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EdwardCurrent makes videos satirizing religion, and often faith in general. Most often, he pokes fun at Christianity, but has been known to branch out, as in "I've Converted To EVERY Religion (just incase)". It is humorous to note that many viewers, both theists and atheists, take his videos seriously - to the point of atheist channels attacking the arguments and Christian ones using them as "reliable" sources. As a result, EdwardCurrent now explicitly states that each video is a parody.

Part of Current's popularity comes from his famous and possibly iconic "Prayer Amplifier", a VCR with various wires protruding from it, supposedly charged to 500V. Another iconic aspect of Current's personality is his summary of intentionally ludicrous arguments with the statement "Checkmate!".

On EdwardCurrent's Channel: "My religion videos are comedies. I am not a Christian."


  • 1: Three Songs In Four Hours
  • 2: Seven
  • 3: Atheism Is a Religion!
  • 4: The Atheist Delusion
  • 5: Al Qaeda Caller I.D.
  • 6: Cosby Sills Cash & Jung
  • 7: Proving the Power of Prayer
  • 8: God Doesn't Exist? Prove It!
  • 9: Jesus Protects Us From Being Poisoned
  • 10: Checkmate, Atheists!
  • 11: Resisting The Urge: A Guide For Christian Boys
  • 12: God's Cool Designs
  • 13: God Knows Absolutely
  • 14: Diseases Are Caused By Sin (Not God)
  • 15: People Are Not Animals! (and evolution never happened)
  • 16: Calculate Your God Delusion Index
  • 17: The Lord Will Not Be Mocked!
  • 18: Science Is Wrong ... Only God Knows The Truth
  • 19: Correcting Mistakes From My "Hell" Video
  • 20: Creation Science Must Be Taken Seriously!
  • 21: I've Converted To EVERY Religion (just incase)
  • 22: God Cares About Us! A Lot!!
  • 23: Intelligent Design Really Is Being Expelled!
  • 24: People's Religion Should Be Respected!
  • 25: How I Know That God Exists: A Personal Story
  • 26: I Hate Phony Christians!*27:
  • 28: Stop Taking The Bible Out Of Context
  • 29: The Intelligent Dust Bunny
  • 30: The Earth Is The Center Of The Universe!
  • 31: Who I'm Praying For Today
  • 32: An Atheist Meets God
  • 33: Christians Are Unafraid Of Death
  • 34: God Is Not A Jerk!
  • 35: Godless Scientists Are Ignorant!
  • 36: The Most Amazing Bible Passages Ever!
  • 37: God Only SEEMS Nonexistent!
  • 38: The Sarah Palin Sex Tape
  • 39: Sarah's Grand Plan