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Daniel Nwosu Jr. (born: March 22, 1994 (1994-03-22) [age 25]), better known by his stage name Dax, is a Nigerian-Canadian hip hop artist and an occasional YouTuber, since he did a couple of vlogs.


He mostly uploads rap songs. Sometimes, he does freestyles from other songs. For example, he did a freestyle for Future's Mask Off, and was able to do them in one take sometimes. Other times, he makes original rap songs.

YouTube History

He created his channel on February 27 2012. However, he uploaded his first video four and a half years later.

He released a parody diss track on Pewdiepie in 2015/2016 called "Pewdiepie Go Die". It has since been deleted off of his channel.

He has collabed with other rappers including, Quadeca, Crypt, Hopsin, and Deji.

KSI Beef

British YouTuber KSI appeared on a podcast claiming he can outrap Dax. and many other YouTuber rappers. Dax responded to KSI in one of his "Killshot" freestyle, telling him to not mention his name. while KSI took a dig at Dax in his diss track at Quadeca, "Ares". Dax later appeared on KSI's brother Deji's diss track "Unforgiveable", with Jallow and Crypt that was against KSI. KSI later made a video laughing at Dax for apologizing for his diss track against Tory Lanez, which led to a twitter feud between KSI and Dax, even Dax challenging KSI to a boxing match.

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