Deadlox has more than One Million Subscribers
Deadlox plays video games
Deadlox is from the United States
Deadlox is male
Deadlox created their account in 2012
Deadlox is a Content Creator on YouTube

Tyler Warren "Ty" Ellis (born: April 17, 1995 (1995-04-17) [age 26]), better known online as Deadlox (also known as Lox, formerly DeadloxVSGaming), is an American gaming YouTuber.

Personal life

Ty was born on 17 April 1995. He resides in Tucson, Arizona. He has a wife named Jocelyn and has three daughters.

YouTube Career

Team Crafted (2013-2014)

Tyler started his main channel on 18 February 2013. Later on, he founded a gaming group Team Crafted. He used to record with many members of Team Crafted. However in 2014, after many members left Team Crafted, Tyler also left Team Crafted. On June 1, 2014, Deadlox posted a video and he told that he did not like the way TeamCrafted had become. Deadlox originally wanted TeamCrafted to be a community channel where friends would meet together and commentate. For this reason Deadlox wanted to bring TeamCrafted into a "new era" by making it a community channel where it would bring smaller Minecraft YouTubers into spotlight. An hour after the video was posted the video became private. Then Ty made all of his videos private.

Return to YouTube (2018)

On 24 September 2018, Ty returned to YouTube with a Fortnite stream. He started to upload Fortnite videos and left uploading Minecraft. In November 2018, he reunited with SkyDoesMinecraft and uploaded a Fortnite video with them. On 19 March 2020, Ty returned to Minecraft on the Deadlox channel. On 11 May 2020, Ty uploaded a video on his Deadlox channel "What Happned To Deadlox From Team Crafted".

Recording with MrTop5 (2019-present)

In early 2019, Ty started to record with MrTop5. He mostly uploads Fortnite videos with MrTop5 on the Lox channel. On the Deadlox channel, Ty uploads Minecraft videos. He is also the Content Manager for MrTop5.


In contrast to SkyDoesMinecraft, Deadlox is relatively calm and caring. He, like Sky, bursts out into random bursts of random insanity, but not as intense or alas frequent as Sky. He is a caring person, and shows real happiness/sadness for someone else that doesn't seem forced.

Epic Jump Maps

Deadlox is famous for doing Bodil40's Epic Jump Maps with SkyDoesMinecraft. In order: Epic Jump Map v2, Epic Jump Map, Epic Jump Map 3, Epic Jump Map: Christmas Trolling, Epic Jump Map: Sky Butter Edition, Epic Jump Map: Sprint!, Epic Jump Map: Forever Alone on Valentines Day, Super Minecraft Bros.


  • Deadlox, like Minecraft Universe, has his own website. It is As well as a Minecraft server that does well. The IP to that server is, which he has many mini games such as Bow Spleef, Spleef, Survival Games.
    • However, the website and server is defunct as of now. Possibly, he can no longer pay the Domains.
  • Deadlox is the most likely to be captured by the squids.
    • He has been captured 3 times, and is always released succsessfully returned by Sky.
  • Deadlox, in real life, highly resembles his Minecraft Skin (if you subtract the headphones). As mentioned earlier, he has his own army. The Dead Army and Banana Army.
  • He had deleted all of his old videos on his channel sometime around 2017-2018.
  • He is well known for his simp personality in MrTop5's channel.
    • However, this was scripted as he had thinked of it as a quality content for both of them.


  • "Don't Do Dis!"
  • "Fight me at PAX IRL bro!"
  • “GOODBYE!”