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Daniel Satmareanu (Born: June 11, 1996 [Age 22]), better known on YouTube as DubstepGutter or simply Gutter, is a Romanian dubstep label.


For many people, DubstepGutter is a sign of quality music, and often goes out to the channel for that purpose. He also has a great team who consists of Kenzie Cerenity Frost, who goes under the username XQDX Gaming on YouTube.

The channel was launched on January 25, 2011. Gutter started promoting music by now-famous dubstep artists such as: Spag Heddy, EH!DE, Barley Alive, etc. On December 18, 2014, Gutter relased his first Best Dubstep Drops video, which remains his most viewed video today with over 1 million views. Gutter to this day has over 4.3 million subscribers and is still growing.


Daniel is the founder of six YouTube channels:

  • Dubstep Gutter
  • Deep Gutter
  • Kill The Copyright
  • Bass Gutter
  • Replay Gutter

Partner Channels

  • XQDX Gaming

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