Son Tentación, although she gained international fame after being the winner of the second season of the program El Artista del Año in 2018.

Daniela Darcourt projects herself as one of the promising voices of the salsa genre due to her impressive talent and charisma, qualities that have earned her great recognition in her career, such as the nominations received for the fourth edition of the Heat Awards at categories "Revelation Artist" and "Best Southern Artist".

Musical genre

Daniela Darcourt has been familiar with music from a very young age, her strength has been salsa music, although she has manifested her great versatility to venture into other musical genres, as she once stated: “I am not salsa. But I can make the genre I want without getting into it. My versatility sets me apart from the rest. I love Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. They are my references ”.

Likewise, this singer enjoys the music of Frankie Ruiz and Héctor Lavoe, as well as Marc Anthony, Víctor Manuelle, Maelo Ruiz and groups such as Los Van Van. However, the artist preferred by Daniela Darcourt is Donna Summer, whom she considers "the diva of disco music".

Family life

Daniela Darcourt was born and raised in the Porvenir neighborhood, La Victoria, Peru, but without the presence of her parents, due to multiple family conflicts, which prevented her growing up surrounded by her parents. In this regard, this young Peruvian revealed that: “She lived with them. At first, but our family was a little dysfunctional. We are six sisters in total, but there are two of my mom and dad, my last sister and me. There have been some ugly medium issues that are not relevant to touch. ”

Although, this singer grew up along with her six sisters, on this experience this artist noted that: “It is cute. You have six different worlds to consult. We are all women, you can imagine. " But, growing up without that tutelary arm, this future star fell into drugs and alcohol, so he sought refuge in music.

However, that musical taste was motivated by her grandfather, Mario Escurra, a great lover of Cuban music, especially the guaracha, the bolero, as well as the trova, whom this artist remembers in this way: “He was a very educated man. He knew everything of everything. I listened from classical music to huayno, salsa ”.

Daniela Darcourt's grandfather, saw in his granddaughter a future great artist, when this future singer was only eight years old she decided to dedicate herself to music, so her grandfather did not skimp on her training this young artist as best as possible, So in 2004, this Peruvian was enrolled in the National Conservatory of Music of Peru, and then in 2006 she went on to study ballet at the Cultural Center of San Marcos.

At the same time, Daniela Darcourt alternated these activities with a job that was presented to her when she was eight years old to dance at children's parties with a friend from school, for this job she received compensation of 10 soles. When she was 12 years old, Daniela Darcourt lost her grandfather, but this event only prompted her in the search for her dreams, so she continued working on her musical career and always kept her grandfather's phrase in mind: “Everything that starts, it ends. Nothing is left in the middle ”.

So when this future singer was 13 years old, she ruled that: “This is what I want, I am not interested if the rest of my life I am going to starve. In any case, I'm going to starve to death, because I did and I do what I love to do. If they pay me a sol to get on stage, I'm happy. I don't skimp on prices. ”

Apart from the academic training that Daniela Darcourt has in various artistic branches, she studied acting at the Diantres Cultural Association, so she learned to improvise, this skill would serve her later in her musical career.


From 2008, Daniela Darcourt began to have a more active participation, this led her to be in various musical events, at the same time she was involved in new projects, so the money she obtained was used to pay for her studies and to help financially his family.

That same year, she was a guest in the program "Tropical Saturdays" in the space dedicated to singing known as "Chikistar", of which she was the winner. Likewise, he formed an important part of the Angeles Choir belonging to Marita Cabanillas, with whom he toured several churches in Lima.

Later, this young singer continued to develop her singing skills, which is why she wanted to participate in the National Interscholastic Singing Contest, which was the winner for three consecutive years between 2009 and 2011. Later, she was part of the Lazomanía group, with whom He appeared in hotels and casinos in Lima. Although, this series of presentations alternated them with other of his great passions: dance, that is how he participated in 2011 in the “Dance with us 2011” contest, where he received the award for “Best Dancer”, then in 2012 he again embarked in this contest, in which she took first place as Best Singer, while receiving third place in terms of dance.

However, Daniela Darcourt felt the need to share her voice and talent with the general public, this led her to participate in 2013, in the program "Peru has talent", which resulted in semifinalist. After having held several meetings with the producers of Son Tentación, to whom he came by chance as he pointed out: “I worked in a digital orchestra and used me as a dancer to pay for college. I must admit that I did not know much about the group because salsa was not my thing, but my friends and my mother practically forced me to pass the casting. And I was selected ”.

After this new foray into the musical world, this young singer became part of this salsa orchestra led by Paula Arias. Daniela Darcourt along with this group, became recognized for themes "It smells of danger", "Your lack of wanting", "Nearly perfect", and "If I had not met you", among others.

After staying two years in Son Tentación, this artist decided to start her career as a soloist, so from this group they wished her best wishes in this new stage. Part of the statement was spread through social networks that says: “Friends, We want to inform you that it is a day with many mixed feelings for us since our dearest temptation Daniela Darcourt decided to continue with her musical career as a soloist and she will no longer be part of the Son Tentación family ”.

For her part, Daniela Darcourt shared a video on her Instagram account, in which she stated that: “A very beautiful and important cycle in my singing career ended. I no longer belong to Son Tentación. I stopped being a temptation girl (worth the redundancy). I want to take this moment to thank you all with all my heart, I love you very much, you are incredible fans. Thanks to Son Tentación, Paula, my colleagues and fellow musicians. Soon I will have news regarding my project, I hope to continue counting on your support and love. Thank you very much and here is Daniela for a while ”.

Trajectory and Legacy

After leaving Son Tentación, Daniela Darcourt began her career as a soloist, which is why she appeared on the music scene as Daniela Darcourt and her orchestra, beginning her formal presentation at the salsa house in June 2018, where they delighted everyone present with its Latin and Caribbean rhythm with songs like "When you love" and "To that" a version of Pimpinela that featured a video clip that was released that same month on the YouTube platform with which it achieved more than 12 million views.

In August 2018, Daniela Darcourt released her first album titled “Probably”, which was made up of 14 musical themes, among which “When I kissed you”, “So you will never love (live)”, “That stupid ”And“ Evidences ”, among others. All of those singles were recorded in the Dominican Republic under the tutelage of producer Master Chris, who worked with artists like Celia Cruz and J Balvin .

Later, in October 2018, the second record work of this singer was released, bearing the name of “Adiós amor” which consisted of 11 songs such as “When she loves”, “I get tired of being the other” and “They say that It's me".

From this album, the promotional single "Probably" was released, which was also accompanied by audiovisual material that was posted on the singer's channel in August 2018. This new single had more than 17 million views on that musical platform. After this success, Daniela Darcourt brought out the song “Adiós amor” released in September 2018, which achieved more than 27 million views on YouTube. This single was composed by Salvador Garza in which the Latin Music Entertainment record label was also involved.

As part of the promotion of this album, Daniela Darcourt made a series of presentations that led her to perform in December of that year in Arequipa, where she performed several of her promotional singles. In addition, he was part of the great concert held at Palmeras de Trapiche, in which he shared the stage with other groups such as César Vega, Son Tentación and Hermanos Cartagena. Also, this Peruvian was present at María Angola and at Trapiche de Comas offering her entire musical show full of Latin music.

Before the end of 2018, this singer revealed that she was working with nothing more and nothing less than with India, on this experience this artist pointed out that: “India is a love of people, she is a wonderful and very simple woman. It has been a great honor to have recorded a song together and I promise it will not be the first or the last, because many surprises are coming in 2019. I feel happy and happy for everything I have achieved this year, especially because I fulfilled one of my dreams, which was internationalization ”.

Likewise, the good news did not stop coming, since in 2018, Daniela Darcourt was crowned as the winner of "The artist of the year: The perfect duo" in which she was accompanied by Pedro Loli, at the same time that she released the single "When I Kissed You" in December of that year, recorded with the Combination of Havana and achieved a nomination for the Heat Latin Music Awards.

The year 2019 started on the right foot for this singer, since she announced through her social networks that the single “Cheveraneando” recorded with Legarda would be released in January of that year.

On the other hand, it was always maintained that there was a rivalry between Daniela Darcourt and Yahaira Plasencia from her time within the Son Tentación orchestra , from which both artists came out. When these singers were in “Esto es Guerra”, the rumors increased to the point that Daniela Darcourt had to give statements to the media in which she stated that: “If I come across her tomorrow and I have to say hello, obviously. Politeness, does not remove the brave. I have always given him advice, to keep your feet on the ground. ”

In order to silence these rumors, these musical stars decided in a duel of “Esto es Guerra”, to interpret the song of their partner, so Daniela sang the single “Tú”, while Yahaira performed the song “Probably”. On one occasion, they got together for the song "La copa de la vida" by singer Ricky Martin.

This artist was accused of scam after having withdrawn from the stage in Piura, where she was going to offer a musical show, about this situation the artist commented that the organizers of the event did not pay the amount they owed, also in the middle of a performance a fight was organized, so This singer reported: "Sometimes the organizers believe that the later they present the main artist, the more they generate expectations and the more people consume, but when consuming more, the issue of alcohol overdose begins, people do not measure."

In addition, she maintained that: "It was not due to carelessness of us, I arrived and was completely ready to give the show, but what do I do if they tell me, Daniela stops and I see a chair flying over someone's head."

Personal life

Daniela Darcourt, has revealed some details of her private life, in which she has revealed that she loves to read, one of her favorite novels is entitled "My trip without you" by the Ecuadorian writer Alejandro Sequera. In addition, this singer has made it clear that she is a great lover of soccer, as she stated: “I love soccer, if I had not been a singer or dancer I would be a soccer player. I am a against alliance Alliance at heart. And although I don't have a size, it would have been forward ”.

Although, Daniela Darcourt currently has no partner, she has maintained that: “I have wanted to be a mother since I was 15 or 16 years old. I have proposed that at 27, I should have finished my university career and have a son ”, but at the moment she is focused on finishing her Audiovisual Communication career. And about love, she said that she is: “in favor of love being everywhere, in all places, shapes, sizes and in all colors. We love people who have already left this world, and we are not going to stop loving them because they are not there. You love the memory, you love the physical, you love in many ways. "

A few months ago, this artist was hacked from her account on the Spotify Streaming platform, so she had to travel to New York to recover her record account.


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  • It is considered one of the best sauce boats along with Josimar Y Su Yambú, Yahaira Plasencia and Amy Gutiérrez.
  • He was part of the jury of Yo Soy Kids (Latina television program ), along with Ricardo Morán and Johanna San Miguel.]
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