Dominic Cruz Tracy (born: November 22, 2003 (2003-11-22) [age 15]) also known as Sneaker Kid is an American YouTuber known for making Killer Clown videos, 3 AM. videos, prank texts and prank calls. He nearly 2 million subscribers on his Sneaker Kid channel.

Despite his large audience, Dom has proven to be quite controversial, with his Killer Clown videos for example, with people calling them manipulative and negatively influencing his kid audience. They have also criticized him for being rude to his fans and has been called a spoilt brat for his expensive clothing


Dominic started his DooDoo Youtube channel 2015 with a video showing off his sneaker collection. Although his initial videos were mostly on sneaker reviews, he started doing more and more general videos. For that reason, he renamed his channel to Dom Tracy from Sneaker Kid.

Personal Life

Dominic was born in Pennsauken Township, New Jersey and raised in Monroe, New Jersey and currently resides there today. He goes to Williamstown Middle School.


  • He has a sister named Isabella (Bella) and was making videos for 4 years until the Sneaker Kid channel came out.
  • He had the opportunity to meet Jesse Ridgway at his house.
  • He has a dog named Paulie, who is a Yorkshire terrier.
  • He had a girlfriend in his 6th grade who he admits was a mistake as he was confused.
  • Some of his YouTube idols include Jacob Sartorius and RiceGum.
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