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EWJ4, formerly known as willg8686, was a YouTuber that had around 957 subscribers on his channel. He was a gamer, animator, and commentator.



EWJ4 started YouTube back in 2012 on a channel named Neva Hartwell, which he made rather somewhat cringey videos, he also started GoAnimate videos during that year, and then Xtranormal videos. He also did Roblox videos in 2012 as well

2013 - 2015 (Inactive)

EWJ4 was inactive for around 3 years, with his old channel being inactive. He often went on other sites, instead of YouTube.


EWJ4 logged onto his old channel, then changed his YT channel name. However it was terminated for a claim, so he made EWJ4 as his new channel which was up for 2 years until it was terminated in 2018 for no reason at all.

2018 - 2019

EWJ4 currently uses willg8686 as his new channel, which is up to this day.


It is very unknown why EWJ4 was terminated if it was due to him having an inappropriate video, however, the account was terminated due to being linked to a suspended account.

New channel

EWJ4's new channel is willg8686 which is still up to this day.


  • EWJ4 shared many GA4S accounts to make more Vyond videos.
  • EWJ4 used to be a friend of CowAnim8s which scammed many people
  • EWJ4 quit Vyond in 2018
  • EWJ4's popular video was FNAF 3 Springtrap death remade in GA4S (retired Vyond site)
  • EWJ4's first giveaway on his channel was a Poptropica account giveaway, he is currently doing another Poptropica giveaway at 300 Subs on his new channel
  • EWJ4 is a M.U.G.E.N Character Creator
  • He used to have a channel in 2012, which he used back in 2016, it was terminated for a claim.
  • In the Wayback Machine, EWJ4's channel page was saved back in October 2016 [1]


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