Drew Gooden is an American comedic commentary YouTuber and former Viner, best known for his "road work ahead" Vines before the app's closure.


Gooden originally began YouTube in 2006 on the channel PatheticHearts. The channel consisted of parodies of the Japanese version of the video game Kingdom Hearts 2 and had twenty-five videos in total.

Nine years later, in February 2015, Gooden joined Vine gaining success two months later in April. After the closure of Vine in 2016, he immigrated to YouTube instead of Instagram as most Viners seem to have done during that time. Gooden covers a broad range of topics from Jake Paul to the Olsen twins, in a more so commentary-type fashion.


  • Gooden met his wife, Amanda Murphy, on Vine after she commented on one of his Vine videos.
  • Gooden and Murphy got married on March 13, 2019.
    • Many fans believed the two to be married already because Drew referred to Amanda as his wife long before they officially tied the knot.
    • Gooden's usually bi-weekly schedule was interrupted in mid-March 2019, corresponding with the time of his wedding.
  • Gooden encouraged viewers who didn't brush their tongues to comment "I'm a Little Stinker" on a video as a way to shame them. Due to an overwhelming response, 'Little Stinkers' has now become the official name of the fanbase.
  • Gooden is good friends with fellow former Viner turned YouTuber Danny Gonzalez . The two occasionally collab together on each others' channels such as in the videos The World's Hardest Flexer (with Danny Gonzalez) (2019), and Exploring FaceBook Marketplace with Danny Gonzalez (2018) on Drew's channel.
    • Gooden and Gonzalez's close friendship has sparked some fanfiction within their shared fanbases, one of which the two read together in a video on Danny Gonzalez's channel. The fanfiction featured the two friends as lovers trying to be kept apart by the Paul brothers and Drew is impregnated by one of them
    • Drew Gooden and Danny Gonzalez have a similar layout/format on how they present their videos. Drew calls his audience little stinker and Danny calls his audience Greg.
    • Drew Gooden and Danny Gonzalez announced in May 2019 that they will be going on tour with special guest Connor Kurtis. 
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