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Double Toasted is a Reviewer
Double Toasted is from the United States
Double Toasted is male
Double Toasted created their account in 2013
Double Toasted is a Content Creator on YouTube

Double Toasted is an American YouTube channel based in Austin, Texas. Featuring a rotating cast, the channel uploads daily highlights of their "The Movie Review Extravaganza" series, but have more content via their Website. The channel is run by host Korey Coleman (born: September 9, 1971 (1971-09-09) [age 50]), and co-host Martin Thomas (born: February 23, 1965 (1965-02-23) [age 57]).


Following the closure of (Korey's original movie review site) in 2013, Coleman was encouraged by friends and fans to create a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new home for his content. During the campaign, Korey Coleman and Martin Thomas continued to podcast and update fans on the growing total. On the final night, they held a 24-hour live stream with guests and fans stopping by for support. At the end of the stream, the final amount given was $133,860.

YouTube Channel

Although YouTube not being their priorital career, they do upload highlight videos of their Movie Review Extravaganzas on the channel, usually being around 20-35 minutes long. In these highlights, they show funny and memorable moments throughout the podcast. Their YouTube channel can almost be considered a snapshot of their videos without having to pay a subscription (since their site requires a paid subscription to view their full videos/archived videos), although they do offer free audio podcasts.

"The Movie Review Extravaganza" Highlights

Korey Coleman, Martin Thomas, Korey Goodwin, and other cast members share their opinions on the latest theatrical releases (shortened down to highlights on their YouTube channel), such as The Emoji Movie and The Dark Tower.

Rating System

After giving their thoughts on the movie, each critic gives a rating based on how much of your time and money are worth spending on it. Each rating can have a high/low variation (Such as Low Full Price or High Matinee). From highest to lowest, they are:

  1. BETTER THAN SEX! - The best rating given; meaning the film is beyond excellent, and exceeds the boundaries of cinema as a form of art.
  2. Full Price - A highly enjoyable film, which is worth paying full price for at the movie theater.
  3. Matinee - Worth seeing at the movie theater, but not worth paying full price for (at least not during initial theatrical run).
  4. Rental - Can be enjoyed, but still has a variety of flaws; this is worth paying very little to see post-theatrical release.
  5. Some Ol' Bulls**t - The crew recommends against paying any money to see the film, and has very little that redeems it.
  6. F**K YOU! - The worst rating given; meaning the crew actively recommends against seeing this film altogether, typically given when a crew member is angered or offended by the film's content, indicating it holds no redeeming qualities.