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पट से हैडशॉट!
Patt se headshot!

―Dynamo, After Headshots On PUBG

Aditya Deepak Sawant (born: April 18, 1996 (1996-04-18) [age 28]), better known online as Dynamo Gaming, is an Indian YouTube gaming creator who posts and live-streams Call of Duty: Mobile videos on YouTube.

Personal life[]

Aditya was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra on April 18, 1996 to parents Deepak Sawant and Vaishali Sawant, and was raised along with his sister Aaradhya Sawant. He currently lives in Andheri, Mumbai.

YouTube career[]

His career first started from an internet cafe he used to visit on his walk to home from school. He slowly gathered interest on the topic of gaming, and opened his gaming channel in 2010.

Dynamo previously played games like Dota 2, Battlefields 1 to 4, Apex Legends, and Grand Theft Auto 5. Though, all these gaming videos were later deleted when he became a PUBG-only YouTuber. He first started playing PUBG on PC from August 2017. Dynamo did not gain many subscribers with live-streams of PUBG PC. The channel performance was not too good until he started again with PUBG MOBILE, and this was when the channel gained clout, while PUBG MOBILE was trending all over the country.

On September 2, 2020, when PUBG was banned, Dyanmo created a last "श्रद्धांजलि स्ट्रीम" (tribute stream) for PUBG. After the game's server was shut down on September 3, he stream three times the next day, which is the most he has ever done in a day. The streams were all Call of Duty: Mobile. Later when BGMI was released, it became the primary streamed game on the channel.

Channel name[]

The name of the channel was first named "Dynami". However, he later changed it to "Dynamo"; he stated he was fascinated by the British magician Steven Frayne, also known by his stage name Dynamo.


  • He met Norwegian DJ Alan Walker at an event in Mumbai.
  • He had made a donation of one lakh (100,000) rupees for the relief of the 2019 Pulwama attack, to the NGO Bharat ke Veer.