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Diesel patches is an American YouTuber that focuses mainly on commentary videos. On March 17, 2019 a second channel, weasel batches, was created.


Starting out as a channel uploading "cringe" compilations of different topics ranging from Weeaboos to Buzzfeed. the channel slowly turned towards commentary videos uploading his first commentary video on November 9, 2017 titled Why Lele Pons isn't funny. Diesel patches has criticized many YouTubers ranging from H3h3Productions for overusing his YouTube power to Morgz, showing his dislike for the channel's over exaggerated fake videos, sexualization of underage female cast members and ridiculous thumbnails. He has made multiple videos criticizing YouTubers Lele Pons and IISuperwomanII for their lack of humor in their videos. Some have deemed diesel patches’ style of criticism as insulting and promoting hate towards the subject of the videos. He has stated that people should not look at in that manner and that the videos are him giving his personal opinion, not promoting hate while understanding that viewers may enjoy the subject he is discussing.

After announcing that his channel had been demonetized due to containing compilation videos, he stated they would be deleted. They were deleted on January 18, 2019.

After the announcement of his channel’s demonization, diesel patches started uploading videos to his newly created second channel, weasel batches. The channel focuses on him giving his thoughts and opinions on various movies and television shows, with the majority being comicbook movies.

On July 2, 2019 he annouced that diesel patches had been remonetized.

Subscriber Milestones

diesel patches

  • 100,000 subscribers: October 14, 2018
  • 200,000 subscribers: January 23, 2019


  • Diesel patches describes himself as a train that has feelings, emotions and can feel physical pain.
  • Diesel’s fans use the meme “the big gay” when referencing him. The meme was created by YouTuber - Umparumphsta -‘s video “Diesel Patches Exposed 2018 OMFG”.
  • Diesel patches had a channel in the past called Axel xXx, where he make videos commenting, ranting and reviewing various Japanese anime and manga. His channel back then was most popular for his reviews and top ten strongest lists on an anime called Fairy Tail, which was met with a fair share of criticism. In July 2018, his channel was terminated for copyright infringement.
  • He was also active in the social media site called Google+ where he would frequently get into debates with people.       


  • I'm a Latina
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