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Dustin Michael Hoffman, better known online as Dr Fish or The Masked Scientist, is an American science YouTuber and livestreamer.


Hoffman started the YouTube channel "Dr Fish" in 2016. He made crafts and science videos in his early days of YouTube, sporting a gold and blue recolored Anonymous mask as his channel mascot. His catchphrase is "all the way up." It is speculated that he stole the phrase from the rapper Fat Joe's song: "All The Way Up." He runs two channels, both of them with the same name. He uses his main channel for livestreaming and the secondary one for science and craft videos.

In December 2017, Dr Fish's original account was hacked and deleted, as he was involved in drama with another YouTuber named Mr. Perfect!. However, he would return to YouTube months later and continue to make content. He rarely makes science videos nowadays, and usually livestreams. In that time, he has made peace with Perfect.

Perfect began to dislike Fish again, as he associated himself with an infamous YouTube streamer named Crystal Meth Machine Gun.


In the past year of Dr Fish's YouTube career, he has been exposed by several YouTubers. The main reasons he was exposed was by dislike-botting, false flagging, and spamming. Since then, he has apologized for this.

From July 2018 to January 2019, he associated with Crystal Meth Machine Gun, a known cyberbully and absconder named Jason Richard Hillis. Recently, he has started a “war” with Gun.

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