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Wade, better known online as DankPods, is an Australian YouTuber who does various things to his iPods, including upgrading, repairing, creating, etc.


DankPods uploaded his first video in November 2019. He had a lot of views on his first video and is continuing to gain views rapidly.

By the end of January 2020 he had gained 40,400 subscribers in just one month. 

By the end of July in 2020 he has gained over 3,000,000 total views in a single month. DankPods has made the Apple iPod community much larger just in the past 10 months, His channel currently resides at over 220,000 subscribers. 

Due to his popularity the prices of the iPod classics, and Mini's has gone up dramatically. 

Personal Life

DankPods is a drummer outside of his work on YouTube.

DankPods has a 5 year-old pet snake named Frank the Snake. He has shown Frank in some videos.

Channel Origin

DankPods' original channel (Dankmus) was created on April 16, 2016, which mainly focuses on The Simpsons remixes.

DankPods started becoming interested in repairing iPods by purchasing broken ones on eBay and selling them as repaired and refurbished iPods; this was where he got the name DankPods.

DankPods launched his iPod YouTube channel on June 17, 2018, and has been silent ever since 2019. His name originated from his eBay username (DankPods) and his channel originated from his eBay store. He started his eBay store and YouTube channel from the will to listen to music, as he is a musician himself.


  • Computer: iMac (2007) - Stores his music
  • iPad (4th gen) - Workbench
  • iPhone 11 Pro - Phone and camera
  • iPod Touch (7th gen) 256gb- Main iPod
  • iPod Classic (5th gen 80gb) 256gb- Back up iPod 
  • 2016-2019 MacBook Pro - Video editing machine.


  • His First iPod was a Mini that he bought off a friend for $50.
  • He prefers to use the iPods with the monochrome screens because they're easier to see and he just uses iPods as music players.
  • "The Shrekpod ", a frankenstein iPod Video made out of spare parts, which would later become a chanel mascot of sorts, was made out of a ruined batch of spare parts which got destroyed by eBay's global shipping, and thus, has motherboard issues and a damaged LCD.
  • "The DankPod Max" is a 7th gen iPod Classic which has 2TB of storage, using an iFlash Quad Board and 4x512GB Samsung Evo Plus MicroSD cards.
  • Geir's iPod " is a 4th gen iPod Classic which has a lot of music on it and is in Polish, it was put together using 2 iPods and a harddrive labelled "hmm" this was the main mascot o the channel until The DankPod Pro, DankPod Max and The ShrekPod arrived.
  • As of July 2020 he still has not been sent a code to retrieve his 100,000 subscriber award from YouTube. 
  • He absolutly despises opening up the 6/7th generation iPod Classics. 


  • "Na no"
  • "Someone's been in here!"
  • "No one's been in here."
  • "Yeah, nah mate.."
  • "Dollarydoo"
  • "Coupla Hunge"
  • "Time for the old bendy-bendy!"
  • "STOP!"
  • "You quitter!"
  • "Pro Strat"
  • "iChoons"
  • "Dong"
  • "Haitch Pea"
  • "Batchry"
  • "Give me that Auxiliary Mode"​​​​​​​
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