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Dorkly is an animation channel that makes parody videos that makes fun of video games and movie references such as Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon along with other viewpoints of certain video game characters in more realistic uses. Some things that would be important for realism are a video series about video game characters realism. Other videos go over the host of the show which is affiliated with CollegeHumor where they play game roms and review the games. There are video game crossover videos of certain video game logic going into other games such as a powerup mix-up and the questioning of video game logic such as the reasoning for Yoshi being banned from castles. There are top 10s and top 5s on the video, but they are not popular anymore on this channel. There's some anime based videos which are not exactly related to the channel, and there is a WTF 101 video on this channel.

Video View Milestones

  • 1 billion views: December 20, 2017
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