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Donovan (birthdate: February 25) better known online as Donovan_DMC is a YouTuber. His YouTube channel used to have semi-weekly Minecraft and other mobile/PC gaming videos uploaded onto it. He has abandoned his channel because he did not have the time that the channel needed. He afterwords worked on a few Websites and a Discord bot he calls "(Discord) Furry Bot."


He used Donovan_D Minecraft until he had to shorten it for an online media site. He then came up with Donovan_DMC and stuck with it.

The Donovan_D in it consists of his first name Donovan and his last initial D, the underscore was just "injected" as he has said, and the MC is an abbreviation of the popular indie game MineCraft.

Other Channels

He has a secondary channel, it sits unused, but he has said that he plans to revive his channel on DonovanD_MC. He has not said a date that he will begin uploading on this channel.

Websites, Business, and Other

He has been working on many websites, including MCPro, (Discord) Furry Bot,, and a few others.

He now codes in his free time. His websites' main infrastructure was coded by himself, hand typed.

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