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Jean Rosenberg Feldman (born March 15, 1947 (1947-03-15) [age 73]), better known as Dr. Jean, is an American teacher, author, and musical artist. She is well known for her children's learning songs. Dr. Jean has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, an M.A. in Early Childhood from Georgia State University, and a D.A.S.T from Emory University. Dr. Jean has been educating for over 40 years and has created many resources for teachers in the classroom with their students. She releases her songs under the record label Music Design Record Company.

On April 30, 2010, Dr. Jean released a music video for her song, "Dr. Jean's Banana Dance." "Guacamole Song", the incorrect but more well known name for "Dr. Jean's Banana Dance," rose rapidly in October and November 2015. The song gained 33 million views and quickly became an internet meme. It was featured on an episode of Kids React by the Fine Brothers. Since then, Dr. Jean has uploaded more music videos of her songs.

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