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Matthew R. Vaughn[1] (born: March 31, 1988 (1988-03-31) [age 32]), better known online as dellor (or dellorlol), is an American YouTube streamer residing in Iowa.[2] He currently live streams Apex Legends and Fortnite: Battle Royale on his YouTube channel.

Matt gained success online was due to his raging at Fortnite, which there had been multiple compilations of Dellor's rage, mainly from 47. He had also been known for his rages before the times he started Fortnite.

Matt was previously a Twitch streamer but was permanently banned for “self harm”, which stemmed from keyboard slams. He was previously banned twice for a racist incident and a sexist incident, the latter causing him to lose his partnership, in which for both incidents he has apologized for.[3]


Matt was a professional eSports gamer before becoming a part-time streamer and content creator. Before playing Fortnite, Matt had the most kills in PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds). Top 250 in Overwatch, where he gained a little more exposure. He was top 20 in World of Warcraft. And was top 10 in Diablo 3.


Racist Outrage

On April 23, 2017, Matt was playing Overwatch against multiple people on his livestream. Jumpshot, the person who killed Matt during a game, had made multiple accurate shots towards Matt. While Matt's character was respawning, his teammates, Pika and Donut, said that Matt was standing still, which later on, Matt got into an outrage. Matt had used the N-word 61 times and 4 of them said "big black n*****".[4] On the same day, Matt apologized to everyone about it on Twitter saying "I am sorry. I f**ked up. I am done with esports and won't be returning.".[5] His apology had a lot of backlash due to him saying the N-Word on purpose.

Dropped From Toronto eSports

Toronto eSports President Ryan Pallett said in a statement. "Immediately upon learning of the incident, the player was interviewed, admitted to the offence, and was notified that his contract with the organization was being terminated."[6]

Matt posted an apology on Twitter after learning about being dropped.[7]

"I fucked up and deserve to be dropped from Toronto Esports, I won't try to argue or make an excuse, I don't have any," Matt went on to explain that he "was having a really bad day" and didn't get much sleep. Matt got into a match with a Widowmaker on Overwatch (which Matt was known for before Fortnite) who he thought was cheating which led him to burst. "The only thing I can say is that despite me using that word, I am not a racist. I was extremely upset, and I was trying to make the person I was angry with upset as well, and so I said the most offensive thing that came to mind."

Hiding DellorJew Emote.

An emote "DellorJew" was removed from Matt's Subscribers Emote list, as it was viewed as offensive. Matt does skip some of his Text-To-Speech donations due to spam, sexual harassment, and racism (not as much anymore though, especially racism).

Suspended From Twitch

On April 30, 2019, Matt was banned from Twitch due to a remark he said live on Twitch. He was banned after the comment "Go cook a sandwich" to a 'Female' Teammate in Apex Legends.[8]

Matt posted a video explaining the situation on May 7. He says his reaction to losing a game of Apex Legends was reacted poorly, regretted what he said to the female, understood and accepted the limited ban on Twitch. Dellor announced that his suspension is only 30 days (expires May 30, 2019) and also apologized to the female Matt communicated with.[9]

Losing Partnership and Subscribers

After Matt's suspension expired, he returned to Twitch with an emotional livestream due to losing partnership and all his subscribers.[10] Matt claims that Twitch never made a warning or told him about losing his partnership. Matt had less confidence streaming on Twitch because he can no longer make money from Twitch (due to his subscribers being removed) and was unsure what the goals are set for his unfortunate situation. Fans did claim Matt should livestream on YouTube instead and create money from channel memberships.

Matt had constantly been emailing Twitch if there can be any way to get his affiliate or partnership back. Twitch had tried to work with those emails. Matt then went on to make a TwitLonger stating how he has been feeling. He claimed he was unable to pay bills, had been depressed and stressed out.[11] On July 7, Matt created a petition to get his subscribe button back (affiliate).[12]

Successfully, Twitch made a response stating that they would give back Dellor his affiliate and partnership, but has to be respectful and not be offensive for the next 6 months to 1 year. On August 1, 2019, Matt announced that Twitch was supporting his progress and lowered his days of getting partnership back from 6 months to 60 days (October 1, 2019).[13]

Indefinite Suspension for Self Harm

On October 1, 2019, the day Matt was scheduled to get his partnership back, he was indefinitely banned for self-harm by breaking a keyboard over his head. Though he has done it many times before, especially when he was a Twitch partner, this affected his Twitch channel.[14] Matt then became more depressed, and finally had the motivation to seek help, and went to a psychiatric hospital. This caused great concern over his Twitter, with people believing he had committed suicide during this time.[15] 2 days later, Matt announced he is doing better. Due to this many tried to stand up for Dellor. However, Twitch ignored Dellor's messages, causing more stress for him. 

Twitch Fire with Fire Controversy

On February 17, 2020 Matt tweeted exposing something shocking about a twitch employee, showing him having tweeted racist and homophobic comments in 2010 and 2012. This was very confusing for fans as many asked why he would attack someone from twitch on matters he had done himself. Matt on his discord refused to answer any questions other than state he "didnt want to do it but had to" on the matter. However, after seeing a reply from the employee the tweet has since been removed, yet continued to threaten fans in discord about "quitting the internet". The tweet can be found here -> Many believe this was a hypocritical move by Dellor and only left with threats and "i didnt want to but had to" comments on discord.



Another similar streamer, known as LyndonFPS, had once reacted to Matt's rage, and many people in the comment section of Matt and Lyndon's rage videos say that they should make a duo, especially on Lyndon and Matt's Twitch chat. Successfully, he and Lyndon had played together with 2 other people in a Fortnite Tournament.[16]


Hamlinz has been a fan of Matt since 47 has started his Dellor rage series. The "God duos" trend was intended to be both Hamlinz and Matt playing together as a duo. On April 9, 2019, they both successfully made a duo together with both sharing their perspective on their main channel.[17][18] Dellor has called Hamlinz a "Filthy porch monkey" on multiple occasions. 


YouTuber 47 (Formerly FORTNITE47) is known for his compilations featuring Matt. On January 22, 2020, Matt has decided to collaborate with 47 by posting rage compilations to the dellor YouTube channel.[19]


  • Matt was featured in a Ceeday video.[20]
  • Matt used Windows 7 until February of 2019.
  • Dellor spelt backward is 'rolled', which is commonly said by Matt himself and his viewers.
  • Matt came across other popular streamers, Ninja, who eliminated Dellor, and Nate Hill, who Dellor eliminated.[21][22]
  • A video of Dellor repeatedly slamming his desk in anger was tweeted by famous rapper Lil Nas X as a meme.[23]


  • MY GOD...!!!
  • FUCK!
  • Rolled.
  • Fuck this game!
  • You're garbage!
  • BAN HIM!
  • Holy shit!
  • This game fucking blows!
  • You fucking cock sucker!
  • HEY....!!
  • Edit Andy!
  • Fucking bitchboys man!
  • Steamrolled!
  • Dumpstered!
  • Jesus Christ..
  • Fucking A...
  • What the fuck, man!
  • Holy fuck, man!
  • Shut up!


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