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Duncan Jones (born: March 1, 1987 (1987-03-01) [age 33]), is an English YouTube content creator from Devon and a member of the Yogscast. He is known on YouTube as Lalna or Lividcoffee, and runs the channel Yogscastlalna.

He has been known for his advanced level of modded Minecraft knowledge in Tekkit, project ozone, YOLO mincraft, flux baddies and Flux Buddie to name a few. as well as other game series including Farming Simulator, Civilization V and Grand Theft Auto V. His current serise's are forever stranded and ark survival evolved as well as regular TTT (Gmod) on Lewis and Simons channel and semi-regular games nights on the games nights channel.


  • Duncan makes his own cheese and jam
  • He has an art degree and an A-Level in Electronics
  • The name, "LividCoffee", came from MSN games as a randomly generated username.
  • Duncan's Minecraft skin resembles Neil Patrick Harris's character, Doctor Horrible, from "Doctor Horrible's Sing-along Blog"
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