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DarkViperAU plays video games
DarkViperAU is from Australia
DarkViperAU is male
DarkViperAU created their account in 2012
DarkViperAU is a Content Creator on YouTube

Matthew Judge (born: March 15, 1991 (1991-03-15) [age 31]),[2] better known online as DarkViperAU, is an Australian Twitch streamer and YouTuber known for his Grand Theft Auto V speedruns and Pacifist series. His speedruns are sourced from Twitch and edited onto YouTube; other non-speedrun content is made directly for Youtube.


Matthew Judge was born on March 15, 1991, and lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He used to live together with his roommates but since 2020 lives alone.

He gained a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) from Swinburne University of Technology in 2016. He received his degree on the 19th December 2016, at around 5:00 pm, with his graduation clip being shown to his audience nearly 5 years later.[3][4]

His family situation is largely unknown; he lives by himself, has a father, mother, sister and no pets. He claims to pay "six figures" in tax. [5]

He is a self-proclaimed "lefty," and has criticized HasanAbi for creating reaction content, "exploiting" others to gain revenue, and attempting to justify it, despite the latter being a self-proclaimed socialist.[6] He also promoted the Labor Party, a center-left democratic socialist party, over the Liberal Party in the 2022 Australian federal election.[7]

He also is a big fan of fast food.[citation needed]


On his Twitch channel (of the same name), Matt has over 303,000 followers and 9,200,000+ total views.

He mainly streams himself speedrunning Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) and has held world records in numerous categories of the 8,000 hours played. Along with this, Matt also commonly streams himself editing for YouTube and recording for his numerous YouTube series.


Matt created his channel on October 31, 2012. However, his oldest public video was uploaded on January 30th, 2016.

Matt's primary content focuses on highlights from his Twitch streams, or edited footage, for his numerous ongoing series as seen below. His channel mainly got attention during the episodes of Pacifist%.

DarkViperAU Clips

On youtube, Matt has launched his second channel on which he publishes clips from his twitch livestreams from 24th of October, as well as small parts of his Facts and Glitches Series.


Matt has a number of ongoing series on his YouTube channel:

  1. How The Speedrun Ended (Prev. How'd The GTA Speedrun End) Where he posts highlights and funny moments from his Twitch live streams to YouTube
  2. GTA 5 Facts and Glitches You Don't Know ​​​​​​Where he finds glitches and interesting facts in GTA V
  3. A Speedrunner Rambles Where he talks about politics, opinions on certain events, and sometimes stories of his life
  4. GTA V Chaos% Where he plays a mod in GTA V which generates random in-game effects.
  5. Pacifist% Where he plays GTA V and attempts to beat the game while killing as few people as possible
  6. No hit KO% Where he plays the GTA V mod called One hit KO and tries to beat GTA V without taking any damage
  7. Twitch Controls Chaos% Where he lets his Twitch chat control the Chaos mod
  8. GTA Online In this series, he plays the GTA V Online mode, together with viewers but also alone sometimes, Cops&Crooks with Sonny Evans.
  9. GTA FiveM Occasionally in conjunction with GTA Online
  10. Among Us Where he plays Among Us with his viewers. (Discontinued until further notice)
  11. Fall Guys Where he plays fall guys. (Discontinued until further notice)
  12. Mediashare His streams in which he has mediashare enabled.
  13. Rants DarkViperAU has various rants about different content creators, such content creators are: The Quartering, Asmongold, FriendlyBaron & Apollo Legend.
  14. QnA Once every now and then he will hold a QnA in his discord and turn it into YouTube videos.

Rainbomizer% Where he plays the GTA V mod Rainbomizer, which randomizes the traffic, colors, NPCs, items and the order of the missions.


React Streamers

Full article related to the current situation: DarkViperAU/The Reaction Fair Use Drama

In February 2022, DarkViperAU posted a 14-page document titled "how the react grift works", arguing that "Reactors are all bad people. They explicitly exploit the less fortunate for their own gain". In one section, he writes "If you meet a reactor at a party, I suggest covering your glass or outright tell them you don't want them to f**k you, because they seem keen to take a person's silence for consent." Some of the comparisons made in the document sparked backlash. Penguinz0, who himself often streams react content, mocked DarkViper's post, highlighting that DarkViper himself created react content, as he discussed in the post.

He does make valid points in the document, but it's overshadowed by this unhinged rant that he goes on. DarkViper's entire document is about this belief that every reactor is doing it for financial gain and to f**k small channels. And the logic he uses to make these points is deeply flawed and isn't substantiated by any real evidence.

―Charlie's response.[8]

Mizkif was equally dismissive of DarkViper's criticisms, pointing to his Twitch channel's viewership analytics and suggesting it was a motivation. Responding directly to Charlie, DarkViper said that most of what he said was "untrue," but due to "sincere misunderstandings as opposed to lies."

In a 47-minute video response, DarkViper accuses Charlie of trying to shape the narrative by misrepresenting what the document said, and using his larger audience to give only his side of the debate.[9] He says "This is why he's pissed. Because he's irrelevant now, he fell off. You were at 4k viewers, doing something, and you fell off hard. That's just it." DarkViper also attempts to clarify the comments about reactors spiking drinks at a party, explaining that it was only an analogy for the lack of consent often found with react content.

React content is still a grey area in terms of fair use and copyright laws. It is generally thought that the amount of commentary or criticism of the content will determine whether something is fair use or not. A day after DarkViper's 47-minute response, he would make his final video about the situation, stating how he doesn't hate Charlie and argues that he didn't link the document because he just wasn't thinking at the time. DarkViper even mentions he has one of his song in one of his playlists.[10]