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Wade Nixon[1][2] (born: 1990 [age 30-31]), better known online as DankPods, is an Australian YouTuber who does various things to his iPods and MP3 Players, including upgrading, repairing, creating, etc., as well as dabbling in audiophile technology such as headphones.


DankPods uploaded his first video in September 2019. By the end of January 2020, he had gained over 40,000 subscribers in just one month. By the end of July in 2020, he amassed over 3,000,000 total views in a single month. His videos have helped the Apple iPod community grow substantially in the past year, and due to his popularity, the prices of iPod Classics and Minis available on eBay have increased dramatically.

Personal life

Wade is a drummer outside of his work on YouTube. He has a female Australian Inland Carpet Python named Frank. Frank has been featured in many videos, and she often appears after the outro in a small tacked-on snippet. Her birthday is February 14, 2015 (2015-02-14) [age 6][3]. He used to be a music teacher for around six years[4]

Channel origin

DankPods' original channel, titled Dankmus, was created on April 16, 2016. Its primary focus is on remix videos using The Simpsons clips as samples. His interest in repairing iPods began by repairing and refurbishing broken units he purchased on eBay and selling them. This is where the name DankPods originated. He launched the DankPods YouTube channel on June 17, 2018, and uploaded his first video to the channel titled "I was given a free iPod, can it be fixed?" on September 29, 2019.


  • iMac (2007) — Stores his music and sometimes used as a note reading device
  • iPad (4th gen) — Desk pad, sometimes used as a sound graph
  • iPad Pro 12.9 (4th gen) with Magic Keyboard— Seen in "The best $45 I've ever spent", used as an audio recording device
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max — Phone and camera
  • iPod touch (7th gen) 256GB — Main iPod
  • iPod Classic (5th gen 80GB w/ 256GB upgrade) — Back up iPod
  • 2019 16" MacBook Pro — Video editing computer
  • Samsung Ultrawde Monitor - Video editing monitor
  • 12-inch MacBook with Butterfly Keyboard — Seen on "I found a nightmare.", also his main laptop
  • Audio Technica AT2020PK on a boom arm— Microphone (Previously a Blue Yeti)
  • Sennheiser HD 600 — Reference headphones
  • miniDSP HEARS — Audio quality testing method
  • Various eBay lights — Lighting for videos
  • EFM Toledo — Speaker for outputting audio from iPods and MP3 players
  • Asus Eee PC - Used to install software needed to transfer files to MP3 players


  • His first iPod was a Mini that he bought off a friend for $50.
  • He prefers to use the iPods with the monochrome screens because they're easier to see in a wider range of lighting conditions and because he just uses iPods as music players.
  • "The ShrekPod Pro", which would later become a channel 'mascot', is a Frankenstein iPod Video made out of a ruined batch of spare parts which got destroyed by eBay's global shipping program. As such, the ShrekPod Pro has motherboard issues and a damaged LCD. In a later video, the ShrekPod Pro hard drive was replaced with an M.2 SSD. The ShrekPod Pro broke after DankPods attempted to use it as an internal HDD, install Windows 10 on it and attempted to download DOOM Eternal. The ShrekPod Pro corrupted in the middle of the night and will no longer restore, even after replacing the drive.
  • "The DankPod Max" is a 7th gen iPod Classic which has 2TB of storage, using an iFlash Quad Board and four 512GB Samsung Evo Plus MicroSD cards.
  • "Geir's iPod " is a 4th gen iPod Classic which has a lot of music on it and is in Norwegian. It was put together using two broken iPods. This was the main mascot of the channel until the ShrekPod arrived.
  • He received his 100,000 subscriber YouTube play button code in December 2020. By that time, his subscriber count had already quintupled to around 500,000.
  • He absolutely despises opening up the 6th and 7th generation iPod Classics as their design makes the process of opening them incredibly difficult and dangerous.
  • He has a Discord server but is not in it due to previous fan interactions on the r/iPod Discord server. However, the admins on the server have stated that he thinks this is the right place for something like this.
  • He has a brother named Reese.


  • "Someone's been in here."
  • "Can you believe no one bought this?"
  • "I brought the freakish ears on a stand."
  • "Huh-Duh-Six-Hunge-O's by ol' mate Senny (Sennheiser HD600)"
  • "The Beans (Galaxy Buds Live)"
  • "AAAs!"
  • "Na-no."
  • "Dirty buds."
  • "Head-P-Honies."
  • "Watch out, we're arming the nugget."
  • "We're bringin' out the EeePeeCee!"
  • Haitch Pea”
  • "Oh, get in there."
  • "The biggest companies make the worst crap."
  • "If you think ___, you're wrong and owe me an apology."
  • "Mark of the beast!"
  • "Bring out ya deads!"

  • "Oh, my PKCells ..."
  • "Can't wait to smell those/yell into that."
  • "Dollarydoos/Freedombux"
  • It’s like an MP3 player or something”
  • They sound like kids percussion”