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Shanice Cole, also known by her YouTube channel name as DankScole (sometimes known as KidScole) is an American short form YouTuber who shares comedy videos, music and vlogs on her KidScole TikTok account. She first gained popularity with her "When Your Sibling Snitches on You but it Backfires" skits, and has since gained over 6 million fans on TikTok. She has also branched out to YouTube on her DankScole channel where she has over 1.8 million subscribers.


She grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

She was a member of her high school and college basketball teams. She began producing music under the name SoEpic at the age of ten. She previously uploaded content on her dankscole TikTok account.


  • She has an older sister named Trineice, a younger sister named Jordan and a younger brother named Chris.
  • She has made several popular skits set to the YG song "Stop Snitchin."
  • She streamed games such as NBA 2K and Fortnite on Twitch. She is a huge fan of anime and her favorite is Hunter X Hunter.