Deleted NCS - Circle Spectrum is a Musician
Deleted NCS - Circle Spectrum is from Singapore
Deleted NCS - Circle Spectrum is male
Deleted NCS - Circle Spectrum created their account in 2017
Deleted NCS - Circle Spectrum is a Content Creator on YouTube

Deleted NCS (formerly known as DLTNCSRLA) is a Singaporean YouTuber who uploads deleted NoCopyrightSounds songs.


This YouTuber reuploads all of the tracks that NoCopyrightSounds. Because of the fact that there is a surprisingly large amount of deleted tracks from NoCopyrightSounds (more than 300 tracks were deleted), he created two separate channels: one for the tracks that have the current audio layout, the other for the older audio layouts. His other channel is called "Deleted NCS - Old Layouts".

The reason why they were deleted from NoCopyrightSounds in the first place is because of the fact that they converted into a record label in November 2013. Moreover, some tracks had copyright issues, and a few of them had copyright issues in more modern times. This channel's goal was to reupload them all.


He uploaded all of the tracks that were deleted from NoCopyrightSounds in 2016. He certainly joined somewhere before 2017. However, his problem was that in January 6 2017, his channel got terminated due to likely e-mail related reasons. So, he created two separate channels in early 2017: one for the tracks with the current "circle" audio layout (2013-2018) and one for the tracks with multiple previous audio layouts (2011-2012).

He made a 2011-2012 account before the current one but he only uploaded one track before that channel also got terminated quickly due to e-mail related reasons.

Personal Information

People have believed that Deleted NCS's real name was Lim Kim Song. However, Deleted NCS had told people that it's not his real name at all. Lim Kim Song actually happened to be his dad's name of the account before he owned it. The community post that explained all of this is no longer up today, as the supposed real name in this page was removed.