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Lynnete Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, better known online as Diamond and Silk - The Viewers View are two female American political commentators who vlog about right winged politics and other topics. There are often live events that show right winged viewpoints such as building a border wall on the Mexico-United States border, and there are Trump rallies shown live and uploaded. There are podcast like discussions on a topic which last over an hour, and both Diamond and Silk show up together in videos. There are videos uploaded which are originally part of the news that relate to both of them, and they have been guest appearances on Fox. They self-describe themselves as loyal supporters of Donald Trump and seen as media personalities due to the multiple appearances on various shows.


  • The channel art was one of the default section that YouTube provided.
  • Their Instagram bio said they're both biological sisters from North Carolina.
  • They were formally Democrats before Trump announced his candidacy.
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