Destery Smith has more than One Million Subscribers
Destery Smith is a Vlogger
Destery Smith is a Musician
Destery Smith is a Commentator
Destery Smith is from the United States
Destery Smith is male
Destery Smith created their account in 2010
Destery Smith is a Content Creator on YouTube

Destery Moore (born: February 19, 1991 (1991-02-19) [age 30]), better known online as Destery Smith (formerly CapnDesDes), is an American YouTube musician and vlogger, best known for his comedy series "WTF 5" on fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson's channel.

He posts videos on pop culture and vlog commentaries on his own channel and is known for his new series, "WTF News", in which talks about weird news stories. Destery posts WTF News videos to his own channel and used to post WTF 5 to Shane Dawson 's channel 'Shane' every Saturday.

He also has a channel called DesandNate, which he started with Nathan Owens (ahoynateo).

Musically, he released a single titled "Caves of Ice" in March 2015, later featured in his pop album titled "Sailing Home" in the same year on the AKT record label.


Falling out with AhoyNateo

In 2017, Nathan wanted to start dating a woman named Eevee, and when he told Destery about this, Destery claimed that him and Eevee were already dating, and that he had broken up with his previous girlfriend Amber so he could set her up with Nate. Nate then called Amber, who was out of state at the time, and asked her about her status with Destery, to which she claimed that they were still dating, and he had even messaged her that he missed her and wanted her to come back home faster. Nathan put two and two together and realized that Destery had been cheating on Amber with Eevee, and had also lied to him. Nate, Amber, and Eevee all cut contact with him after they all learned of this. This incident wasn't talked about as most fans just thought they went their separate ways, and it wasn't known until 2021 when Nate came out and explained it after the Grooming Allegations against Destery started.

Grooming & Pedophilia

In 2021, a woman on TikTok made a video where she explained a creepy experience with a youtuber she was a fan of since 2010. She said that they added each other on Instagram when she was 14, and he attempted to groom her. Originally, she didn't say who the Youtuber was, but after some more comments, she admitted that it was Destery in a follow up video. Her video was immediately met with support, as many comments started to appear, claiming that they too had creepy experiences with him. They all ranged from one person claiming that he groomed her when she was 12, to another saying that he groomed their little sister, and even one person that claimed that he tried to meet up with them in person when they met each other at a convention when they were 14. Destery caught wind of this video, and Copyright striked it down. This caused more victims to make videos on him, accusing him of preying after them while they were 12-16, as well as saying that he emotionally abused them, and even tried to wait until they turned 18 to start getting sexual with them. After all of this, he locked his Social Media pages. On March 13 2021 he uploaded the video 'my thoughts'[1] where he explained his perspective, but he disabled likes and comments. He is just simply a sexual predator.


  • He owns cats.
  • He has an obsession with The Legend Of Zelda.
  • He listens to bands like Death Cab For Cutie and other techno music.
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