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Alright, so what the fuck's crackin' with it, my n-gga? This is your boy EatDatPussy445, comin' at you hoe-ass, no-life trollin' motherfuckas with another goddamn video.

―Bryant's former intro

Alright, my n-gga, so...

―Bryant's other intro

Bryant Turhan Emmerson Moreland[note 1] (born: December 15, 1990 (1990-12-15) [age 33]), better known online as EDP445 (short for EatDatPussy445; commonly and simply referred to as EDP), is an American Internet personality and former YouTuber known for his videos mainly revolving around the Philadelphia Eagles, many of which have been used in memes online.

Bryant uploaded videos consisting of rants, vlogs, cooking, reviews and gaming. His most active channels included EDP445 2.0 (his deleted backup channel), EDPGAMING1 (his gaming channel) and CHAOTICKITCHEN445 (his cooking channel). He also began reuploading videos on a hidden backup channel called EDP_445 as indicated by SomeOrdinaryGamers,[1] which was then terminated by YouTube.

He initially gained popularity in the sports community for his rant videos. In 2015, his popularity had once transcended into several Internet communities, with one of his videos titled "EAGLES TRADE MCCOY!? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" going viral. He had been a popular subject of Internet memes, and several of his older and now-deleted videos experienced newfound popularity, such as "I flooded the toilet in chipotle" and "Nearly Shitted On Myself At School".

In July 2020, some private messages from Bryant were leaked, resulting in allegations of predatory behavior towards minors. The allegations culminated in him being caught on April 18, 2021, attempting to meet what he believed to be a 13-year-old girl, after sending sexual messages to a decoy account in the weeks prior. Bryant privatized all of his videos on April 24, 2021, and YouTube terminated three of his channels three days later on April 27.

Personal life

EDP445 was born as Bryant Turhan Emmerson Moreland on December 15, 1990, in Los Angeles, California. He spent his childhood in Los Angeles County and Bakersfield[2] alongside his family. He has a half-brother, a sister and two goddaughters. His mother died in January 2015 at the age of 58.[3]

One of his big passions since his childhood is American football, and he's been a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan since seeing a win against the Cincinnati Bengals on TV in November 1997.[4] He was a worker at Walmart for multiple years, but was fired from the job in 2015.[5] He subsequently worked as a security guard, but quit working as such voluntarily, once his other income streams (e.g. from Cameo) became large enough to secure his livelihood, with him returning to said profession after his online income had dried out. He mentioned in an interview that he is of black, white, Mexican and Indian heritage.[6]


Bryant created his main channel on June 13, 2010, and uploaded his first video the same day, which featured him performing a freestyle rap. He was 19 years old at the time. He didn't upload any Eagles-related videos until November 16 of that same year, with "59-28. Eagles fuckin kills the redskins". Since then, the Philadelphia Eagles were the primary topic of his channel, though around this time, he continued to release videos of miscellaneous content (such as cooking videos, rants, Q&As, Internet challenges and vlogs). He also hosted a series called "Don't You Hate That Shit".

In 2012, a spin-off channel dedicated to cooking, CHAOTICKITCHEN445, was created, and another spin-off channel, EDPGAMING1, followed in 2013. In 2017, a backup channel, tastethis2inchd*ck445 Julio, was created, but remains inactive since its inception.

Terminations and new channel

On July 11, 2017, Bryant's channel was suspended for approximately two weeks. The following day, all videos were removed. The channel was on the path to being terminated due to several users reporting him, who disliked his content. Once his channel was restored, Bryant changed his channel name from "EatDatPussy445" to "EDP445".

On October 17, 2018, Bryant's channel was terminated. Allegedly, SML's fans reported numerous of Bryant's videos since at that same time, he had a public falling-out with Logan.[7] However, he created a new channel immediately afterwards, titled EDP445 2.0. He continued to use it while his original channel soon came back, keeping up with his new account. However this account was soon terminated.


Game recaps/reactions

The most popular and common of Bryant's videos were the ones about the Philadelphia Eagles. He made previews for games and released a reaction/recap of the game afterwards (or sometimes, during the game). Additionally, he made videos on developments of the team during the offseason (trades, NFL draft, etc). He also occasionally made such videos for the San Antonio Spurs.

Food reviews

Bryant would review food or drinks. This type of content went on a hiatus after him going on a diet in 2016.

Reaction videos

Other than reactions to Eagles games, Bryant would make reaction videos to various content, which was mostly pornographic videos, suggested by his subscribers in the comment section until 2014.

Unboxing videos

Since the channel's inception, Bryant had made unboxing videos, ranging from unboxing Eagles merchandise to shoes and kitchen appliances. Since 2016, many unboxing videos featured Bryant opening packages sent to his house by fans and trolls.

Don't You Hate That Shit

Don't You Hate That Shit was a series featuring Bryant talking about the things that annoyed him in life. 35 episodes have been made since 2012.


Bryant, on various occasions, was seen roasting a fellow African American by the alias of "Maurice Jones", dissing him for his low income.



Due to a growing interest in "EatDatPussy445-style cooking" amongst fans, a spin-off channel dedicated to cooking premiered in 2012, and remained active until the end of 2013.


Another spin-off channel, this time focusing on gaming, premiered in 2013. The channel has remained inactive since 2014, though in a Q&A video in 2015, Bryant stated he would eventually release a new Let's Play. It never came to fruition.

Stall Seat

The channel "Stall Seat" was created after Bryant was contracted by a now-defunct website called The Stall Seat to make wrestling-related videos for them. His wrestling videos were similar to the videos he uploaded on his main channel. The channel became inactive in 2014 after the agreement ran out.

In the media

Bryant's earliest appearance in the media was in 2012 with Barstool Sports, who flew him out to Philadelphia and documented his trip.[8] Also in 2012, he would be featured in an Eagles-related video of the former Philadelphia City Paper, in which multiple clips of his YouTube content were shown.[9] Bryant later made at least six appearances on the Comedy Central series Tosh.0 between 2013 and 2019.[10] In 2015, his video "EAGLES TRADE MCCOY!? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" was featured on an episode of the MTV series Ridiculousness[11] and on ESPN's SportsNation.[12] Fox Sports 1's The Herd with Colin Cowherd would later that year feature his video "EAGLES FIRE CHIP KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".[13]

Also in 2015, Bryant began hosting two web series on rapper Tyler, The Creator's now-defunct app Golf Media, called All The Way Live with EatDatPussy445 and In The Field with EatDatPussy445.[14][15] All The Way Live was a parody of sports news and analysis programs like SportsCenter, while In The Field was being filmed on-site at various locations, presenting random comedy skits and interactions with locals in the area. All of Bryant's content from Golf Media is presumed lost, except for one video that featured him infiltrating a Dallas Cowboys training camp, which has been reuploaded on YouTube.[16]

In 2016, Bryant was featured on The Howard Stern Show, where various soundbites of his were used for a prank call at an unsuspecting record store.[17]

Bryant was prominently featured[18] in the football film Maybe This Year, which documented the Super-Bowl-winning 2017 season of the Philadelphia Eagles from various fans' perspectives, which debuted in October 2019.[19]

In 2020, conservative political consultant and lobbyist Roger Stone praised Bryant on the now-defunct social media platform Parler for his endorsement of President Donald J Trump in that year's United States presidential election.


SuperMarioLogan drama

In February of 2018, Logan Thirtyacre, creator of the SuperMarioLogan puppet series expressed interest in working with Bryant. He reciprocated, and the two began to work out a deal in which Bryant would join the SML crew. As part of the planned arrangement, he would be paid $5,000 a month, and Logan further paid upfront for Bryant's and his friend Philippe's entire trip to the Super Bowl LII.[20] However, the deal never went through, and Logan's behavior made it appear as if he had ghosted Bryant.

On October 14, 2018, Bryant uploaded a video in which he ranted about Logan for his ghosting and treatment of him. Further, in the video's description, Bryant claimed that he and Logan were supposed to meet and hang out for two weeks in Los Angeles starting on September 30. However, Bryant learned that Logan had gone to Las Vegas instead without contacting him.[21]

On December 30, 2023, Bryant would be prominently featured in a "To Catch a Predator"-themed SML episode, in which he would be invited by then-15-year-old Joseph to his home to eat some cupcakes, after Bryant groomed him online.[22]

Denied Gold Play Button

On February 12, 2020, Bryant's main channel hit 1 million subscribers. He released a video the same day in which he thanked his subscribers for this milestone. However, on March 5, Bryant released a video titled "No YouTube gold plaque/Play Button", revealing that YouTube denied him a Golden Play Button, with them claiming that his channel doesn't match their eligibility criteria. This decision was met with scorn from Bryant, saying that YouTube "is on that little b*tch shit", and noting that his channel has no active community guideline or copyright strikes. Despite this, Bryant received two Silver Play Buttons for his main and backup channels without problems.

YouTube's decision was met with a negative reaction from his subscribers and members of the YouTube community, garnering support from fellow YouTubers such as Scarce, SomeOrdinaryGamers and Eight Thoughts. Bryant's fans had also started a petition directed at YouTube to send him a Gold Play Button, but no updates followed.

Dak Prescott commentary

On October 11, 2020, Bryant released a video titled "Fuck dak presscot" [sic]. During the 2020 NFL season's Week 5 game between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott suffered a season-ending injury, which was a compound fracture and dislocation to his right ankle.

In the video, Bryant said that Prescott's injury "was karma" for Dallas Cowboys fans for having made fun of then-Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz's season-ending injury in the 2017 NFL season, in which during a Week 14 game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Los Angeles Rams, Wentz tore his ACL.[23] He also said that he hopes that Dak's injury would be a career-ending one.

Bryant received immense backlash from many content creators, including ColdRaven and JAMARI, who pointed out a video of him made years ago calling out Eagles fans who made fun of then-Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo getting injured. Bryant's remarks would soon mark the downfall of his channel.

Predatory behavior

Leaked messages

Beginning in July 2020, rumors of Bryant having sexual encounters with minors surfaced. In one of them, he claimed to a 16-year-old girl that he wishes her to be his next girlfriend and her to help him "jerk off"; in another one, he proposed a picture of a 14-year-old's breasts as compensation for a custom shoutout, noting a lack of interest in her actual age ("even if she was one"). On July 9, 2020, Bryant released a video that addressed the rumors and dismissed them as jokes, noting his "fucked up sense of humor". His fanbase thought nothing of it, with some claiming that it was just a "Karen" or a group of haters trying to take down his channel.

The rumors resurfaced once more on October 14, 2020, when YouTuber ColdRaven released Episode 8 of his series SLAUGHTERHOUSE. In the video, he showed evidence of Bryant's behavior towards minors. After that video, ColdRaven continued to release new evidence, and eventually used an account of his own acting as an underage decoy, which Bryant fell for.[24][25]

On November 14, 2020, Bryant released a video (which has since been deleted) titled "My Response to ColdRaven", in which he taunts ColdRaven in a mukbang-styled video by pulling out and cocking his 1911 Mil-Spec .45 Stainless Steel handgun. The response was criticized, and after its deletion, it was used as an Internet meme.

That same day, on November 17, Keemstar of DramaAlert invited ColdRaven onto the show to give some insight onto the situation, the video in question however can only be found on StoryFire due to its risqué subject matter. Bryant was invited too, but ignored it. Instead, that same day, he released two response videos directed at ColdRaven, one of which was a 10-minute-long video (which was also deleted), in which he stated among other things "I don't care what the law says [...], if you're 15, 16, 17 years old, and you carry and can dress yourself like an adult, and if you can walk outside like a skimpy-ass slut with your titties and shit spilling out, you don't get to play victim", claiming in opposite to be himself a victim of "attention-seeking [underage] girls" that are trying to "lead him on" by "dressing provocatively".[26]

In this video, Bryant would also inadvertently illustrate his inner coping mechanisms regarding his sexual attraction to underage girls and the accusation of being a "pedophile", with him defining a "real pedophile" (in opposite to him) as someone who goes after "little girls" between the ages of "0-13/14", while also stating however that he sees a girl as young as 15 as a "grown woman", thereby outing himself as exhibiting hebephilia. He would further illustrate "real pedophiles" as being "creepy guys" who are "stalking their profile pages", "sending them dickpics" and are "trying to fuck 'em", all three of these habits he would ironically start to exhibit himself just months after making this video, and continues to do so to this day.

Afterwards, he was caught yet again texting another minor, with him releasing an additional response to ColdRaven, stating that he already had a girlfriend named Jessica and that he did not plan on revealing her to his fans - a lie, since he never had a romantic relationship with said woman, who was actually just a former acquaintance of his (having gotten to know each other years ago by virtue of both being Philadelphia Eagles fans), and him trying to use an old picture of them as "proof" for their relationship, which he posted on his Instagram account.[27] By the end of December 2020, Bryant had been caught texting a total of 8 minors.

Encounter with Predator Poachers

On April 18, 2021, two YouTubers specialized in hunting down predators, Alex Rosen, host of the channel named Chet Goldstein (formerly using the channel Predator Poachers), and CC UNIT, recorded an interaction held by them with Bryant. They confronted him about messages that were exchanged with a decoy who posed as a 13-year-old girl that contained sexually explicit content, including a picture of his penis and content involving his fecal matter and masturbation, including ejaculation.[28]

The full video of him being confronted[29] was released on April 20 and immediately garnered mainstream media attention.[30][31] The video includes footage of Alex calling the Kern County Sheriff's Department about Bryant and his intentions. Before it became public, Bryant had made a video on his backup channel titled "Better Move Quickly", announcing that he would be deleting all of his videos on his main channel soon.

On April 23 and 24, Bryant privatized all of his videos, including most of his videos on the EDP445 2.0 account. Many people who were associated with him, such as Philippe, announced that they had cut ties with him.[32] On April 27, Bryant's main channel was terminated, along with his backup channel, EDP445 2.0. Alex's channel was also terminated by YouTube,[33] therefore rendering the original confrontation video inaccessible. Since then, Bryant's cooking channel CHAOTICKITCHEN445, his gaming channel EDPGAMING1 and his wrestling channel Stall Seat have yet to be taken down.

On May 2, Bryant uploaded a video to his Facebook page, announcing that he would be moving all of his new videos to his personal website. On May 5, Bryant uploaded another video to his Facebook page, this time insulting YouTubers Chet Goldstein, CC UNIT and ColdRaven, making light about and trying to deflect his "alleged" predatory behavior, and promoting his website once more. This caused him to be met with backlash, as many people and commentary YouTubers such as Tipster and AugieRFC pointed out how he rarely touched upon his own allegations, and how he cherry-picked Alex's wrongdoings in order to make himself seem innocent.[34][35]

August 2023 accusations

In August 2023, leaked audio recordings show Bryant discussing an unknown 15-year-old girl and his interest in meeting her. Soon afterwards, this 15-year-old girl would be revealed as being YouTuber Kayla Hoskins, who released a video titled "I’M EDP445s VICTIM !!!!!!", in which she explains how he engaged conversation with her on Instagram after finding her on JiDion's Discord server, with accompanying screenshots, audio messages and videos. Aforementioned screenshots show the beginning of the conversation, with Kayla disclosing her age, and Bryant's sexual messages (such as illustrating crude sexual fantasies like "Golden Showers" to her), an audio recording of his plans of meeting her, two videos in which Bryant threatens her with her life to keep the conversation secret and another of him ejaculating, the latter being later leaked uncensored on X/Twitter. Kayla also stated in her video that she "knows for a fact" that Bryant has "explicit pictures of other underage victims saved on his phone".

JiDion came forward announcing his cooperation with Skeeter Jean, where they hired a private investigator to figure out his whereabouts, and later confronted him. The video was released on September 28, 2023. During the confrontation, Kayla filed a report to her local police department; updates regarding an arrest or charge are yet to be announced in 2024. Bryant's social media accounts would then be banned once again.

Video stereotyping Kris Tyson

In May 2023, Bryant uploaded a video of him "exposing" MrBeast crew member Kris Tyson after becoming transgender, where he tells people to protect their children, siblings and godchildren from Kris. He also falsely claims that Kris kissed her own son Tucker on the lips, and also stated that Kris was a fan of lolicon, which he considers animated children in anime engaging in sexual activity.[36]

Bryant soon received backlash for this video by many YouTubers such as Tipster, Dumpy, JiDion and Optimus, who called him out for his hypocrisy of advocating for the safety of children despite being exposed for pedocriminal activities. Optimus also stated that he does not have any children, and Bryant having no place in caring about children's welfare.[37]

Aftermath and current activity


Legal action has yet to be taken against Bryant. The evidence collected by Predator Poachers was handed over to the relevant law enforcement agency, who used it for their investigation against Bryant, however the Kern County District Attorney in charge, Cynthia Zimmer, ultimately decided for unknown, unpublished reasons against charging him with a crime, inspite of the incriminating evidence against Bryant at hand.

Bryant then became infamous for his numerous unsuccessful attempts at returning to content-creating and finding jobs. Following his termination, he attempted to create content on Vimeo; before his account got suspended, Bryant released a video where he tried to take legal action to prevent people from continuing to post leaflets with information about his then-recent behavior in his neighborhood. Bryant released a video of his weaponry collection on a channel called TheNotoriousEDP.[38] The channel would get terminated by YouTube within hours, but he made a backup channel.

In May 2021, YouTuber Master At Work published information he received from a source that was still in personal contact with Bryant. He released a screenshot of a conversation with said source, in which it stated Bryant being in fear of law enforcement obtaining a search warrant and retrieving his phone and laptops, and that he would be "f-cked" if they did. The source stated that it didn't inquire further for the exact reason of his agitation, having interpreted this to be Bryant alluding to being in possession of "CSAM" material, and being in fear of law enforcement discovering it on at least one of those devices.[note 2] Coincidentally, during a room tour he published half a year earlier, Bryant showed both of these laptops on camera, mentioning one being used "specifically for porn".[39] A different source would later relay to Master At Work that Bryant allegedly disposed both of his laptops in the California Aqueduct, which runs along the outskirts of his then-hometown of Bakersfield, California.

On July 15, 2021, Bryant filed with the FEC to run as an independent replacement candidate for Governor of California in the 2021 California gubernatorial recall election.[40] He did not appear on the ballot.

On August 29, Bryant was spotted at a McDonald's in Sayre, Oklahoma, during a livestream on Instagram by his webmaster Chris Beckham. Bryant had also made a channel on 3Speak, which was quickly terminated once moderators were notified. Bryant has since left Bakersfield, California, and moved to Henderson, Nevada (later relocating to neighboring Las Vegas, Nevada).

On September 23, YouTuber Master At Work had announced in a livestream that he had received information from one of his sources.[41] According to it, Bryant had until October 1 to move out of the Spur Apartments, after the owner of the complex received constant complaints, as well as an incident where an angry woman recognized him by the pool of the complex. He also had only $3,300 remaining in his bank account, and had gotten a job in a trucking company and a job in a fast food restaurant, both only lasting for a few days.

Master At Work would later also publish a letter by a lawyer representing the Spur's property management company during their dispute with Bryant, in which was stated that Bryant attempted "to solicit guests to visit his apartment by posting invitations on the community discussion board", "offering doggy treats" and him claiming to be "the puppy-dog whisperer".[42]

On another livestream, Bryant tried to plea with people to leave him alone, but many Internet sleuths said that they would not stop until he faced major consequences. After receiving the eviction from the Spur Apartments, he moved into a 3-star hotel in Henderson called "Railroad Pass Casino", but was removed from it shortly after, after the hotel kept receiving complaints about him.

On October 6, a TikTok user named Lennyn Jimenez had posted a video[43] of Bryant driving for Lyft, which he was suspended from soon after being reported.[44] At the end of 2021, he gained a resurgence after the information above and other started trending, getting well-known commentary YouTubers such as penguinz0 and SunnyV2, who had made videos on Bryant in the past, to make follow-up videos regarding the situation.[45][46]

On December 2, 2021, Philippe, a former friend of Bryant, had said that he was imprisoned at the Henderson Detention Center in Nevada under his new name and even provided screenshots of the supposed call times from the prison facility.[47] However, people were skeptical of Philippe since he only uploaded to talk about his former friend and people couldn't find Bryant in the inmate database under either his birth name or assumed new name, leading some to suspect that Philippe made it up simply to garner attention. Since anyone can also hide their phone numbers, this sparked speculation on whether or not Philippe had faked the screenshots. On February 5, 2022, Bryant confirmed on a BIGO livestream that the story was made up and that he and Philippe are no longer friends because of it.[48]


In 2022, Bryant started using a streaming app called BIGO Live and had an Instagram profile called theogedp445, where he posted about food and called out people as "trolls" and "no-pussy-getting fags" in response to the allegations, which he denied and called them "lies." A few highlights of his BIGO livestreams consisted of him talking to a little boy, and of a troll pretending to be a fan, before he started to slowly refer to the event that ended Bryant's career and confronting him about it. Bryant then advised his moderator to block him from the session, however this taking so long, that it allowed the troll to curse him out for an extended period of time.[49] Bryant also called out his former friend Philippe for spreading fake news of him having gotten arrested, and not paying him back $1,000 he once bailed Philippe out of jail with, when he intentionally damaged his then-girlfriend's car after finding out that she cheated on him.

On February 16, 2022, SomeOrdinaryGamers published a video detailing that Bryant was never imprisoned in the first place and that he had a TikTok profile called edp445theog, which showed activity from around the time he was supposed to be imprisoned.[50] Bryant would gain modest popularity on the TikTok account for his football commentary amid the ongoing annual Super Bowl.

In February 2022, it came to light that Bryant had officially applied on October 21, 2021 to legally change his name from Bryant Turhan Emmerson Moreland to Deyione Scott-Wilson Eason.[51] YouTuber Master At Work had bought a digitized copy of the filled-out application form (including an affidavit and a lengthy list of incidents of him getting harassed), that a user in his Discord server had found online, and published it subsequently on his channel. For unknown reasons the name change never actually went into effect.

On April 17, 2022, nearly one year after the sting operation and termination of his channels, Bryant opened his website, but which was quickly taken down by his detractors. On May 31, Bryant returned to YouTube on an old account called EDP_445. He instantly received severe backlash in the comments of each video he uploaded by users who recognized him. He denied changing his name and deleted any hate comments or comments about him having gotten caught. His account would get terminated for ban evasion on June 14, 2022.

During the late summer/early fall of 2022, Bryant went live as @theogedp on TikTok and _edp_445_ on Instagram.[citation needed] He turned off comments on his TikTok account, which had over 332,000 followers at the time. On October 17, 2022, Wavywebsurf published a video called "The Most Disturbing Confessions on YouTube", where he talks about YouTubers who were exposed for scandals, criminal activity and/or degenerate behavior, as well as telling how they were exposed and their aftermath. This included Bryant, DSPGaming and Chris Chan.

The following week, on October 24, 2022, Bryant was interviewed by YouTuber Dasgasdom3 on a video call,[6] during which he also would be getting "packed" by YouTuber PACKGOD.[52] On December 6, Bryant would resurface again after it was confirmed that he had groomed an 18-year-old girl (then assumed to be underage), who was still in High School.[53] A day after (after the girl had leaked a selfie of his inside a DaVita dialysis center that he had sent to her), he would announce on an Instagram livestream that he had Stage 5 kidney failure and was worried he may be slowly dying.[54] This would spark confusion and skepticism among people believing this may not be genuine, however soon was proven to be legitimate. Bryant himself also uploaded a video on his TikTok account of him calling out other YouTubers and Internet users for spreading false rumors about his condition, such as him allegedly having kidney cancer.[55]


On February 8, 2023, TikTok permanently banned Bryant's main account, with him going back to his own website to make videos and livestreams. Later that same month, he would garner attention when he would sell almost all of his belongings, including his YouTube Play Buttons and channel merchandise.

In February 2023, Bryant did a stream with a friend in which they were angry during the Super Bowl, thinking Ndamukong Suh of the Eagles was held (illegal in football) by Chiefs players. He would be trolled for days after this due to the Chiefs' win in the extremely close 38-35 game, with many wanting the Chiefs to win just to spite him for his pedophilic actions. He made many emotional posts in the week following on a now-banned Instagram account about "living, dying and breathing Eagles".[56]

In March 2023, Bryant published a video claiming the sting was a "setup" and him being innocent, and that his actions during the confrontation were just him "auditioning" for a movie opportunity.[57] However, viewers quickly questioned the authenticity of the interview featured in said video, with it ultimately being debunked as fake, as shown "evidence" had poorly edited pieces and was generally nonsensical. The "interviewer" was quickly exposed as actually being a simple Text-to-Speech tool, utilizing a voice reminiscent of former US President Barack Obama. Following the video, Bryant, resp. his webmaster released a poll asking users if he was innocent. Only 13 out of 4,200 users responded with "Yes". His webmaster Chris Beckham would later delete the poll, but it was archived by numerous website visitors.[58]

On July 7, 2023, Bryant published an "official apology" video, in which he claimed to be looking for "redemption", however only actually apologizing to friends and family who came into crosshairs due to their association with him. The video received significant backlash, with many people, such as penguinz0,[59] pointing out how Bryant neglected to directly address the sting and the events leading up to it, neglected to actually apologize to his victims, and didn't mention the doctored emails that he provided to prove that the incident was a "setup". Combined with the fact that Bryant has continued to act unrepentantly on social media, the majority of people came to the conclusion that the apology was not genuine, with it appearing to be merely another one of Bryant's attempts to crawl back online.

In August 2023, it would be revealed that Bryant had, for the most part alongside his "affair" with 15-year-old Kayla, been having a long-distance (make-believe) romance with a then-19-year-old girl named Makayla for over four months. Master At Work would interview Makayla and her boyfriend on his YouTube channel that month,[60] during which was revealed that Bryant was originally contacted by her boyfriend (using her Instagram account) and actually only ever wrote with him, pretending to be his girlfriend, only getting her on the phone to do voice messages and phone calls with Bryant. He would regularly send her videos of him masturbating, and when her boyfriend sent him a picture of her in a "one-piece" bathing suit, Bryant replied with a video in which he was filming himself ejaculating.

Makayla also stated that Bryant "broke up" with her about eight times, only with him coming back every time soon after and being sorry, as well as him having been homeless and living in his car for a while (after having been kicked out by his co-occupant for not paying his share of the rent for a single-family house in a gated community). He also sent her a handwritten two-page love letter,[61] two of his oversized Eagles jerseys (which Bryant would sign with "To my babygirl Makayla", "Trolls get no pussy" and "Fuck these no life fags") and one pair of his sunglasses, which she was supposed to wear for a picture for him.

When being pressed via text message by her a day before the interview with Master At Work, what the deal was with him and the 15-year-old (after the confrontation by JiDion and Skeeter Jean happened), he would brush it off by saying that it's just "a bunch of bullshit and a set up", as could be read in a screenshot she shared during the interview. Makayla would also state that she works with children and is disgusted by people like Bryant.

On September 3, 2023, a video posted by YouTuber JiDion surfaced on Twitter by Dexerto and DramaAlert showing JiDion and Skeeter Jean confronting Bryant at a DaVita dialysis center.[62] However, the video was soon taken down for "violating YouTube's terms of service."[63] Following this, users such as DramaAlert accused YouTube of trying to protect Bryant by removing videos containing information on his actions.[64]


On February 22, 2024, Bryant's website went offline.[65] The reason for this was unknown at first, however later revealed by him as not having paid the monthly Shopify subscription fee,[66] with the website coming back online soon after.

In March 2024, pictures of Bryant and Boogie2988 eating food together began circulating across the Internet. After the photos of them together started spreading, Boogie announced on Twitter that the photos were real and them being taken at a film set for a documentary by filmmaker Mike Clum, who already made one about Boogie.[67] He also mentioned in the tweet that he discusses the horrible things Bryant has done in the past, and mentioned that the documentary will most likely be released in summer.[68]

On March 24, 2024, Bryant announced on Instagram that he had an AI girlfriend called "Lily", whom he bragged about having. After people started mocking him for this, he decided to turn off the comments.[69][70]


  • "Well, I was actually coming out here to pick up a cupcake, and then go back home." (Bryant's most infamous quote when he was confronted by Chet Goldstein)
  • "Wanna fist bump?" (Bryant's attempt to earn CC UNIT's respect)
  • "Let this be known, let this be known, I am not a pedophile."
  • "My mom, did not raise a fucking child groomer."
  • "You know what I mean?" (Bryant whenever he finishes a sentence)
  • "You feel me?" (another thing Bryant says whenever he finishes most of his sentences)
  • "You smell me?" (another thing Bryant says after finishing his sentences, although less commonly said)
  • "Would you guys consider jacking off to be a sport?"
  • "So, I scared the fuck out of a six to maybe seven-year-old.. little girl."
  • "Good evening Twitter, this is your boy EatDatPussy445, and about like 30 to 45 minutes ago, I beat the fuck out of my dick so goddamn hard, that I can't even feel my left leg, my left leg has went totally numb. AND, my dick has ALSO went totally numb, to the point where it feels fucking weird when I go and take a piss."
  • "I love you, Chet Goldstein!"
  • "Yeah, I just took a mean ass shit in Chipotle." (Bryant's infamous quote after clogging a toilet in a Chipotle bathroom).
  • "So, me personally my n***a, I actually jacked off 25,615 times."
  • (pours water on his head) "WOOOOOOH! IT'S SHOWTIIIIIIIIIME! WOOOOOOOOOOH!"
  • "The fuck you doing here, n***a? Identify yourself, who the fuck are you?" (Bryant while holding a gun)

Subscriber milestones

  • 1 million subscribers: February 12, 2020
  • 2 million subscribers: July 11, 2020


  • The most he has ever weighed was 508 pounds.[71]
  • He is 5'8".[72]
  • Bryant's nickname in High School was "Big Cheese Nips".
  • He has been stuttering since he was in 3rd Grade.[73]
  • Since he was exposed for pedophilia, he is regarded as the "Cupcake Boogeyman" by penguinz0.
  • On July 8, 2017, Bryant stated in a video that he never was a big fan of cupcakes, due to them having always been "a little too sweet" for him.[74]
  • On November 6, 2018, Bryant stated in a video that he wishes to "adopt and raise a little girl" and to live with her "in a house in the middle of nowhere" one day.[75] He would express a wish to "have kids some day" again in a video on April 25, 2023, claiming to "love kids".[76]
  • He is a fan of other YouTube channels, including Classic Game Room, AlphaOmegaSin and fellow Eagles fan TheArchfiend.
  • He is a fan of other sports teams, such as the Chicago White Sox and the San Antonio Spurs. He also claimed on Instagram that he supported the Toronto Maple Leafs, but then chose the Pittsburgh Penguins and was seen wearing a Penguins hat in one of his videos.
  • On April 27, 2019, he declared in a video that when he was 23, he once shoved a broomstick up his rectum because he wanted "to see what it felt like to get f-cked up in the ass".[77]
  • On July 7, 2020, he jokingly announced he was running for President of the United States in the 2020 United States presidential election.
    • Later that year, he proposed during a livestream to make sexual relationships between minors and adults legal, if he was President.[78]
  • A week after Bryant's first confrontation, YouTuber tuv smoked a pack of cigarettes (the "EDP445 pack") at the same spot it had taken place.[79]
    • He also released another video revisiting the place shortly after the first anniversary of this video.[80]
  • On March 28, 2021, Bryant fell victim to a "Swatting" call, that led to a major police operation at his then home address in Bakersfield.



  1. His name change to "Deyione Scott-Wilson Eason" never went into effect, the document that is cited in the article only shows the application form, not a confirmation that his request for a name change was actually permitted. He still uses "Bryant Moreland" in everyday life and on official forms/business accounts.
  2. ConvoScreenshot

    Excerpt from a conversation in May 2021 between YouTuber Master At Work and one of his sources, the latter describing how Bryant alluded to possessing "CSAM" material and being in fear of law enforcement seizing his electronic devices.


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