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Drizzle Dro, better known online as Drizzle Animations, is a YouTube animator who currently resides in Australia. He is known for creating videos featuring his opinions on a variety of subjects in the form of small animated rants, however, he has since expanded his content to include videos about living in Australia and occasionally Art Challenges. Drizzle is also known to live stream drawing sessions and video production sessions on YouTube. Drizzle is also a member of the Overly Animatics, a group of Youtube storytime animators.

Character Design

Drizzle’s character does not have a body. He is a floating head, with his only appendages being his hands which float by his side. Older designs of this character had very scruffy hair and minimal facial expressions. However, in September of 2017, Drizzle updated the character's design in his video “Stupid Website Features”. This new design was less chubby and had hair that was more stylized. Prior to 2018, anytime Drizzle’s character appeared on-screen talking, he was placed in front of a backdrop of a blue piece of scrunched up paper. Now, his backgrounds vary depending on the video’s subject (for example, when making a video in relation to Australia, his character will be featured in the outback). Drizzle has also transitioned from using hard drawn lines on solid backgrounds, to a more “hand-drawn” appearance. More specifically, his characters are created to look like handmade stickers on white notebook paper.


Drizzle’s rant videos consist of him giving his opinion on a particular person or subject, in the form of a short animation.

"Life in Australia" Series

“Life in Australia” is a mini-series on Drizzle’s channel where he describes what it is like to live in Australia, with a majority of the videos comparing aspects of Australian life to other countries, such as the United States.

Art Challenges

Drizzle has participated in several art challenges on his social media pages, most notably, Inktober 2019. While he chose not to complete all 31 drawings of the challenge, he uploaded time-lapse videos of the drawings he completed on his Youtube channel.

Overly Animatics

Drizzle is a part of the Overly Animatics, a small group of storytime animators. He joined in mid-2017. At this time, the Overly Animatics was referred to as “The Chat Pact”


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