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Herschel Guy Beahm IV (born: March 10, 1982 (1982-03-10) [age 38]), better known online as DrDisRespect (referred to as the Doc),[1] is an American YouTuber, streamer and gamer, who has gained success for his appearance on live streams. He is a professional H1Z1 and PUBG player and has competed in tournaments against other good players. Herschel still plays Blackout, Apex Legends, H1Z1, and Fortnite on YouTube Live alongside a variety of shooter games. Herschel was one of the most popular Twitch Streamers in the platform, but had since been banned and made a switch to YouTube and livestreamed from there.



Herschel wanted to be a streamer, but with style. He would wear sunglasses, a black 80s rock styled wig and also a mustache. His logo shows the sunglasses and mustache. People say he likes to appear as a role model from the 1980s. He is a fan of Vaporwave, which is styled as 'Futurefunk', 'Running to the 80s', music related to funk, and 1980s music, and video effects that are like the 1980s.


Herschel rages a lot, and also "disrespects" people, and that's why people think "DrDisRespect" was his name because of his reactions, and the love he has for putting on a persona to entertain. He rages a lot when he loses a game of Fortnite/PUBG/H1Z1 or whenever he thinks he dies from a "noob". He does get 'Stream Sniped' a lot and rages from it too, such as calling the person out, calling out the person as a "Punk Kid" or so on in an entertaining way not common of other known streamers.


While Herschel's appearance never changed back then, he used to make Black Ops 2 videos, Modern Warfare videos, and also made skits. He was a former member of OpTic and was a 2x champion in 1993, 1994 Blockbuster gaming championship of NBA Jam within the "Online Gaming Community". That is also why his Fortnite user name is "2xchampion". He was voted 'Twitch Streamer of the Year' in 2017. 


Suspended from Twitch

On June 11, 2019, Herschel was suspended from Twitch after streaming from inside a bathroom at the E3 event in Los Angeles.[2]

Herschel, for the first time, attended E3, doing his first ever in real life (IRL) live stream on Twitch[3]. On the first day of the show, he and his camera person walked into a public bathroom with a camera rolling, which can violate Twitch's community guidelines and terms of service, though bathrooms are not specifically mentioned. If nothing else, Twitch forbids people from streaming illegal acts, and filming people in a public bathroom is likely a violation of California's “invasion of privacy” law.

Herschel proceeded to stroll into the men's room with 50,000 live viewers on his stream, then shouted the word “Bodyguard!” while E3 attendees (including one that looked to be a child) used urinals in the background. He then went into a stall. Other clips were taken later depict him re-entering the bathroom two more times and using a urinal. A video game website, Kotaku viewed the clips but has chosen not to link them to protect the privacy of individuals who were recorded. Images posted to Twitter have also depicted Herschel urinating at a urinal, with a camera person standing right behind him, and with many other attendees of the show using the urinals next to him.

Not long after, Herschel's Twitch account was suspended. It is currently inaccessible. Kotaku reached out to Twitch, Herschel, and the Entertainment Software Association, which runs E3, and revoked his E3 Badge.[4]

Banned from Twitch

On June 26, 2020, Herschel was banned from Twitch.[5] The reasoning is currently unknown. Herschel stated that Twitch has yet to release the reasoning behind the ban.[6]

Switching to YouTube

On August 6, 2020, Herschel made an Instagram live stream and another music video featuring J+1. The same day, he released his channel memberships. After an hour, Herschel made his first live stream on YouTube and amassed over 330,000 live viewers. The stream contains music and breaking news and a looped video of a rainy gas station.[7]

Herschel announced he will be returning to normal live-streaming the next day.[8] And as the day passes, a countdown was implemented to the looped gas station, and as the countdown ended, the stream peaked over 510,000 viewers.[9]

House Shot

On September 11, 2018, Herschel was live-streaming the recently released game, 'Call of Duty: BlackOut', which is a taste of Call of Duty's own battle royale. While playing it, there were drive-by shots given to his house and was forced to break character (took off the sunglasses and the wig) to explain his fans what had just happened, and then immediately ended the stream.[10] Herschel later said that nobody was hurt and the situation is being handled.[11]


Because Herschel's character is heavily influenced by the 1980s, he plays a lot of Synthwave / Retrowave during his streams. He also worked with some artists and songs with his vocals were made.


  • Herschel is 6'8".
  • He likes to quote himself and place his signature whenever he says something in other streamers' chats.
  • He plays a role as being a "disrespectful" person.
  • Herschel went against Ninja in Fortnite and won thanks to Herschel's duo partner, Kraftyyz after being knocked by Ninja.

Subscriber Milestones

  • 1 million subscribers: May 13, 2019.
  • 2 million subscribers: August 7, 2020.
  • 3 million subscribers: September 5, 2020.


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