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Dylan Oscroft (born November 28, 1995 (1995-11-28) [age 24]), also known under the moniker 'Ubergamer13',is an English YouTube personality and filmmaker born in Nottinghamshire, England.


Dylan started making videos on the account 'Ubergamer13' in late 2010, however has stated in previous videos that he had been uploading content to the website on alternative accounts since early 2008. Since the reboot of his channel in June 2013, Dylan has steadily gained subscribers and his figures now stand in the 5000 territory. Although Dylan has a somewhat minuscule 5000 subscribers in comparison to other YouTube personalities, he has still managed to work up an adoring fanbase and over 90,000 views on his video 'British vs. Canadian Accents'. He is mostly well-known for his creative and surreal short-films and vlogs.

Dylan also began producing music in late 2012, ranging from genres of electronic music including trap, dubstep and ambient/downtempo. Dylan produces under the alias 'Über', deriving from his YouTube channel 'Ubergamer13', and gained most of his popularity as a producer with the release of his trap track entitled 'Stack of Molly'.


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