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Dumpy is a Content Creator on YouTube
Dumpy is male
Dumpy plays video games
Dumpy is from the United States
Dumpy created their account in 2020

Eric (born: September 8, 2002 (2002-09-08) [age 18]), better known online as Dumpy, is an American YouTuber who makes topic-commentary and reaction-commentary videos about YouTube channels and videos that he thinks are 'cringy', such as The YouTube family channel The Royalty Family.

Over his commentary, he plays games such as CSGO SURF, Jumps, and Ghostrunner.

Personal Life

Dumpy was born on September 8th 2002. His mom is fellow YouTuber OGLofi, who is also another YouTuber KeidBoi's Sister.


  • He got the name dumpy because he goes to the bathroom alot as he has IBS
  • He has 4 channels named "Dumpy", "Dumped", "Gilbert", and "Quality Qontent"
  • He also runs a podcast with his Mom OGLofi, and his Mom's brother KeidBoi called the "Moopcast"
  • He is part of the "BlazedSMP"
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