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Dr. Steve Turley is a conservative commentary YouTuber who mentions the rise of the new right. There are frequent uploads which are have about 3 videos per day, and there are custom thumbnails with the faces of the people discussed. Turley talks about politics in the English speaking world such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, etc., and the videos have globalization and very right in political leaning. There are usually at least 20 thousand views per video, and these videos are 5-10 minutes long. There are mentions of left-leaning news reporter and people and a criticize about them in general, and the account is verified. There are different topics which are separated into different playlist.

However, recently the video's thumbnails have his name on the thumbnail to prevent others from using the file. There is a video covering many different politicians, and there is a video that covers James Allsup's termination.

Steve Turley has a PhD from Durham University, and he has published over 20 books.

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