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Dawko has more than One Million Subscribers
Dawko plays video games
Dawko reads books
Dawko is a Musician
Dawko is from England
Dawko is male
Dawko created their account in 2014
Dawko is a Content Creator on YouTube

What's going on guys?! Dawko back again hope you are fantastic today!

―Dawko's Intro

Lewis K. Dawkins (born: December 30, 1995 (1995-12-30) [age 26]), better known online as Dawko, is an English gaming YouTuber known for his Five Nights at Freddy's gameplay videos, theories, songs, and interviews.


Dawko started out as a Twitch streamer and started growing his YouTube channel after his FNAF videos became popular. After FNAF 3 was released, Dawko fully dedicated his channel to FNAF content. Dawko was the second person to beat 50/20 mode in Ultimate Custom Night (on stream) on July 9, 2018. He has interviewed voice actors from the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, he had also interviewed the creator of the series, Scott Cawthon, in his original web series called The FNAF Show.

Personal Life

Lewis lives in a one-leveled house in the United Kingdom, along with his girlfriend, Billie Smith.[1] As of January 7, 2021, they got a dog, a one-year-old dachshund named Mabel. Before Lewis started live-streaming on Twitch, he often made vines every day around 2013; however, he grew out of making vines as he matured.

Lewis used to live with his parents and his two pugs in Walsall. However, in October 2018, he and Billie officially moved from their respective houses to their current house in Staffordshire, where they live together today. On January 7, 2021, when Lewis introduced Mabel, he revealed that he could not bring his pugs with him when he moved, due to the landlord not allowing dogs in their residences, but that they had later changed the policy. Instead of bringing Poncho and Pogo with him, he got a new dog to keep in his new house, while his pugs stayed with his parents. Lewis revealed that Poncho and Pogo were not forgotten and that he frequently visits them, and that at some point, Mabel would hopefully meet them. Pogo and Mabel appeared in a photo together in one of Lewis's Instagram stories in March 2021, however, Mabel and Poncho have not been seen in a photo together yet. His parents pugs which were formerly his pets are a six-year-old black pug named Poncho since January 25, 2015, and a four-year-old white-blond pug named Pogo since February 25, 2017.

Before his grandmother, Nana Pat, passed away on February 19, 2018, she would occasionally appeared in his videos.

During his second QNA video on February 17, 2020,[2] it was revealed that the reason his girlfriend is never seen on his channel is because she is too shy to be on camera, and he has to respect her privacy. Despite him saying that Billie would never appear in his videos, she has appeared briefly in at least one,[3] possibly implying that she will only make cameo appearances as opposed to major ones. Despite not physically appearing on camera, Billie, can be heard speaking in some of his videos and parts of her body are shown, but not her face, however.

It's unknown how many years Lewis and Billie have been dating, but it's known by Billie's twitter that they've been dating since 2012, however this seems controversial as no date has ever been confirmed as of now. Also, Lewis said that him and Billie have been together for ages[4], so it's most likely that they grew up as childhood friends but as the years progressed, they grew up to starting to like it each other more than just regular friends.

YouTube Career

Before he started focusing on his YouTube channel, he mostly streamed on his Twitch channel, which he frequently streams on to this day. He uploaded some highlights of his streams to his YouTube channel. After FNAF 2 was released, he started to record some easter eggs and secrets in the game as well as making theories. He then started playing FNAF fan games, which is mainly the reason why his subscribers and views had boosted up. On February 27, 2015, he announced that he dropped/quit from law university to focus on YouTube.

After he posted his Let's Play on Five Nights at Frozen, the video gained millions of views, highly boosting up his channel's popularity.

Dawko has some friends who are also YouTubers, and sometimes collaborates or plays games with them. In particular, he collaborates with 8-BitGaming, Razzbowski, FusionZGamer, DAGames, Luigikid Gaming, The Game Theorists, etc.

Charity Streams

In 2015 he hosted a live stream called Five Nights at St Jude's on his Twitch channel to raise money for the charity. The stream was very successful with the help from Scott Cawthon who donated a total of 240 thousand dollars. Because of that, he decided to host a charity live stream or two for St. Jude every year.

Dawko has also hosted several charity live streams for different companies. Some of them are WWF Charity Livestream which has been hosted for several years, and the American Red Cross in 2017.

Since 2015, Dawko would sometimes do charity streams in order to raise money for different companies.

The FNAF Show

The FNAF Show is a web series hosted by Dawko. The series currently has two seasons. The first episode was released on January 20, 2018, followed by eight more to finish up the first season. The second season began on September 8, 2018, and it contained ten episodes.

In this show, Dawko, interviews notable people associated with the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, mainly voice actors. He has also interviewed other YouTubers related to FNAF, like MatPat from The Game Theorists and his friend Razzbowski, and in Season 2 he began interviewing the creators of fan-games, like Emil Macko (the creator of Five Nights at Candy's), Kane Carter (the creator of POPGOES), Nikson (the creator of The Joy of Creation and Those Nights at Rachel's), and JeliLiam (the creator of Final Nights).

Rarely, Dawko will do something other than interviewing in the show. For example, in Season 1: Episode 2, he baked a cupcake based on one featured in FNAF 2 with DAGames.

So far, every time a season has ended, Dawko has collaborated with a Youtube musician CG5 to make an FNAF song. These are respectively Like It or Not, released at the end of Season 1 (currently Dawko's most-viewed video), and Make Your Move, released at the end of Season 2. CG5 also helped to create the FNAF Show theme song for Season 2.

After beating 50/20 mode, Dawko eventually decided to interview Scott Cawthon.

On January 8, 2022, Dawko confirmed on his Twitter that a third season for the FNAF Show is happening[5].


Dawko used to showcase some of his fan animated videos on his channel. Currently, there are five animations on his channel. They are all animated by YouTube animator Eric Striler. On August 30, 2020, Dawko announced that there will be a Tom and Jerry parody cartoon of his two plushies that are based off him, Nightguard Dawko and Dawktrap, a pilot animation called "Manic in Panic" of the cartoon was released on September 18, 2020.

Music Career

While most of Dawko's videos are Let's Plays, he has made a few music videos on his channels, although not many in comparison to the rest of his content. His first official song on his channel was released on April 10, 2018 with help from CG5. The song, "Like It or Not", was based on FNAF 6 and created for the finale of Season 1 of the FNAF show. The song later became the most viewed video on his channel. His next song is called Make Your Move, an Ultimate Custom Night song released on November 24, 2018, again with some help from CG5. The song is about Dawko beating 50/20 mode, and references the deal he made with Scott to beat the challenge. These music videos also featured SourceFilm Animations, made by YouTube animators Coda and Foxbear Films.

Dawko used to have a small music channel called DawkTunes. The channel was created on June 6, 2016, and the first song he uploaded was a cover of Little House by Amanda Seyfried. The reception was very positive, praising Dawko's voice and guitar skills. He then made another cover of Issues by Julia Michaels. However, since 2017, he decided to upload music videos on his main channel instead. While the original channel currently has no uploads, some of the original cover videos have been re-uploaded by an impersonator using the same channel name.

Before Like It or Not was released, he was featured a few times in other YouTubers' music videos. For example, he was featured in CG5's songs called Labyrinth (an FNAF 6 song) and Projections (a Bendy and The Ink Machine song).

In 2020, Dawko collaborated with Dheusta to make new FNAF songs, the first song was released on May 16, 2020 called Darkest Desire based on Dawko's virtual experience with Glitchtrap trying to manipulate him. The second song was released on July 11, 2020, called Into the Pit based on the first story of Fazbear Frights #1. The third song was released on August 8, 2020 (the sixth anniversary of FNAF) based on the second story of Fazbear Frights #1. The fourth song called Count the Ways based on the third story of Fazbear Frights #1, was released on October 31, 2020 (Halloween). The fifth song called Fetch based on the first story of Fazbear Frights #2 was released on December 19, 2020, it was originally supposed to be released the week before, however it was delayed. Dawko has another song in the works called Darkest Desire 2 which is set to be released in 2021 and to be a sequel to Darkest Desire, despite Dawko saying that Darkest Desire 2 was supposed to release around March 2021, it was never released and therefore it's delayed. However, Dawko confirmed that the song is still in the works and will still release this year. Dawko did another song in a green screen called Five Nights at Freddy's: The Big Band, where he was remixing the original song in his own vocals, the release date of his remix was on April 24, 2021, in the song, he is shown to be singing along with the band counterparts of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. Many characters from FNAF in the audience make appearances. At the end of the song, it's revealed when Dawko takes his mask off, the animatronics start to get possessed by him, due to Glitchtrap secretly controlling him. The ending possibly hints the arrival of Darkest Desire 2, it's implied that the song takes place between Darkest Desire and 2 in terms of plot.


Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach Trailer

On September 16, 2020, while Lewis was watching a livestream for PlayStation 5, he was shocked that a trailer for the new FNAF game, Security Breach was finally out. At first Lewis did not believe it was FNAF, until he saw the cutout of Monty (one of the new glamrock animatronics). After seeing the cutout, Lewis over-reacted for almost a minute and almost fainted. His reaction can be seen here [6]. After his reaction, memes started to trend about his over reaction.

Completion of 50/20 mode

For some time, Dawko was in a competition with Scott Cawthon, the creator of Five Nights at Freddy's. The two made a bet to where if Dawko gave up, he would make a game called "Fanf 5" where he praises Scott and goes on about how great he is. If Dawko won however, Scott would have to go on an interview with Dawko. For several weeks, Dawko streamed 50/20 mode only to constantly fail. However, on July 8th, 2018, Dawko manage to successfully beat 50/20 mode. Upon hitting 6AM, Dawko broke down screaming and crying with joy live on stream. Sometime later, Dawko got his interview with Scott. His breakdown on stream was made into a meme by putting him crying over different absurd things.

Toy Bonnie

On August 29-30 2020, Lewis, when trying to do 10/20 mode in FNAF 2 (while revisiting the game) complained a lot during two live charity streams where Toy Bonnie would always ruin the run, by entering the office with the mask on and taking too long for him to leave. Eventually, Dawko got super frustrated and even did 10/20 mode with Toy Bonnie inactive, ironically Dawko did not lose that time. Dawko kept losing multiple times on 10/20 mostly to Toy Bonnie. Dawko, extremely frustrated with Toy Bonnie's annoyance, states that he knows people are going to make memes about him despising Toy Bonnie, and saying Buff Helpy got replaced and is gone. However, despite Dawko's numerous losses on 10/20 mode, he refuses to give up and to keep trying until he wins. Dawko turned out to be right about people making memes about him despising Toy Bonnie, as numerous memes were seen on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit.

In November 2020, Dawko returned to playing 10/20 mode in FNAF 2 hoping he will win without Toy Bonnie ruining the run, this turned out to be false and he ended up losing.

However, on September 18, 2021, during one of his livestreams, with the help of DJ Sterf, he was finally able to beat 10/20 mode on FNAF 2 and was able to extract his ultimate revenge on Toy Bonnie.

Buff Helpy

One of the most popular characters on his channel, Buff Helpy's first appearance was in FNAF Meme Review 2.0[7]. Buff Helpy became very viral after Lewis over-reacted for almost a minute. His popularity grew in FNAF fan games and in the FNAF community. His first appearance in a fan game was in FNAF Simulator by Obsidious.Lewis's reaction can be seen here [8]. On FNAF Meme Review 4.0[9], half of Lewis's twitter was trending with Buff FNAF characters (mostly Buff Helpy). There were even memes about Lewis being traumatized by Buff Helpy.

When Lewis reached 1 Million Subscribers, he promised that he would dance with a Buff Helpy costume on while playing his boss fight music in Freddy In Space 2. This made Buff Helpy more viral for the FNAF community.

According to Dawko, Buff Helpy is known to be a ‘dead meme’. He also stated that the FNAF community is now making memes about him despising Toy Bonnie in August 2020.

As of today, Dawko is no longer terrified of Buff Helpy and now considers him as actual humor.


Darko is the evil version of Dawko appearing in more recent videos. When Ultimate Custom Night was in development, Dawko made a challenge with Scott Cawthon where he can get to interview Scott Cawthon if he beats 50/20 mode, while he has to make a fan game called FNAF 7 if he gives up. Dawko mentioned if Scott made the game harder, his sanity will drop. When the sanity finally dropped to 0%, Dawko posted a video[10] called "a message to Scott Cawthon :)". In the video, Dawko had become insane and kidnapped all his friends, 8-BitRyan, Bazamalam, Razzbowski, and DAGames. He threatened Scott to make the game easier, but the friends successfully escaped except Bazamalam. This video marked Darko's first appearance.

Darko made another cameo appearance in a video[11] named "51/20 Mode?...". He acted as he didn't remember what he did to his friends, and while he read Scott mentioning "51/20 Mode", Darko took over his body for a minute.

Unlike other YouTuber's alter egos, Dawko didn't fully act like he didn't know anything about Darko. He claimed that the video was just a joke and nothing really happened (although Darko's eyes appeared at that time). In the next video, he even directly said that Darko had taken a break for his holiday, since then Darko has not appeared in a video, presumably indicating that video marked Darko's last appearance in Dawko's channel.

Subscriber milestones

  • 100,000 subscribers: June 4, 2015[12]
  • 200,000 subscribers: March 11, 2016
  • 300,000 subscribers: December 3, 2016
  • 400,000 subscribers: March 14, 2018
  • 500,000 subscribers: June 28, 2018
  • 600,000 subscribers: July 24, 2018
  • 700,000 subscribers: October 6, 2018
  • 800,000 subscribers: April 6, 2019
  • 900,000 subscribers: August 28, 2019
  • 1 million subscribers: February 29, 2020[13]


  • In 2016, one of Dawko's lungs collapsed causing him to go to the hospital, it was revealed that it had collapsed a little, however, the doctors didn't care and just said it will recover despite the future consequences. While Dawko was having a haircut, his lung fully collapsed and he had to pretend he was fine, he went to the hospital, they tried to re-inflate it but fail, and he had to have a surgery. After having surgery, his lung filled up with fluid and he was sent again, this problem was able to be fixed and Dawko finally got out of hospital. However, as of today, it's confirmed that he still feels the scar tissue in his lung and gets chest pains occasionally.
  • On June 17, 2021, the day when Scott Cawthon retired, Dawko revealed in his video regarding his thoughts on Scott's retirement as "upsetting", it was also revealed from the video that in 2020 during how bad the COVID-19 pandemic was, Dawko e-mailed Scott of what to do regarding his depression as Dawko was encountering his darkest days and was becoming suicidal, Dawko stated that Scott was always there for him and was and will always be a nice person.[14]
  • In 2020, during one of his QNA videos, he was given a question if he was planning to have kids, Dawko replied that him (being age 26 in December 2021) and his girlfriend (age 24) are too young to have kids and are more focused on their careers. However, despite this, Dawko said that he might have kids when he's in his early 30's, however, this seems controversial as this is not 100% confirmed.
  • Before Dawko became a YouTuber, it was revealed that he had to drop out of law university in order to become one.
    • Despite this, he has made a large success.
  • Dawko has a Porsche while his girlfriend Billie has an Audi.
  • Despite interviewing Scott and numerous other staff, he is not credited as a famous YouTuber as Markiplier and MatPat are.
    • However, this is probably due to the fact that he only has 1,650,000 subscribers as of today.
  • His personal favorite characters in FNAF are the Puppet and Glitchtrap, however he has more personal favorite characters.