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The Eboys are a group of four YouTubers; Memeulous (George), WillNE (Will), ImAllexx (Alex). Who post entertaining weekly videos on their group channel, which cover a range of topics, from reacting to online videos to various challenges, and often include contributions from their fanbase.


Prior to forming the channel, the Eboys had been friends for years, and, being part of the Commentary community on Youtube, have often featured on each others' Youtube videos, in particular on Will and George's second channels (S2W and Memeuless respectively). Alongside featuring on each others' channels, Alex and James ran a podcast together from late 2018 to mid 2019 called the Camp Cast, and had episodes featuring both Will and George. Alex and George are roommates.

For a while, fans of the boys have called for them to form a group channel, due to their humour and chemistry on-screen. Plans for such a group channel were in the works for several months, but didn't get far (in part due to not finding a suitable name for such a channel). The channel was eventually made under the name "Eboys", which refers to the internet culture of eboys and egirls made popular on TikTok, and who the four boys have often poked fun at and jokingly say they are a part of. The channel was made in April 2020 during the COVID-19 epidemic, and its formation was likely accelerated due to this, most likely in order to keep viewers entertained whilst in quarantine, for the four creators to have fun making less "serious" and more light-hearted content, and also to capitalise on the fact that more people watched Youtube during this time. The channel amassed over 500,000 subscribers within a week of being created, and has only continued to grow as content is uploaded.

The channel has been compared to the Sidemen , another very popular British Youtube group, not only because the Eboys and Sidemen are known to be acquaintances, but also for the similar concept and content (in particular compared to the MoreSidemen channel), however there is no bad blood between them, and Sidemen member Miniminter congratulated the Eboys on their success and wished them luck in his What's Good Podcast. [1]


The creation of the channel caused some controversy, due to the fact that another YouTuber, iNabber, was excluded from the channel. iNabber (Fraser) has been friends with the boys for years, and has long been considered part of the friendship group - in fact, he was roommates with James Marriott for a while. When the idea of a group channel was being introduced, iNabber was the most enthusiastic about the prospect, and was the most insistent to make it happen, whilst the others seemed more reluctant and/or apathetic. In fact, he was the one to initiate most of the meetings to try and organise it. For this reason, when the channel was created without iNabber, fans were obviously upset, and felt like Fraser had been "snaked". This was made more evident by Fraser himself, who appeared to have found out about the channel's creation at the same time as the fans, and went on a long rant during one of his livestreams.[2]

In this rant, he clearly seemed upset and excluded from the group, and wondered what he had done to be left out. However, after having calmed down, Fraser spoke to the other members of the group and they discussed the matter privately. Fraser said that his outburst on livestream was a spontaneous thing, and that upon further consideration and discussion, the issue had been resolved in private.[3]

Fraser and the Eboys seemed to have remained on good terms and are often seen to exchange conversations on Twitter.


  • Memeulous: A commentary youtuber with over 4.2 million subscribers. On his own channel, he posts content commenting on popular internet trends, as well as reacting to funny online content. He has not yet revealed his face and he wears a mask and sunglasses in his videos, but he did reveal his eyes for his 4 million subscriber special.[4] A recent series on his channel has been Discord School, where fans are invited onto Discord to make presentations and the four Eboys will react and "judge" them.
  • WillNE: Will has over 4.1 million subscribers, and was in a subscriber war with fellow YouTuber Jill Hudson (Morgz Mum), until he eventually surpassed her in subscribers in April 2020. Although originally a commentary Youtuber, his content has progressed to a variety of videos, such as getting famous Youtubers to sing All Star by Smash Mouth.
  • ImAllexx: ImAllexx is a commentary channel with over 2.1 million subscribers. His videos are mainly reaction commentary, and he is known for his series on the popular TV show 90 Day Fiance, as well as reactions to popular TikTok stars. 


  • All four members of the Eboys are responsible for the video ideas and previously video editing however in the £10 vs £1000 Takeaway they announced that the editor of the Faze Clan channel (Chipfat) now edits their videos. They also take it in turns to introduce each video.
  • A video is posted every Saturday at 9pm GMT.
  • Some running jokes on the channel include:
    • "Louis cult" - in the video "I Started a Comedy Club on Discord", on Memeulous' channel, which featured all four of the Eboys, one fan, called Louis (@louis_shap ), was interrupted by his mum during a Discord call with the boys.[5] The hilarious ensuing conversation with the boys led to "Louis cult", where the Eboys and their fans made Louis into an iconic figure and led to a cult following from stans.
    • The 5th Eboy - this joke started with the exclusion of iNabber from the Eboys, which led people to proclaim that he should have been the 5th Eboy. However, this joke has become more good-natured, with many people being suggested to be the 5th Eboy, such as Louis, or James Marriott's dad, Sean. The boys have confirmed that there will be no official 5th Eboy, but it is fun to come up with ridiculous suggestions.
    • Green screen - the Eboy videos often include a green screen in the background of the video. Whoever edits the video tries to include the most ridiculous and funny images for the boys to sit in front of. Some funny images that have been used include a romantic fan edit of ImAllexx and Kavos (who is known to dislike Alex and often criticises him), and other memes relating to the boys.


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