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Yooo, what up EDC brothers!?


Edin Bašić, better known online as EdinCreations, is a Bosnian YouTuber from a place called Plandište near Kakanj in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Edin uploads gaming videos and vlogs to his channel.


Edin created his channel on March 30, 2014. His first video was a Minecraft survival series, which he uploaded a day after and is kept private now

  • On May 1st 2014 he started his serial 'Minecraft Project' with his cousin Adnan.
  • On August 12 in 2014, he reached his 1000 subscriber milestone on his YouTube channel. His channel grew fast because YouTubers in Bosnia were rare at the time.
  • On February 1, 2015 Edin reached 3 million views on his channel.
  • He later founded his vlog channel on April 22, 2015 and called it 'EDC VLOGS'.
  • On November 5, 2015 he reached 100K subscribers and became first YouTuber in Bosnia to reach that amount. A few days later his channel got verified by YouTube as an official channel.

Today, Edin's main channel is biggest and fastest growing YouTube channel in Bosnia (counting only YouTubers, and not vevo channels).



EDC VLOGS is his second YouTube channel which he uses as a vlog channel. It currently has 82,000 subscribers by July 2018, and has been inactive for over a year.

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