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Dream Catalogue is an English electronic music label, entertainment conglomerate, and YouTube collective from the United Kingdom. The post-vaporwave Bandcamp label was originally created by HKE (formally known as Hong Kong Express) in 2014, but has since then distanced itself from the vaporwave community. Dream Catalogue received critical acclaim with the release of HKE and t e l e p a t h 's collaboraitve albums Birth of a New Day and Rain Temple (under the moniker 2814). From 2014-2018 Dream partnered with the YouTube channel Vapor Memory to host select albums. Today, Dream Catalogue has expanded into various sub-labels, including Pyramids, TKX, and Eternal Fortune. They regularly post albums and singles from these labels to their YouTube account.

This channel hosts the podcast: CANVAS, where they discuss philosphy, music, and discourse, as well as interview fellow musicians. This podcast is co-hosted by HKE and Shima33 (headed by Dream's general manager: Nicol). Shima was notably the first signed musician to Dream Catalogue through open demos. In 2019, the duo announced CANVAS would host exclusive episodes to its Patreon supporters. This included regular weekly content such as CANVAS XTRA (bonus videos), History of Dream Catalogue (behind the scenes on previously released albums), In Focus (technical music production), among others.

Featured Artists

  • 2814
  • AUT2M
  • Dr. Nakano
  • Facechain
  • Ganz Feld
  • Halo Acid
  • LILLITH Twin
  • New Shoppe
  • Remember
  • Shima33
  • Yoshimi Hishida
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