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EdoTheTalkerReloaded was an American YouTuber who makes vlog-style reviews of anime episodes and manga chapters, and occasional discussions on currently running anime and manga series. He's been on indefinite hiatus for over a year.

Featured Channels

Anime Reviewed

  1. Kill la Kill
  2. Tokyo Ghoul Root A
  3. Parasyte the Maxim
  4. One Punch Man
  5. Erased
  6. Mob Psycho 100
  7. Drifters
  8. Attack on Titan
  9. Killing Bites
  10. Dagashi Kashi
  11. One Piece
  12. My Hero Academia
  13. Naruto
  14. Boruto

Manga Reviewed

  1. Sun Ken Rock
  2. Naruto
  3. One Piece
  4. Attack on Titan
  5. Dr. Stone

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