David Jake created their account in 2016
David Jake is a Content Creator on YouTube

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I David think YouTube as to be a second job as I don't have to Make Video For the whole day, But When I make the video I Do with all of my passion.

―David Jake

C. David R., better known online as David Jake (also known as dDavid Jake), is an  YouTuber and multimedia animator who makes short intro clips for other YouTubers. He uploaded his first video in February, 2017.

David said in his video titled "Announcement" that he has left making intros and is now doing comedy skit videos.


  • He now lives in India to complete his higher studies.
  • He also has a Fiverr account under the username davi dxolo which he does for his income.
  • He was once shouted out by Minecraft YouTuber "Mr. Pogz Zamora"
  • He is inspired by the YouTuber "Messyourself"
  • His first YouTube friend was 64Gamers.
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