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Dom Fera is an American writer, director, music artist, and animator, known for his work on his YouTube channel, "DominicFear." 


Dom started on in 2005 as a young stop motion and Flash animator. He soon after began posting on YouTube, first making comedic fan-edits of movies like Back to the Future and the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy. In early 2007 he found viral success with "The Lazer Collection" -- a Robot Chicken style animated series based on the "Imma Firin' My Lazer" meme, which he did not create. He soon after began writing and directing comedic sketches with lifelong best friends and collaborators Tim Kish and Seth King (Achilios). By 2008 he had begun making longer, narrative short films in addition to the frequent comedy sketches and animations. By 2011, his channel had reached its peak as a small corner for high-effort narrative content. He attended film school at NYU from 2010-2014, and to this day continues to post short films, animations, and occasional comedy sketch while working as a Freelancer in Los Angeles. In 2016, Tim Kish asked Dom to co-host the movie review / pop culture podcast "Reasonable Beef," and the two have continued to produce episodes ever since. In 2018, he began releasing indie pop / alternative music to his channel and streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, as well as music videos. 


  • Has worked with Jack & Dean, TomSka, Zach King, dodie, Elle Mills, Shannon Barry, Jamie Costa, Joey Richter, Lauren Lopez, Chris & Jack, Gus & Eddy. 
  • He uses Adobe Premiere to edit, Adobe Animate to animate, and Garageband for music.
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