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Drew Malino is a New York-based American YouTube comedian who does gaming, vlogs, and was best known for his Chatroulette Music Time series.

YouTube Career

Drew's first video was published in January 2014, and was called, "Bathroom Saftey Tips". He has done a lot of parodies such as Old Spice Commercial Parodies (AKA Nerd Spice), Nyan Cat Parody, Harry Potter Spoofs, Shark Week Spoof, and much more. His channel rose in 2010. In 2015 Drew posted a video claiming that he would be discontinuing his YouTube channel, and moving to his new channel, DrewTube. He started making films apart from his short comedy skits as well, as shown by his recent video "Talk to Strangers" which shows a possible danger, from going on the video chat site Omegle.

Friends and Family

Drew hasn't mentioned much about his family, but his sister Bethany has been in some of his videos. He also has a friend named Will Irish, and his girlfriend's name is Emily. Drew's best friend's name is Paul who has a YouTube channel called PaulDavisGriffin. He often appears in Drew's Chatroulette videos.


Drew has many signature videos, songs, and sayings, such as the famous, "Wasopalo! I'm Drew Malino" which he says this at the beginning of all his videos. He also created a dance called the "Classy Monkey Time". Drew can also do various cartoon impressions of well known characters such as Elmo, Shaggy and Scooby, and Eric Cartman.

Drew is also well known for his Chat Drewlette videos where he goes on the online chat website, Chatroulette. He has done Chatroulette Fun, Chatroulette Music Time, and he has recently just started doing Chatroulette Movie Time. Drew also has series called Q&A&Drew where he answered questions from fans. He had a series during his earlier days on YouTube (which was later deleted for unknown reasons) titled, "Drew Malino is crazy", to which the 5th episode in the series has been recovered and reuploaded by YouTube channel "woahitschristian".  


  • "Classy Monkey Time"
  • "The Yellow Polo"
  • "Bro I Have a D*ck"
  • "Let Me Touch Your B*obs"
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