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Dominzki (born: January 2, 1999 (1999-01-02) [age 21]) is a Finnish YouTuber known for his Source Filmmaker animations and general SFM art. He is also known to participate in the Saxxy awards, a yearly competition for animators on Steam.


Dominzki started his YouTube career on October 19, 2014 but would not publish his first video until April 12, 2016 where he'd really begin. SFM animations are mostly the videos he publishes with the current exeption of his 1,000 subscriber special and the "Suomi - Finland 100 years timelapse poster" video.

Personal Life


Dominzki was born Janurary 2, 1999. He spent his early childhood making all sorts of animations and action movies. From the get go, he already knew that animation would be his passion so he began with smalltime animations with lego bricks with his friends and during those days he got confirmation that it's something that he enjoyed. After his cringefest days of lego brick stop-motion animation his cousin informed him about an app on Steam known as Source Filmmaker. Afterwards he started making SFM art and animations which he continues to do.

Early adulthood

In 2018 Dominzki graduated from his 3 year college where he was mostly educated in basic subjects. After college he was drafted to the Finnish army due to mandatory service, but when he returnes he will continue making YouTube content.


Dominzki like the rest of the Finns was by law requested to do civil service or join the army. He of course chose the latter and is at the time of writing this article (July 17, 2018) still in boot camp and will return in ~1 year or so. He says everything necessary in his video Army calls


  • He has a steam group.
  • He's also part of the Fluid Script Productions team.
  • He has an intuos draw tablet which he rarely uses.
  • Like any Nordic, he's a metalhead.
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