DigitalNex is a Reactor
DigitalNex plays video games
DigitalNex is a Commentator
DigitalNex is a Vlogger
DigitalNex focuses on Anime
DigitalNex is from the United States
DigitalNex is male
DigitalNex created their account in 2009
DigitalNex is a Content Creator on YouTube

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DigitalNex is an American YouTuber who reacts to strange videos like my strange addiction, mukbangs, weird obsessions, etc. He is a similar channel to SSSniperWolf, seeing that they are also really close friends and sometimes react on eachothers channels.

DigitalNex was also surprised by SSSniperWolf when Lia surprised Digital Nex and his girlfriend (V) with a corgi puppy. Lia made a vlog about it on her channel, and Ditigal Nex has also made several vlogs about the puppy. Lia only did this because V (Digital's gf) always wanted a corgi but has only has pomeranians.


He rarely makes gaming videos anymore, but has in the past, mainly Overwatch, Fortnite and Minecraft.


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