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David Luo[1], better known online as davidjl1234, is a YouTuber well known for his Top 100 videos, which are usually the top subscribed YouTubers. Before making Top 100 videos, David made music and soundtrack videos. His most popular upload is a soundtrack video from a 2013 video game called “Surgeon Simulator”.


When beginning YouTube, david only did soundtrack and music videos. He also posted one vlog titled “mercado del albert kuyp”, which now has over 5,300 views. Later on, david did history videos, on the world, the United Kingdom, and on the United States presidents. Recently, david has been doing Top 100 videos, usually every month. They are usually a list on most subscribed YouTubers. As of now, david’s most recent video is a Top 100 video on most subscribed channels on YouTube.


  • David is a Discord Moderator on the Wikitubia Discord under the name Davidjl123.
  • As of now, davidjl1234’s oldest video is a music video on a song titled “Up On A Housetop”, by Kevin Macleod.
  • Davidjl1234 is also a Rollbacker on Wikitubia under the name Davidjl123.


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